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  1. Give me enough booze and I'll go anywhere and do anything. But, it might not end well....
  2. The wind was blowing pretty good and the flag was fluttering nicely. It almost looked fake. Like, slow motion. Something digital. Pretty cool. In April 2014, Acuity Insurance announced another attempt at the nation's largest flagpole to be erected by that year's Fourth of July, this time with a 400 feet (120 m) pole built by Manitowoc wind turbine manufacturer Broadwind Energy. The flag to be hoisted will measure 120 feet (37 m)x60 feet (18 m), with an LED lighting system designed to be visible from Cedar Grove 11 miles (18 km) south and much heavier reinforcement of the pole structure. The new flag pole stands 400 feet (120 m) tall. A 120 feet (37 m) by 60 feet (18 m) flag was raised for the first time on May 22, 2014. The pole has a concrete base spanning 11 feet (3.4 m) wide at the bottom. In November 2015, Acuity Insurance began flying a 140 feet (43 m) by 70 feet (21 m) flag. The new flag at Acuity Insurance, covering nearly 10,000 square feet, features stripes that are over 5 feet high and stars that are nearly 3 feet across. Weighing 340 pounds dry, the nylon flag requires 72 cubic feet of storage space when not being flown. The flag is the world's largest free-flying American flag.
  3. Is never as bad as Monday the 13th.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Turd-Driver-Ultimate-Elephant-Christmas/dp/B01GQHMSCI/ref=pd_sim_201_2/146-7611160-9651963?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01GQHMSCI&pd_rd_r=97JBJAE9SN9MYJJ3GQHJ&pd_rd_w=ROAF2&pd_rd_wg=hw6TV&psc=1&refRID=97JBJAE9SN9MYJJ3GQHJ
  5. They give me the runes. And passing them uses lots of skill.
  6. I'm actually, really, OK with ~45° / 50°-ish. It saves a gajillion dollars. When my daughter is home, it jumps to 90°. Somehow. No one knows. We burn oil and have an old, wicked-good, coal burner in the basement. If you stoke it up and damp it down, it'll glow for three days and run you out of the house. We use it in power outages and killer cold-snaps. I'm experimenting with the crab's new-ish cage heating. Trying different light bulbs. He'll snuggle right up to 90°, which I never knew because the old cage was kept around 70° / 75°. After a wicked death-day working outside in January, I'll crank the hotel heater up to, like, 16,000°.
  7. Effort. Anyone can do, pretty much, anything, if they are willing to put in the effort. But that takes sweat, guts, determination, confidence and work. And work. I'd rather just swill Mt. Dew all day and bitch about it.
  8. Meanwhile, In America:
  9. wooooooohooooo! Actually, not all that woo-y. The are exactly like the other ones, but smaller[/b]!!! Zippo now makes the fluid-type warmer less than half the size of the other ones. About 1 1/2 of the regular zippo lighter sized. They say they are good for six hours and I played with one last night, and it did over six hours. Easy. If I fill it double-full, I'm sure I can get 10 or more hours out of it. Like the others, these get HOT. If you leave them out of the pouch, sitting on a table, they will burn you good. In the pouch, or in your pocket, you can regulate how much air it gets, and therefore how hot it gets. These are a great size. I need more.
  10. (the movie) Is great!! But, alas, tonight we only get Death Wish II, one of the cornier bombs to come along. Bronson is still pretty much the same badass, but the writers and actors just kind of phoned it in. But I like one-star (and no-star) movies. Last night I saw Lou Ferrigno's Hercules. It was second-feature drive-in quality. At least until the alien robots started showing up. They lost me after that.
  11. Hillary almost still won even after running a child-prostitution ring out of a pizza joint in DC.
  12. I only put it in the cooler, never in a drink! Marvin Zindler taught me that.
  13. The cat catches them for me. More than I need. But they are really hard to skin, because the whole thing is maybe 1" x 2" by the time you are done. It takes a lot of them to make even a hat.
  14. Right? I'm still chuckling over how I scared the motherlovin' bejesus out of him. It was a small room, like big enough for two vending machines and he was around the corner. I just waltzed in (it had a door). Boom! Coffee, cell phone, other stuff -- blam! -- all over the floor. He scooped up his stuff (left the coffee), and was GONE in .2 seconds. Gone like a wild cat that you suddenly surprise. I must have caught him mid-toke, because he really ranked-up the hallway. I tried to figure out why he was in that room. Maybe his boss or wife was in his room. Anyway, he had to go back reeking. He had a hipster haircut and the obligatory puffy-coat, so he had to be in a professional capacity. I wonder if he ran back to the room and started flushing his stash and paraphernalia, waiting for the inevitable knock on the door. lol.
  15. I went down the hall to fill up the little ice-bucket, to fill my cooler (~8am). I crashed into the small room that had only the ice machine in it. I surprised the hell out of some guy that dropped his coffee and his cell phone. A well dressed, younger, business-looking guy. He left in a rapid bluster, with his cell on speaker-phone. I instantly wondered why he would go into that small room to talk, when the hallway was totally deserted... Then I got the full-blast.... Johnny Blaze! He must have exhaled when he got into the hallway, because the whole floor reeks like Seattle. It's going to be a good day. I hope I see the guy down in the lobby. I'll lol.
  16. A magnificently placed SP or Simpsons quote, when expertly applied in general mixed conversation, will usually get you slack jaws and looks of confusion.
  17. I am sick enough, that I could probably quote most every South Park. One of my favorites is the one with the Crack-baby Basketball League with the SinterSlash myth. Or the one where Butters gets bullied by his grandmother, with that funny naked dance at the end, for no reason whatsoever. People won't watch The Simpsons with me, because I've memorized about every episode and I quote along with it.
  18. http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/animals/shocking-picture-of-elephant-calf-on-fire-wins-major-photography-award/news-story/99c73bfb5e10144ab69d93e9026aece1
  19. My son-in-law has had one since he was a child. Only he said it's made of wax. I've never seen it restrict anything he does. He shoots just fine, even though he's right handed and it's his right eye. I guess you work around it. He said he could never play baseball, or deal with things rapidly flying at him, because the depth perception is all messed up.
  20. I tend to use an arms-length as my personal firewall. The way he was acting, talking and bouncing around, I might have extended that border a bit.
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