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    I used the battery ones, which I've had for a while but didn't use much.  They are two 18650 rechargeable batteries with an on/off button.
    They work good.  Get 2.5+ hours out of them and they get nice and warm.  Not hot.  Not like the fuel ones.
    Some places I go to forbid even a lighter in their complex, so these work.
    Now...  the fluid type...
    Coleman white gas.  I've googled it, but it all seems pretty generalized. (many say it's the same thing.  With tweaks.)  I tested it this week.
    I think it stinks less.  I think they don't get as hot as zippo lighter fluid.  But it seems to burn just as long.  The Coleman fuel is $14/gal at walfart.  The zippo fuel works out to $64/gal.
    The internet says I can burn kerosene it these things.  I might try some day.  I don't think I'm in that big of a hurry to get asphyxiated.
    I'll be burning the hell out of the gas ones at work for the next several weeks.
  2. Huaco Kid
    I've been frostbitten many times, (thanks hockey!  thanks motorcycles!) starting when I was pretty young.  It doesn't take long for my fingers to become completely unusable in cold weather.  I've got every pair of cool gloves ever made.  I got mil-spec "mutant-mitts" last year, which are pretty much the definitive glove. They are much too large for doing any work, but great for climbing.
    The little powder-pack shake handwarmers kind of work, but not really.  When it's very very cold, and they are in my pant's pockets they don't do much at all.  And here's a hint:  they have a short shelf-life.  If you buy them,  dig around and check the dates.  All of the ones for sale early in the fall are probably expired.  I'll use them if they are free.
    I got these weird liquid-chemical ones that have a little metal 'snap disk' in them.  You bend the disk and they turn solid and get warm.  I bought a bunch for very cheap last year, but haven't really tried them at work yet.  They get hot at first, but don't seem to last very long.  But, I've got, like, a dozen of them
    The zippo handwarmer is pretty good and can stay hot for hours. 
    My Jon-E-Warmers (where zippo stole their idea) are much better.  They can stay HOT for ten hours.  But, depending on what kind of explosive products might be around,  some jobsites won't let you use them.  When I found out that Jon-E went out of business,  I searched online and bought, like, ten of them.  They are my go-to lifesavers.  They say that the catalyst filaments wear out over time, but I've had some for years that still work good.  And I bought all the replacement packs of filaments that could be found.  Hoarding. 
    I got some rechargeable battery-pack warmers that fit in your pocket and they work pretty well, but not near as hot and long as the lighter-fluid kinds.
    I never got any battery-powered gloves, because the first thing I have to do at work is take my gloves off.  Trying to work while wearing gloves, or trying to jam gloved hands into your pockets never works.
  3. Huaco Kid
    I've always grown catnip, for the FatCat and friend's cats.  They say my homegrown stuff makes their cats go much much crazier than the lame store-bought dirt-weed.
    I eventually graduated to a, like, 20 or 30 gallon ceramic pot.  I haven't had  to reseed or replant for years, because the roots (?) live through the winter and it just comes back on its own.  It's technically a mint.  You can't kill it.
    I was making The Big Harvest, which I dry each year , so kitty can get stoned in the winter too.
    My wife came to take a look at the harvest....   when she noticed....
    the hundred catnip plants growing in her garden and flowerbeds!  She knows it grows and spreads like a weed and can't be killed and now it's loose on our property,  to attract all the feral and barn cats for miles around. 
    It can't be killed.
    She's pissed.
    It's not like I did it on purpose.
  4. Huaco Kid
    I ate sausage-weenies today. 'Cause I didn't travel.
    I got hurt at work.  But I didn't know it.  On this 'vertical conveyance'.
    (My work has totally forbidden me from doing some vertical conveyances. 
    This one...  is a rubber belt that runs up-n-down from the ground floor, to the roof.  So, us workmen just grab this rubber belt, an just go up!  It has no brakes.  Or stop.  or cage.  Just the next floor.  Coming.  Fast.)
    But this wasn't one of those.  It was a cable.  A motor-driven cable.  It was instantly a good idea.  Work never told me not to do one of those.
  5. Huaco Kid
    Hot-rodded them up!
