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  1. The crab hides, upon the full moon. On the new moon, he eats electrical wiring, and tries to eat your neck.
  2. Now, this car once needed a new battery. We were cutting-edge technical. It took a little bit of faking, but you soon discovered that the battery was under the floor behind the back seat. There was no back seat. No problem. The back place is 4". the seat doesn't move up that much. So I put my wrench on the battery post. And gave it a twist. Now The wrench is arc-welded to the frame. Glowing red. And that's how I set that guy's Peugeot on fire. Really. You can try to pull the instantly-welded, glowing, wrench off. No you can't. Now the car is burning underneath. When the wires burn through, it goes out.
  3. The place I worked at, 1960 & Kuyekendahl (?) (Kirkanddale), this guy only trusted us with his Peugeot. Even the lug-nuts were made from lead. And all the threads were backwards.
  4. I could tell, like, ten stories about Cameron Park.
  5. Cameron Park was two miles of twisty. That car was superglue, on the road.
  6. The bolts were soft. I think I even had Imperial wrenches, rounded, and the whole car was impossible. It needed worked on every day. Not good for a daily driver. And the carburetors. But my wife was hot.
  7. We moved from Waco to Houston when all we had was the MG. So We would go, "Lets take six couch-cushions (bungied to the rack), twelve books, and a box of pots and pans." And drive two hours there and two hours back. And then say, "let's take one bookshelf." And drive two hours there and two hours back...
  8. We had an MG Midget (77?). In Texas. It only ran when the weather was cool and wet. Which was, like, three days per year.
  9. I wonder what he said to them as he was walking out the door. I once heard an NHL referee say something, like, "They can say whatever they want about me. I don't care. Game on! Start jawing about my wife, and you're on the line. Start mumbling stuff about my daughter, and yeah, you're going to have a bad game."
  10. "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" "BE THERE!!!" VROOOOoooooooommmmmm!
  11. "Knock his horns off, wipe his ass, and send him on out."
  12. I once went to a place (nothin' fancy, I don't think) and was informed that the chef refused to cook a steak medium-well. I thought, "huh." I didn't get mad, I thought it was pretty funny. I paid for my drink and went elsewhere.
  13. I must have missed where someone found a train-load of ammo, because they've been shooting a boxcar-full every 30 minutes.
  14. He doesn't appear to be the brightest bulb on the tree.
  15. http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/15/living/billy-the-kid-photo-feat/index.html
  16. Could be pretty bad. I didn't give it any acknowledgement or concern when it happened and just took some old pain-pills when I got home. That was bad because I couldn't feel it hurt and I'm sure I made it much worse. I am scheduled off this week and have just been sleeping and doing nothing. It seems to be improving. I am trying to not go to the doctor. I hates them. It might be something I just live with.
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