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  1. I recall hearing that as well, but whenever I would mention it, people would look at me like I was nutz. (they may have just been looking at me that way because of the way I look, but I took it as due to the tidbit I was sharing). Anyway, glad to hear it from someone else.
  2. They have figured out something truly revolutionary. No .45 for you!
  3. Grow ya some kidney stones. They like it dry. Get a good crop going. That'll fix ya! An idiot learns from his own mistakes. Smart folk learn from the mistakes of others.
  4. Was this announced on tonight's show, or elsewhere?
  5. We put a standing seam steel roof on 4 years ago, and it’s an awesome thing. It was expensive, but put on properly. There is a membrane underneath and it’s so quiet that we have to look out to see if it’s pouring!
  6. Meanwhile, a company headed ? by a damn pot head just docked, what may soon be the first manned spacecraft since the shuttle, with the ISS. now somebody bring me a beer!
  7. Well, the Gov't has lied about and prevented such things for what, 70+ years. The cat is out of the bag, the cow is out of the barn, Take your moratorium and shove it. :)
  8. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/02/25/gay-rights-leader-accused-burning-down-home/2816523002/ Was there a class, or what??
  9. OK, More better, if possible. Check this older post out on CWB https://www.cwbchicago.com/2019/02/smollett-two-others-in-active.html Apparently they subpoenaed phone records from his provider, and got them. Then when he submitted his redacted records (in full cooperation you know), they only had to focus on the numbers that he had redacted. I need a beer!
  10. Oh my, the sauce is getting thicker by the minute. CWB is routinely referenced by Second City Cop as the only accurate source for Shitcago crime info. Well, them and heyjackass.com. https://www.cwbchicago.com/2019/02/smollett-threat-letter-called-enormous.html This is getting good!
  11. http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/2019/02/making-gains.html Note that the above was posted 2 Feb 2019!
  12. SCC says: http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/search/label/un-*******-believable
  13. Yeah, when the car ahead of you suddenly slows for no apparent good reason, you might want to think about it. Especially if on two wheels.
  14. I get home last night and went to check it. Turned the thermostat up and go out to the furnace. I hear the draft inducer come on (!), followed by the burners lighting. Hmmm. Few seconds later the blower kicks on, BANG POW DING BANG POW and the smell of new furnace fills the room. The smoke detector goes off, cat departs the fix. But the noise stops and things keep running. I Silence the alarm. Heat is being pumped into the house, all is well and quiet. WTF? But a pleased WTF. The noise sounded like a fairly good sized fastener getting knocked around by a fan. It worked fine the rest of the night. Shortly after the startup described above I got a call from the owner of the dealership. He says he'll talk to the tech and get back with me. Tech says he got there with the new inducer and the old one was working. Took it out anyway (and probably dropped a bolt) and found a chunk of expanding foam in it! But he said a downstream vacuum sensor wasn't working, which was why he said "Friday". They're coming back out tomorrow to look everything over again, and look for the bolt/screw. Once this is squared away we'll discuss the parts availability, or lack of. I was taken aback when he said Wednesday for a new inducer. Because I had a case of the ass over this, I also contacted Trane corporate. Really great news there! "All we can do is expediate a part in 5 days"! Miffed, I is. But the AC did work great this summer! thanks for reading, and commenting. I'm learning a lot about the subject!
  15. I had a brand new (not cheap) Trane furnace and A/C installed on 30 May this year. The AC actually works quite well. Thought I might want a little heat on Sunday. Furnace won't come on. Repair guy comes out, draft inducer bad, be back Wednesday. Today they install the new one. Now there is some other problem. Maybe Friday. Going down into the 40s tonight. Not very pleased. Owner of installation company is "on vacation, not in cel range". Nice. Thanks for reading. I would recommend some other furnace brand to you.
  16. At one time, probably early 90s, USAir had hubs in Pittsburgh, Dayton, and Indianapolis. Hubs. Did they not have a map? North Central, Midway, Comair, ASA, Northwest Orient (Flew me to the ROK and back in '77 and '78)
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