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  1. Alright! A Yuenglings and IC Lights on the front porch. They've probably been there for months. A tad of slush on top means it's good.
  2. "Now the walls took a long time to crumble, and the jumbled pieces of my life took the long way around to come together. And then I heard you singing your song."
  3. And this weekend show in Waco, by a guy named E. Deloy Parks. His show was called "Sax & Violins". He, or it, doesn't even exist on the internet. That's how you you know it was good.
  4. We eat the night, we drink the time Make our dreams come true And hungry eyes are passing by On streets we call the zoo ps: When we were kids, we had Dallas KZEW. Way down in the cornfields, they would broadcast it. **** Dallas, proper. Ever break Dallas? We did.
  5. It's early morning, the sun comes out Last night was shaking and pretty loud My cat is purring, it scratches my skin So what is wrong with another sin?
  6. "We promised to bury the poor souls inside." "Ground's too hard. If those men had wanted a decent burial, they should have got themselves killed in summer."
  7. "God damn it! I do not accept as a given that I did shoot, La Boeuf! There was plenty of guns going off! I heard the rifle, and I felt the ball!" "You missed your shot, Cogburn, admit it." "Missed my shot!?!" "You are more handicapped without the eye, then I without the arm." "I can hit a gnat's eye at ninety yards... ...that chinaman is running them cheap shells on me again." "I thought you were going to say, the sun was in your eyes. That is to say, "your eye"." "Two at one time..." "I will to chuck one high..." "Hold fire!" "- There." "- There!?" "- My bullet." "- Your bullet?" "If you hit what you aim at, explain my shoulder."
  8. "Why did they hang him so high? "Oh. I do not know. Possibly in the belief it would make him more dead. "
  9. "Where can I find this Rooster?" "The jake is occupied!" "I know it is occupied Mr Cogburn. As I said, I have business with you." "I have prior business!" "You've been at it for quite some time, Mr Cogburn." "There is no clock on my business! The hell with you! How did you stalk me here?" "The sheriff told me to look in the saloon. In the saloon they referred me here. We must talk." "Women ain't allowed in the saloon!" "I was not there as a customer. I am fourteen years old." "The jake is occupied! And will be for some time! Good evening!"
  10. And , when we were 'younger', we would sneak to the 'crik', in the shadows.. And spit into the water. When the fish came to eat it; they would fight over it.... We'd shoot them with our "put-your-eye-out" Daisys. A weeks worth of BB's fit in your pocket. And you can waste most of them. (Ever go landprey hunting?)
  11. And the #4 trap? Why would you even do that. A squrrel? A skunk or possum. WE invented fishing at the same time! **** mammals.
  12. That's why mankind invented pointy sticks. And firearms. Because kicking squirrels was a poor way to feed the family. And that just made the wife grumpy. All day long.
  13. I ate sausage-weenies today. 'Cause I didn't travel. I got hurt at work. But I didn't know it. On this 'vertical conveyance'. (My work has totally forbidden me from doing some vertical conveyances. This one... is a rubber belt that runs up-n-down from the ground floor, to the roof. So, us workmen just grab this rubber belt, an just go up! It has no brakes. Or stop. or cage. Just the next floor. Coming. Fast.) But this wasn't one of those. It was a cable. A motor-driven cable. It was instantly a good idea. Work never told me not to do one of those.
  14. I guess Pinocchio. With raging boner-hands. When he goes down, his wife's toes curl.
  15. Not long ago, I was there for a couple weeks. The white squrrels buzz was everywhere. I spent many hours looking. Didn't see one. Kind of gypped. You owe me.
  16. And where I technically drowned. But they came back to get me, because they were tired of my yelling, whiny, drowny noises. And if you're, basically, unconscious, they don't care. They just throw you in the boat like you were the same.
  17. And Jordan Lake is where we used to go to swim in sewerage. For a 1 1/2 weeks it would be a sewer, no swimming lake.... And then... The next day it's OK! "Everyone in the water!! It's only like a weak diarrhea-sludge now! Yay!"
  18. And, Jordan Lake is where we went to get chiggers.
  19. Jordan Lake is where I did my eagle-watching. (20 years ago?) It was the only over-winter nesting site east of the Mississippi. Wish I had a good camera back then. I have a bunch of feathers. Once, I got to my best place at the crack of dawn. I snuck the last 100yds, like and Indian. I had moccasins on. For real. So... I crouched in the foliage. And waited. Forever. After an hour, I gave up. I stood up to leave...... and there had been an eagle, sitting 5' over my head. For an hour.
  20. I ate "meat" pies in Ireland. I asked about the ingredients, and pies in general, with the first one. The others, I just ate.
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