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    Yeah. You can't post that.
  2. Huaco Kid


    There's really a lot of words that could fit into that.
  3. Huaco Kid


    **** my ****. Yeah. You know who you are!
  4. Y'know. I'm still on XP and it takes each page one-full-minute to load. CavidDassidy be damned!! I think I'm secure.
  5. I'm in a deep place{/b]
  6. And, I don't know where -- East Texas -- I don't know what time it was -- noon -- we pulled into Schlotzsky's. I think it was their second store. There were chickens in the parking lot.
  7. In BCS, we had FreeBirds! burritos. I think it was there new second store after Austin. Good $#i+. Ythey had motorcycles on the ceiling! That's so crazy.
  8. And quite the diatribe it was!
  9. And quite the diatribe it was!
  10. And, if you try to google it, the first hit that comes up is of me on GT, precisely delineating the discussion, with facts, on some radio guy that never existed.
  11. When we were this wild spawn in E. Texas there was a radio show called "Sax & Violins", hosted by a guy named E. Deloy Parks. It was the best music that no one had ever heard before. I think it was local-ish. One day, he was just gone forever. The guy doesn't even really show up on the internet.
  12. His newest collaboration is entitled "IMAF'NAXEYOUINTHEMFHEADYOUFACISTPRICKYOU".
  13. ooooOOOOOooohhh... I get it now. That was kind of lost on this demographic. I don't have any.
  14. Except, I think that one guy used to play for Lynyrd Skynyrd.
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