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  1. I once went into a restaurant at opening time. I was sitting at the table and an employee was going around popping cartridges into each of those tabletop things. Great idea! Swipe your card into a handheld device, with a removable memory cartridge and then leave it on the table for every other customer to handle. Now, go on the internet and see how hard it is to buy replacement cartridges and imagine how horrifically difficult it would be to swap one out.
  2. I never even saw the Blues Brothers. They must still be in prison.
  3. I always try to hit up landmark places, if they are convenient. I rarely go far, looking for them. And I'm not always, ahem, "suitably attired", but a lot of places have let me in when I wasn't really expecting it. I often find what I wasn't looking for, when I go just wandering around and it's not always conductive to business. Or I get shot.
  4. In my very early 20's, I had my first apartment. I had the foam mattress off of my childhood bed, cardboard boxes for a dresser, an alarm clock, milk-crate furniture and lawn chairs in the living room, a $9000 stereo, and plastic eating utensils, a 13 inch tv, and.... CABLE TV!!!! MTV was the only channel. We never changed it. We never even ever shut off the TV. 24 / 7 MTV. A lot of that music, I didn't like then. But now, it all seems like a best friend that you keep running into.
  5. At Chili's, did you swipe it into one of those portable tabletop gizmos that a lot of places use now? That's a HUGE no-go, in my book. I also refuse to swipe my card into one of those "buttons" that plug into the top of an iphone or a laptop computer.
  6. I think I'm turning Japanese. I think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so.
  7. South of the city and haven't been shot yet. Haven't even been shot AT yet. I feel, kind of, ripped off. (Every other end-cap in the whole walmart store has a display of pepper-spray, though. lol. They must go through a lot of that stuff.)
  8. V-neck. How do you kill velcro? It's got epaulets, which HAVE to go. But that would leave bare velcro (the grabby side) on the shoulders and I KNOW that wool sweaters and velcro don't mix. The velcro stitching is also the stitching for some seams. I can't just pick it out. What's a good way to neuter velcro?
  9. For all the wacky highjinks I've experienced while drunk, waking up with a forehead tattoo has never occurred. (I once saw a girl walk into an "artists" tent at a biker run to get a blood-red tattoo of a teardrop next to her eye. We tried to talk her out of it.)
  10. Well, he's got better hair, but yeah. How'd you know what line of work I was in?
  11. This live version kind of kills it:
  12. (Thick wool military sweaters) Are magnificent. I just got another one, this time, for a 50" chest. They are designed and intended to be worn very snugly. Now, my chest is maybe 35". The sweater still fits my body snugly, with plenty of room for copious under-layers. Except... The sleeves and the bottom hem go down to my knees. It looks like a mini-skirt from the 60's. But I can fold the sleeves and body up and it makes it double-double thick. I wear them at work.
  13. That's after other wars with meaner and meaner rulers. After that, the group just hightails it towards the west. When they hit the Mississippi River, they noticed that all the bridges are blown. They walk up and down the bank for weeks, before they build shoddy boats and cross the river. West of the Mississippi, they find that there is no Zombie apocalypse. There never was. Someone immediately found a cure, and because the zombies started on the east coast and spread like a disease, the westerners just destroyed all the bridges and wrote it all off. New America and Dead America. They eat Mcdonalds and Dairy Queen and PF Changs on their first night back and sleep in a nice hotel.
  14. Dark chocolate is The Devil!
  15. I'm the guy that discretely pulls out a pack of firecrackers...
  16. The wind in Nebraska stopped for a few minutes and everyone tipped over.
  17. He lives in a two gallon tank with under-gravel filter. I looked up the life cycle of a hermit crab (they start out as, like, plankton), and how big he was when I got him, he could easily be 15 years old.
  18. Sorry for the trigger. I travel for work ~45 weeks per year. Being gone 10+ days is not uncommon. If my box is full of yellow receipts that tell me to come pick up packages, oh well, I guess I go pick them up. And packages have been sent back to the sender before. It shattered my life, but I rebuilt.
  19. And I don't mean no wimpy 30 footer. I want 700'. They should start making them to look like ballistic missiles.
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