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  1. If a bunch of people wore "whiteface" and ran around acting like The Brady Bunch or Mr. Rogers, I would think it's funny. I pretty much gave up on all news now. It's not news. It's all just TMZ and twitter clickbait, any more.
  2. And Kevin Spacey. Especially him. What do I get? Do the lawyers just come to me?
  3. It's just like Dancing With The Stars. But it's interesting, and something I'd watch.
  4. I found a brand-spankin-new cashmere sweater at goodwill today. $3. It's much nicer than my regular goodwill sweaters. I'll see if my wife wants it. If not, I'll either save it for a wedding, or something, or just trash it at work, like all my other ones. It's not itchy. As soft as a baby's butt.
  5. Itchy makes life mo' bettah.
  6. It's also been reported that the entire US military was "just standing around, doing nothing" at that exact moment, and no one could be reached for comment.
  7. I took some very precise electronic diagonal-snippers and cut all the little hooks off but it still left sharp, grabby points. So I took a large nail and heated the head real hot and tamped down the sharp points. Now it's nice and smooth. The velcro. It must die.
  8. I've been known to make up words. Often, people don't even catch on.
  9. One of these days, I'll get a tritium one. I wear a watch every day while traveling. I don't wear one when actually working. I've got a watch velcro'd into my hardhat and it syncs with RF, so it's always accurate. My phone stays in the car. My current one is SpiderMan! $4. For some reason, the girls always notice it and comment.
  10. I've been frostbitten many times, (thanks hockey! thanks motorcycles!) starting when I was pretty young. It doesn't take long for my fingers to become completely unusable in cold weather. I've got every pair of cool gloves ever made. I got mil-spec "mutant-mitts" last year, which are pretty much the definitive glove. They are much too large for doing any work, but great for climbing. The little powder-pack shake handwarmers kind of work, but not really. When it's very very cold, and they are in my pant's pockets they don't do much at all. And here's a hint: they have a short shelf-life. If you buy them, dig around and check the dates. All of the ones for sale early in the fall are probably expired. I'll use them if they are free. I got these weird liquid-chemical ones that have a little metal 'snap disk' in them. You bend the disk and they turn solid and get warm. I bought a bunch for very cheap last year, but haven't really tried them at work yet. They get hot at first, but don't seem to last very long. But, I've got, like, a dozen of them The zippo handwarmer is pretty good and can stay hot for hours. My Jon-E-Warmers (where zippo stole their idea) are much better. They can stay HOT for ten hours. But, depending on what kind of explosive products might be around, some jobsites won't let you use them. When I found out that Jon-E went out of business, I searched online and bought, like, ten of them. They are my go-to lifesavers. They say that the catalyst filaments wear out over time, but I've had some for years that still work good. And I bought all the replacement packs of filaments that could be found. Hoarding. I got some rechargeable battery-pack warmers that fit in your pocket and they work pretty well, but not near as hot and long as the lighter-fluid kinds. I never got any battery-powered gloves, because the first thing I have to do at work is take my gloves off. Trying to work while wearing gloves, or trying to jam gloved hands into your pockets never works.
  11. I once saw a wedding ring perfectly welded to a 10KV bus-bar. They said the guy got out of it unharmed. When they offered to shut the building down (a telephone switching center) so he could get it back, he declined and told them to leave it there, as he would never wear another ring.
  12. Huaco Kid

    Cold Weather!

    I don't know why, but I'm really glad that the cold is here this year. I like winter. It has more pockets. In preparation, I just ordered $200 of mil surplus stuff. Cheap insulated bibs, I plan on wearing as a layer, expensive insulated pants, because the Army says so, that are supposed to be outerwear, but I plan on them being a layer. New Mickey boots. And these metallic-looking felt boot liners. A suck-day working, in January, at 300', is suckey, but when it's over, I get a huge delicious dinner and at the hotel, I just crank the heat up to maximum. Last winter was, relatively, not that bad. Except for that one week where it stayed at 0° all week. But I got lucky because the customer wasn't quite ready for me to do all the climbing work.
  13. This might take a while. I'm in, deep.
  14. I only like 'naked' motorcycles. That OCC stuff, while definitely artistic, doesn't lube my chain. Took me back and forth, and up and down, the country several times. $0 in repairs. It would go 130mph, all night long.
  15. seems to have incurred mortal damage.
  16. Like, today. Through nothing that I did, the 600W halogen lamp burned out. But when you're putting the bulb in, those pesky electrons will rather go into your finger, than through the bulb.
  17. But I think that "Wuss" and "Wussy" are ok. "Your an octowussy! My name's Bart Simpson! I'm afraid to shoot a gun! I want to marry Millhouse! I walk around like this all day, La-la-la-la-la!"
  18. so I could wear a respirator. Now, every time I look in the mirror, I see my sister. You don't have to shave your mustache, so now I look like a porn star.
  19. I'm not sure that "blog" is even a real word. I'll take a new approach, and post my drunken ramblings here. No one may ever see them, but I guess that's ok. Right now, I don't have much to say, but I'll think of something. My ear hurts. Part of it might come off.
  20. We heard a story of when my parents, pre-children, were in a rowboat and Dad unexpectedly caught a huge pike. He whacked it with the oar, but that just made it mad. Mom had to sit on it and hold it down, all the way back to shore.
  21. If you don't like the way I'm livin', You just leave this long-haired country boy alone.
  22. I have seen my vulgarity, and I won't use those words any more. I think I broke my hip. (Ever burn your ear? I don't even know how you do that.)
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