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  1. We save amazon boxes until we look like hoarders and burn them all after dark, usually when we have beers and beer.  Recently, when the kids were over.

    A cardboard bonfire isn't hard to maintain, but this time it suddenly went out.  I took a stick and wedged up the huge flat box that was smothering it.

    I was instantly blasted in an all-consuming fireball.  Completely engulfed.  Like a flamethrower.

    I ran out of it.  Lost a lot of hair.  Probably very lucky I had glasses on.

    My wife told the kids, "That's probably a full two-dozen on his "Didn't Kill Me" list."

    The kids rolled their eyes and looked startled.

    The grandkids thought it was magnificent.  They all touched my frizzled hair.


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  2. My chair slides, not rolls.  I've got slidey-pucks on the bottom and a piece of outdoor carpeting.

    On my desk,  I've got a quilting mat.  It's just right for writing on and has 1" measuring grid and angles marked all over it.

    It's supposed to be "self healing" from cuts, but I can pretty much Lecter it.

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