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  1. I was in charge. Of the whole ******* pool-deal.
  2. Fcj Pixburg. You got dead rats in youre pool.
  3. I threw the dead rat in the can. And we got over it.
  4. And handed me a dead rat, in a towel, Tgat he had around his neck.
  5. And ran back, ten seconds later, did the biggest huge ******* dive, evar, which lifeguards are wont to oo In front of all the news.
  6. That kid, ran up to the bath-house, with his lifeguRD. pantses on. Which is what they do
  7. The ******* State Games are starting in onw minute. With a dead rat in the pool. I'm in charge.
  8. I pointed to the dead rat. Which was right there. He thought "Fu k I coould hear him thinking, "Fu k
  9. I signaled the one lifeguard guy. He's a pro. He had been there much longer than me. He had, a little bit, hippy-hair.
  10. A dead rat in the pool. I read the union book. It's shut-down pool time. With 50 newses on you.
  11. From the looks of him, he didn't die cutely. He died with a big *******-choking death-face, his call.
  12. And there's a dead rat in the pool.
  13. So. I'm standing there. On the biggest newsy-day of the year!
  14. They were an extremely professional group of highschool kids. Two (bitchy) sisters ran the show.. They were great. I never got involved. There's a lot of great drama-storis
  15. I was in charge of the pool. Not the lifeguards.
  16. With 50 newaes and the biggest day of the year! And all old, muscly men, doing swimmimg, and ****.
  17. If there's a dead ******* rat in the pool, you have to shut the pool down. It's in the book.
  18. I read gthe book. I was the manager. Certified.
  19. There was a dead rat. He didn't die cutely. I think he struggled.
  20. I loolked down. It was sunup.
  21. I was leaning against the pool. Right there. With 50 newses, doing all news. All over the radio and TV. Big deal.
  22. So now. In the biggest ******* pool-world, biggest evar!!, with all the morning news going psychotic!
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