    So...  I don't know what I was googling when I found (really.  someone really needs to keep a closer watch on me) platinum-catalyst impregnated cotton.  Remembering reading up on the handwarmers, that's kind of what they use in those.  I bought a baggie-full, (which seems to be many lifetime's supply worth) for $5.
    It's a bag of fluffy gray cotton.  It's probably not dangerous.  I didn't wear latex gloves.  Didn't hurt.
    The heads of the zippo warmers are little cotton-ish pads (the jon-e-warmers have a woven metal-thread head).  So, because science, I stuffed the heads full of platinum cotton.
    I filled them up with fluid, and took the lighter to them.  This stuff GLOWED!  I put them in my pockets and went to work...
    It seemed like they didn't work near as good as normal.  huh.
    That night I pulled the cotton out.  I took the springs from some clicky ballpoint pens, and, with a toothpick, stuffed them full of the cotton.  As much as I could pack in there.
    The springs fit right into the zippo head.  So, it wasn't packed tight, but it was in there.  I took the lighter to it.  GLOWAGE X3!
    These things got twice as hot as normal.  Which is good.  I think. 
    That might be how Chernobyl started.
    Don't touch them when they are just bare metal, too hot! I found some baby socks, I put them in, in my pockets.
    Platinum, burning unspent fuel, in your pockets, is probably ok.  The package didn't tell me to not do that.
    A bigger spring will fit in there, as soon as I find some.  I've got enough of this stuff to go around.  Fukushima.
    Somewhere, there's a baby with cold feet.
  6. Huaco Kid
    Could be pretty bad.  I didn't give it any acknowledgement or concern when it happened and just took some old pain-pills when I got home.
    That was bad because I couldn't feel it hurt and I'm sure I made it much worse.
    I am scheduled off this week and have just been sleeping and doing nothing.  It seems to be improving.
    I am trying to not go to the doctor.  I hates them.  It might be something I just live with.
  7. Huaco Kid
    Actually, not all that woo-y. 
    The are exactly like the other ones, but smaller[/b]!!!
    Zippo now makes the fluid-type warmer less than half the size of the other ones.  About 1 1/2 of the regular zippo lighter sized.
    They say they are good for six hours and I played with one last night,  and it did over six hours.  Easy.  If I fill it double-full, I'm sure I can get 10 or more hours out of it.
    Like the others, these get HOT.  If you leave them out of the pouch, sitting on a table, they will burn you good.  In the pouch, or in your pocket, you can regulate how much air it gets, and therefore how hot it gets.
    These are a great size.  I need more.
  8. Huaco Kid
    He fell, and his fall-arrest safety equipment failed.
    I'm a contractor (non-union) and so was he (union). 
    The last I heard, the company, of course, AND the union threw him under the bus.  They are claiming that if he had thoroughly inspected his equipment before using it (which is a mandatory rule),  he would have known it was defective.  I'm very surprised the union bailed on him, and I'm not sure what's up with that.   The official statements have been vague to none,  they tend to keep these things very close to the vest.
    I'm sure that I'll be under much scrutiny, as the OSHA and MSHA crews will be hanging around for quite some time.
    My company instantly said they would update my equipment with brand new stuff ($$$).  The other company instantly came out with new requirements that I'm not sure my company has any interest in complying with.  I reminded them of the new requirements,  which have been reviewed, acknowledged and signed off by my company,  but I haven't had a reply yet.
    I hope the other guy's wife / family end up very wealthy.  I suspect they will.
  9. Huaco Kid
    I don't know why, but I'm really glad that the cold is here this year.
    I like winter.  It has more pockets.
    In preparation, I just ordered $200 of mil surplus stuff.  Cheap insulated bibs, I plan on wearing as a layer,  expensive insulated pants, because the Army says so, that are supposed to be outerwear, but I plan on them being a layer.   New Mickey boots.  And these metallic-looking felt boot liners.
    A suck-day working, in January, at 300', is suckey, but when it's over, I get a huge delicious dinner and at the hotel, I just crank the heat up to maximum.
    Last winter was, relatively, not that bad.
    Except for that one week where it stayed at 0° all week.  But I got lucky because the customer wasn't quite ready for me to do all the climbing work.
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