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  1. ::ding:: "Noah." "WHAT?!!?" "You've got two male hippopotamus' there. You have to put one of them back." "YOU change it!!"
  2. ::ding:: "Noah." "WHAT?!!?" "How long can you tread water?"
  3. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/kentucky-noahs-ark-encounter-sues-insurance-company-over-heavy-rain-damage/
  4. She's an elevator repairman in Stalingrad.
  5. Long ago, we saw Paul McCartney in concert (scary-good seats!). He finished one song, and paused to the massive applause, and belted right into the next song (a classic Beatles). He got a full verse into it, when he suddenly slapped his palm across his guitar strings, to a dead stop. The band full-stopped one second later. He stood there for a couple seconds and then sheepishly said, "I started that in the middle." Then he just banged right back into it.
  6. Donnie, once again, gets pwnd by his little sister, twice in a row.
  7. No. They changed the definition of covid to be something that only republicans can get / spread. Otherwise, it's just false positives caused by low unemployment rates.
  8. I guess she should have married that handsome and muscular trapeze artist from the circus, instead of Fred.
  9. I'm have no doubt that the plane will fly there, to prove Pelosi's importance, power and defiance. I'm also 100% sure that she won't be on that plane.
  10. Dear Sirs, The visitor's dress code is outdated and discriminatory towards women. It should be modified to reflect more modern standards of acceptability. Thank you, I. J. Miggs
  11. ...Then they all crapped on the sidewalk, wandered off to buy bumps, and lived happily ever after.
  12. When I'm on the road, I might go to walmart several times in one day. My brother-in-law (≈70 years old), a diehard Union Man, has never been in a walmart.
  13. We were continually and repeatedly warned that Trump would get us into a war! Damn Trump.
  14. Now he has to spend eternity with Eddie giving him the business, all day, every day.
  15. If you know I'm shooting, I've already lost.
  16. In all fairness, she can't actually see the traffic lights right in front of her. She can only see whatever her General Ackbar eyes are peripherally googling at the moment, and deduce what's going on in front of her.
  17. A big reason he was chosen for that role is because he was a world-class gymnast for his age. They had planned on focusing on that as part of his "All American Boy" persona. Not much time to practice, when you're making money in on of TV's hottest shows, I guess.
  18. That's soooo sexist. Gams. The accepted term is gams.
  19. They'll save a lot of money by not having to retrofit transgender bathrooms.
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