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  1. But by the next morning, they had moved the whole huge glass case behind the counter.
  2. I didn't do it. The hotel had a stuffed wolverine in a huge glass case. Wolverines aren't small mean badgers, they are pretty big really mean bears. Pretty big.
  3. I don't remember much. Walking back to the hotel, through my own tracks, I crossed a 2' pile of steaming poo. I knew there was moose around, and I wanted to see him. But my brain was enough to know to not be there. So I never saw him.
  4. As soon as he left, she said, "Fck that Fcker!" And she locked the door. And brought an armload of bottles to the back table, and we all got greatly drunk for free. It was brilliant.
  5. Then. We didn't know. The owner went on a loud rant and started stapling signs all over... "NO SMOKING. ANYWHERE. EXCEPT ACROSS THE STREET!" Seems that some employee had flicked a butt and set the neighbor's fence on fire. So the waitress and the owner had a huge shouting match. He left, all righteous and huffy.
  6. It's a drunken IC Light story. I was at a hotel right up from the airport. There was a restaurant/bar, a block up. I walked through waist-deep snow to get there. Sitting at the bar, I saw a bunch of locals at the back table. Being buzzed, I get chatty, and it's what I do, I went back and introduced myself, and they offered me a seat.
  7. Don't know. He was a bit jagoff. But he actaully brought it back, late at night, so he's ok.
  8. By then, the liquor stores were closed. Now I only have IC light, for the long weekend.
  9. I had zip-locked it, so I know he didn't go into it.
  10. I don't know what they did, facial-recognized him, or looked at the seating chart, but they called his phone. He brought it back, an hour later, and apologized (right?) And then he was mad at me, because he wanted to know where HIS bag was.
  11. He might've had more drinks than me.
  12. The video showed some old guy (that looked a lot like me), rolling my bag off with HUGE CRUDELY SPRAY-PAINTED YELLOW X'S SPRAYED ON ALL SIDES!
  13. They looked at video. My small roller carry-on has HUGE, crudely spray-painted YELLOW X'S SPRAYED ON ALL SIDES! It's kind of hard to miss.
  14. The cops showed up, but they didn't care. I wasn't fighting anyone, and they just stood around. Then the airport MIB showed up. I ruckused more.
  15. I don't think I really have any ITAR stuff on my work laptop, but it's ITAR classified. It's a really big deal. It's a fire-able offense now, to have your laptop stolen. We have a big division in California, and their laptops get stolen out of their cars all the time. I raised a ruckus.
  16. I went to baggage claim. "Are you sure?" "Yes."
  17. I told the attendants. "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Well... you have to go to baggage claim." "What? It was in the bin."
  18. We landed (late) (delay). I always be last to un-board. My red backpack, with my whole life in it, was in the overhead bin, where I left it. My carry-on roller bag was not.
  19. Yes, I had four doubles, which is pretty whingy, because I only weigh 120lbs now. No problem-o. I got on the plane and flew home.
  20. I might barf now. Or miss my plane,,
  21. What's up with all girls today? Why do they do that? I'm, totally, 100% unracist, and 100% prejudiced. We learned it a caveman-level.
  22. I'm, pretty, drunk, at the airport. Which I quit doing. I paid $30 each, for two doubles. Now the plane's more delayed, I'm going for $90. I slept on the floor here two weeks ago. $30/drink can't catch how much OT I get, doing this.
  23. My company sells equipment that measures pollution. Somewhere (California, TADA!), they are actually required to have measurement in large milking/nursing/whateverfckgcowsdo buildings, (These are REALLY big buildings.(enclosures)
  24. They didn't have AR's when the Gods were invented. 'Murica. Come at me, bro,
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