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  1. Great. Now I'm gonna have to move Hoffa again.
  2. Hatchet-face. (Kim McGuire) I've got an autographed continuity picture of her from that movie.
  3. Many streams here: https://woke.net/streams Aggregate of this and that:
  4. I've got a hoodie that says that. My wife would rather I not wear it, because people immediately look askew at it. Puts 'em on edge.
  5. I've still got a 256M (yes, M) usb drive from decades ago. It cost a couple hundred dollars. It was SOOO cool. The 2TB was $15.
  6. All of the, twenty or so, hard drives I've saved from old-dead-gone computers would only add up to several hundred gigs. I don't even know why I need 2TB.
  7. I bought a 2TB usb thumb-drive. It's been formatting for three days... (I always format new usb drives, because the Chinese will get you.)
  8. Why is the word "dictionary" in the dictionary? If you didn't know what the word is, you surely wouldn't know the book existed. If you knew what it was, you wouldn't need to look it up. ~me
  9. Why do we park in a driveway, and drive on the parkway? ~Carlin
  10. And Dad bitched, long and loud, because we burned Pong into the TV screen.
  11. Ever been in a big inner-city ER late at night? They can be a very practical place to be armed.
  12. I'm a blind man and my world is pale
  13. .380 X 50: So you can shoot a lot while running away, and hope it eventually bleeds out.
  14. You mean it's not the motorcycle's fault, but the operator's?? FUGGEDABAHDIT!!!
  15. Were they Assault Motorcycles?
  16. It's the "Storm Trooper" model.
  17. If it's his third strike, he'll go to jail.
  18. The Louisville Slugger got away?
  19. The Lollypop Guild strikers attempt to block the delivery entrance.
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