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  1. I eat it with only a knife. I usually only get the generic brands. I recently got some that was really really soft and the oil would accumulate on top. You had to stir it up each time. I also had some that was peanut butter and honey, mixed. It was good, but really really hard, it would have been impossible to spread on bread.
  2. Isn't that where they keep Megatron? It's begun...
  3. A lot of pissed of Mommies. All you can do is take it,
  4. The bandaids are 2' away. But I can't give you one. I'm not qlified.
  5. I've got 3000 Mommies That are really mad that litttle Bobby skinned his knee.
  6. I'm not a qualified professional. The lifeagurds are.
  7. I was not allowed to give out bandaids.
  8. Just a dumbass, I recorded the water temp each day.
  9. I was not a medical professional.
  10. At the swimming pool...........
  11. OK. I hope Billy doesnt fall down and break his ******* neck.
  12. You just hold gthe blade, sideways, or what. Make sparks. Are you happy gtit-bitch?
  13. For the dick-bitches, yelling at you.
  14. The sharpening-wheel. Can reallly do that, if you want it to
  15. So they throw them at you.
  16. They demand upon you, at the beginning of ghe session
  17. There's, like, 3000 people that are really pissed off aboug their skates.
  18. Ever sharpen skates at the public rink?
  19. I let them do it. They gave me dope. Not my deal. I only turn i the recipts. Fcj the sjating frink.
  20. The kids knew how to steal 100'$ of the register each day, at the sakaying rink
  21. Fu k I quit doing that, a longe time ago.
  22. I could have called tghe union guys, which were just sitting there Never call the Union guys.
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