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  1. Huaco Kid


    Aht'sa laht'sa mozzarella!
  2. Her picture should be next to FAFO, in the Urban Dictionary.
  3. The penalty should have been much much harsher. It is absolutely unacceptable to smoke in bed, and children could have seen that.
  4. The best thing you can do, when it starts going down in a foreign country, is to start screaming, "I'M AN AMERICAN!! I HAVE RIGHTS!!" They, de facto, have to let you go.
  5. And "Moose and Squirrel" has a completely different meaning behind bars.
  6. I think I've got the newest covid, right now (4th time?). (googling the symptoms just shows that everyone has covid all the time) But the dry, hack hack, cough is getting old.
  7. My wife, pretty much, votes the opposite of me. And is proud of it. (I put a 5"x5" TRUMPINATOR magnet on the refrigerator door. It took a month for my daughter to finally see it) (Now it's upside-down, on the basement beer fridge.)
  8. He was Frank Sinatra? Should've been easy to find.
  9. I can get anything i want, at Alice's Restaurant.
  10. It's known that p'ing on the Alamo is frowned upon.
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