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  1. That makes, pretty much, totally gay. Like, 15 miles wide. She was always wearing fuzzy pajamas! Why would you do rhAT TO a teenage bo7? So, now, you'r3 ungay""
  2. HAHAHAHA! He's still alive!! and killing you!
  3. So... The new Saw all you wusses. Big, like, fag ones, you are. The new SAW movie came out. *****, ****, ****, you're abuncofgirls,
  4. Alright. lly, I;ve got a movie-quality Michael meyer mask. My wife hAs already told me, "If you show up upstairs, wearing that I'm shooting you" "Real lyngYou're getti It's a pretty good mask,
  5. I've got a great story, for this post. Which Rob Z m rizeat all. I never vulgarized. Maybe later
  6. Please disregard that last post. It ws kind-of, I can do better.
  7. In Myrtle Beach there is (was?) a restaurant called Drunken Jack's. The story goes that he was accidentally left behind after the pirates buried a stash of rum on an island. His skeleton was found years later and every cask of rum was empty. Behind the restaurant was Jack's island. His skeleton was still there and barrels were strewn all over. But I got to wondering, why didn't he ever just wait for the tide to go out and walk the 300' to the mainland? I guess if you stay so drunk that you can't figure that out, then that's what you get. Or maybe he just didn't want to leave.
  8. I'll think of others, but Fawlty Towers and The Young Ones immediately come to mind. And Till Death Do Us Part, which was the blueprint for All In The Family. The British are a twisted lot.
  9. Cheers was one show that I never liked. Weird. I also never watched WKRP, but I've seen some hilarious reruns. Night Court too. Blech. I cut my comedy-bone on British humor. It kind of wrecked me for everything else.
  10. Not many people have that ability.
  11. Sure, they use gloves and masks and white coats and hats when the photographers are around. They usually just dump them in the street and let the kids stomp them into mush and then scrape it up with snow shovels and dump it in 50gal drums. And then sell it to Chipotle.
  12. We learned, at a fairly early age, to just leave them alone. They don't play, and they don't bluff.
  13. Can I have yours? I love Spam!! I'm having Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, eggs, and Spam!
  14. Oooooh! Thath's nathty! He don't care. He just don't give a ****!
  15. While there, I found a "progressive talk" am radio station that I listened to the whole time. Zowee Mama!!! It was hilarious. I loved it. I wish we had that station around here.
  16. I was "inappropriate behavior", which is really just me being me. Can't take me anywhere!
  17. I always go for the "classic" red male ones. I always name them "Red".
  18. For many, many years, when I was much younger, I had death-heartburn all day, every day. I never went to a Dr. or anything, just kind of lived with it with whatever OTC stuff I could find. Then, suddenly or gradually, I don't remember, it went away. One day I realized I hadn't had it in a while, and it never came back. It's been decades now, and only very, very rarely does it happen. Except.... a few weeks ago I had fried shrimp, at a reasonably nice restaurant. I don't think the shrimp was "bad". But, holy cow! This heartburn actually almost killed me. I couldn't even breath because my stomach was boiling so bad. The worst, ever, in my life. I went a bought some Zantac, and have been keeping it with me in case it happens again.
  19. Dad hated guns. He had a pellet lodged in his skull his whole life. He always said, "I carried a gun every day in the Navy! They never gave me any bullets to put in it, but I carried it on my hip every day!" Mom was with me when I bought my first BB gun. She would occasionally come out and shoot it, if we were hanging around. When she finally got her little farm, she bought several shotguns and .22 rifles. Her favorites were hung directly over the kitchen door, so she could grab one on the way out. She shot plenty of snakes and other critters that came to close to her critters, or were generally unwelcome. We were once lazing around the pond drinking beer and Mom sloooooowly stood up with her Winchester .22 in her hands (already cocked!) and took aim at a snake in the middle of the pond. Her first shot made the snake pop about 3' into the air. For three of four rapid-fire shots (lever action!) she kept that snake flipping in mid-air. Then she just sat back down. Then someone proclaimed, "WOW! MOM OAKLEY!" And the nickname stuck. I still have that gun.
  20. You mean that if my brother goes postal, on a mass scale, the FBI might come and search my computer? dang.
  21. I was once eating dinner with a co-worker when he said, after I ordered, like, the seafood platter, "You know, I have a rule about eating seafood and that is 'The closer to the ocean you are, the more delicious and more edible it will be'." I replied that that was probably a very good rule. Then he said, "Dude. You know we're in S. Dakota, right?"
  22. I remember seeing a picture of Okie, stuffed into a GEO Metro, or something. Like a sardine in a can. I'm not sure he could even get the door closed.
  23. I could have used a little murdering. I've found that a great way to get shot is to wear a Yankees (or Mets) cap and just wander around NY and NJ. I don't know where the invisible lines are drawn, but, hoo boy!, they are there. Now, take that Yankees cap and wander up towards Boston way.... I am still surprised at how fanatical and bent many sport's fans are. Like, unhinged.
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