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  1. They'd better never unfreeze Hef, because the wholesale asskicking that will instantly erupt will make other mass-annihilations look gentle.
  2. The world, as I know it, is officially over.
  3. There would be a 100% chance that I would climb it.
  4. I did it several times when we lived in the south, not for privacy, but this reflective type made a huge, HUGE difference in utility bills. It was very inexpensive and not hard to make it look like a professional installation.
  5. "I say, I say, go away, son. You bother me."
  6. A long while back, I got one of those yellow receipts in the mailbox that said I had to go to the post office to pick up a package. I didn't care. I get them all the time. I guess the girl behind the counter was also my delivery person and she instantly got angry, "If your mailbox wasn't so jammed full all of the time, the packages would fit!" (I check my box each week, or so, and who cares?) I told her that if she quit jamming it packed with junkmail, it would take months to fill up. Yeah... that didn't improve her attitude. At all.
  7. "I want you to be nice.. until it's time..to not be nice." "So, uh, how are we supposed to know when that is?" "You won't... I'll let you know... "
  8. That would have been a magnificent picture without the stop sign. (anyone know photoshop?) They have a corner in town, with all the souvenir places, where you're supposed to take that picture. They even have a lifelike mural on a wall of a girl in a flatbed. But I thought that was gay, so I went to find my own corner. This one's at the very edge of town, with train tracks across the street and nothing but desert after that. I had to set up the camera, with the timer, in the curb across the street. I'd lay on my stomach (in the road) and then jump up and run and stand there like a doof. I had done it a dozen times. Then I noticed the car, with some of our more native citizens in it, cruising passed, again and again. I was about to try another shot, when I noticed that this time the car had stopped and all the occupants were leaning out the windows, giving me the stink-eye. So I left.
  9. As everyone who's ever met me knows, I was born 100 years too late.
  10. "Don't even try to understand, just find a place to make your stand. And take it easy."
  11. I instantly assumed that I cheesed someone off.. Then I lol'd. Now I:
  12. I like, and miss, insulting flame-wars. If that other thread is an indication, I have best friends that would create a weeping mess within an hour. X24 hours / day. Either ignore it, run, or fire back. If do correctly, no can defense. I know I have had duke-nukem threads with people, and soon after was probably actually being helpful or, at least, contributing. Because I don't care and you can't over-insult me. I wouldn't like this forum to evolve into a den of huggy-kindness. So far, it seems to be leaning toward posters with angry political positions.
  13. Add two wheels and some handlebars and get out of my way.......
  14. And then, amongst the group that committed to drinking enough beer to see the pig to fruition, the only utensils needed to consume the whole damn thing were hunting knives and pocket knives and fingers. And then we fought over the mask.
  15. The only ones I've been involved with were wild caught and buried while cooking. And took, about, 37gal of beer, per person. I could make a wicked Saw mask with that one pictured.
  16. I are an idiot; I read it 100 times every day: https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=forum&id=1002 It makes me smile.
  17. You know that that's very, very racist. Somehow.
  18. Huaco Kid

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    A different hellion:
  19. Huaco Kid

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    I once was not allowed to race because I had painted my helmet, and that made it unsafe and non-compliant. So... here's a moose with his head in the mountain:
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