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  1. In Pennsylvania, the opening day for rifle/buck season is always the Monday after Thanksgiving. Many of the school districts still schedule a "holiday" for that day.
  2. If you spill a Chernobyl energy drink into the control panel, you can see that guy get his arm cut off!
  3. lol. I've always grown catnip, for the FatCat and friend's cats. They say my homegrown stuff makes their cats go much much crazier than the lame store-bought dirt-weed. I eventually graduated to a, like, 20 or 30 gallon ceramic pot. I haven't had to reseed or replant for years, because the roots (?) live through the winter and it just comes back on its own. It's technically a mint. You can't kill it. I was making The Big Harvest, which I dry each year , so kitty can get stoned in the winter too. My wife came to take a look at the harvest.... when she noticed.... the hundred catnip plants growing in her garden and flowerbeds! She knows it grows and spreads like a weed and can't be killed and now it's loose on our property, to attract all the feral and barn cats for miles around. It can't be killed. She's pissed. It's not like I did it on purpose. lol.
  4. Their anarchy tactics just need a little more work. And a little more capitalism: https://www.barneys.com/product/alpha-industries-m-65-anarchy-cotton-blend-field-jacket-505303097.html They are super serial now! (They must have sold out, because antifa are rebels, like that. "Dry clean only". lol: http://mustreadalaska.com/barneys-new-york-selling-antifa-jacket/ )
  5. I often go to work to get away from life's hassles. When I'm working, I'm forced to focus on the task at hand and lapses in focus could get you hurt. Going to work and running into that stuff head-on is something I probably couldn't handle. Too hard for me.
  6. Even if it is a dude, I'm guessing that the steroid usage would make the "Crocodile Dundee Check" inconclusive.
  7. Without the Crocodile Dundee check..... Pretty sure that's a dude.
  8. I don't know... a BUNCH of acreage that has been there way before my time. Pistol range, rifle range, shotgun range, skeet, trap... A huge stocked pond where people fish and work and train dogs. Some huge competitions. Mostly small local competitions. BBQ and beer on weekends. A clubhouse for coffee and bullshittin' with ol' timers. It's where I met all the local cops, judges, jailers, elected dudes, and assorted local bigwigs, and other local scallywags. It's not hard to get the whole place to yourself, some days. I'm going to have to search around and see if we have any of those, so called, bars around here.
  9. It's not food! It's violence! lol (I'd like to see that guy harass a back-woods Gopher, and try to grab the critter he just shot.)
  10. Probably very much like our local "Rod and Gun Club".
  11. For a long while now, our mainstream news is only "He said..." / "She said..." It's all that most morons understand any more, and it angers-up their blood.
  12. One early report said that he was a bible teacher.
  13. I might have done something stupid in my life, but I can't place my finger on it, right this second. But... I recently saw a good friend take a 5gal gas can to the bonfire and dash several slugs of gasoline on it, "To get it going." Even I was yelling at him, the whole time, not to do it. He got mad at us for yelling at him. "I do it all the time!"
  14. I once saw seven tornadoes at the same time, in Texas. They didn't get us. Creepy stuff, watching the black clouds boil. I saw a funnel cloud in Ohio, early this summer. Don't know if it touched ground, I never saw any debris fly up.
  15. Most of his lyrics make him my kindred soul.
  16. The celebrations are scheduled for a large liberal city near you! Fun for all! Light refreshments provided.
  17. I just throw cats. Maneki Neko beckons for health and wealth.
  18. I can't even peel the placemat-menu off of the table.
  19. He fell, and his fall-arrest safety equipment failed. I'm a contractor (non-union) and so was he (union). The last I heard, the company, of course, AND the union threw him under the bus. They are claiming that if he had thoroughly inspected his equipment before using it (which is a mandatory rule), he would have known it was defective. I'm very surprised the union bailed on him, and I'm not sure what's up with that. The official statements have been vague to none, they tend to keep these things very close to the vest. I'm sure that I'll be under much scrutiny, as the OSHA and MSHA crews will be hanging around for quite some time. My company instantly said they would update my equipment with brand new stuff ($$$). The other company instantly came out with new requirements that I'm not sure my company has any interest in complying with. I reminded them of the new requirements, which have been reviewed, acknowledged and signed off by my company, but I haven't had a reply yet. I hope the other guy's wife / family end up very wealthy. I suspect they will.
  20. And then Corey Feldman showed up, but they stomped him into mush and he swore that he'd take names and get even with everyone some day.
  21. "Aarrrrgh! You call this a soccer riot?!?? C'mon boys! Lets take 'em to school!"
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