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  1. It's kind oof like Key and Peele. But blacker. The new rules make that real.
  2. Is. like, way easier than typing this. Memes are what ***** fems gaps do.
  3. ps. notice that his band is not there. it's totally liip sync'd. The BBC banned his band (get it?) because of being huge ****-ups on the day when they were supposed to play. And The Queen had vapors.
  4. I missed the last one, and saw it last night. THEY KILLED THE TIGER!! ? I'd rather they killed Carl.
  5. I suspect that it's been done a thousand of times, but this time it worked. And people noticed.
  6. Well? Is it a real picture? Don't leave us hanging.
  7. I already did. Two of them. Through college. One is well on her way to a successful and happy life. One is just starting out and will probably punch life in the face until she gets her way.
  8. It's pretty much the reason why I don't pay much attention to mainstream news any more. It's turned into a cross between People Magazine and Jerry Springer. So.... A guy chased and grabbed a girl. Gasp! Hasn't that been going on since, I don't know, maybe, caveman times? Isn't it what we were put on this world to do? The sooner we regulate instinct out of humans, the better off we'll be.
  9. You give people underwear for Christmas??? No wonder little kids don't like you. Scrooge.
  10. Even decades ago, Coach (hockey) made it clear that we were to stand attentively (no stretching, no nervous bouncing, no messing with equipment) during the anthem AND during the other team's anthem.
  11. I'll wait six or nine months. And then think about it.
  12. I only recognized three of them. The Hulk was ok. Spider-Man was the only totally cool superhero, and he wasn't even a superhero, just a screw-up. He's the only comic book I ever read.
  13. Fence Manhattan Island. Three strikes and you're in.
  14. I went into a walmart on Monday and it was already 50% a Christmas wonderland.
  15. I was in Canada shortly after the election. I constantly heard more opinionated comments from strangers, than I ever did here. They were largely annoyed and dismayed that Trump was elected. They have strong opinions on things that in no way affect or concern them. I always let them know whom I voted for, and then just sat back with a slight smirk and let them have their say.
  16. Update: The entire Kardashian family has been taken into custody.
  17. I pretty much draw the line at musicals. But, for my shame, I probably have, like, twenty of them memorized.
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