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  1. It looks like she's spinning back and trying to throw another massive wad of rain at the Houston area.
  2. I once stuck my hand into the Kitchen Magician. I wasn't turning the handle... but, still, a stationary 9" circular razor blade.....
  3. http://nypost.com/2017/09/11/hackers-could-program-sex-robots-to-kill/ So stick with the Anime models and definitely avoid the BIG BERTHA ™.
  4. Our Governor can make his thumb come off! And then it goes back on!!! He can do it again and again!! That's why we like him.
  5. With a tissue box and a Titleist cap in the rear window.
  6. For a pocket-full of change, right now, you could buy several square miles of Barbuda's rocky paradise.
  7. Function? She seems to do just fine. Contribute? I kind of doubt that she's done that for about 20 years.
  8. I don't remember loving it, or not, but Howard Johnson's was a huge, special treat when we were traveling. There is still, like, the very last original one in Lake George, NY, and I always mean to swing in there when I pass, just for the nostalgia, but there are too many seafood places around. Steak and Ale is where we used to go to get hammered every weekend, before we were old enough to drink.
  9. I had recently read a very long article about Osama BL. He's uber-rich, has been saying all the anti-American stuff, had a real and a loose army..... I was home that day and watching the news after the first plane hit. I thought it was the craziest thing ever! A plane! Crashed into the skyscraper! That's just nuts! I watched as the second plane hit. Then I INSTANTLY knew what was up and who was behind it.
  10. It was probably soylent-green-like, and it was 'Steven' whom just came out of cryo-stasis. White people taste like vanilla.
  11. They could probably just go ahead and arrest anybody that is swathed in Nike logos.
  12. We had a farmer around here that had a gully/ditch on the farm that his family had owned for generations. He remembers shooting there with his grandfather, he shoot there, his family shoots there and he let friends shoot there. As the town grew, he started getting too many requests from strangers to shoot there. He decided to fence the whole area and charge people to use it. Some of the more recent neighbors sued him because they didn't want a shooting range there, even though it had been there forever. They ruled he couldn't have a business there because he was only zoned for farming. The news was interviewing him after his loss in court. He said, "Well, I invested a lot of money in that fence, so I have to work it, and since their rules say I'm farming only, I bought some pigs." The reporter asked how many pigs he got. He replied, "Enough.", and walked away from the camera.
  13. RIP, our ol' doggy-dog that died a couple months ago:
  14. We've got a "rod and gun" club, a half mile away, that has been there since the '40s. The next town over is growing very fast and the suburbs are coming this way. Many, many, many, a lot, of people buy lots here, build a mini-mansion and pretty much immediately start complaining about the firing range. I see our local council members, cops and judges at our local bar all the time. The Mayor always buys a round for the bar. Most of them are members of the club. Their standard reply to the complaining people is, "Then why'd you move down the road from a shooting range?" (They've got the same reply for the ones that complain about the farms and cows being too smelly/dirty/dusty/disruptive.)
  15. Well, tell it to quit touching me all'a time there.
  16. Then how come the pebble's still in my hand? Huh? Huh?
  17. Y'know, we'll easily be able to tell if you're the real McCoy, Grasshopper!
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