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  1. Didn’t even watch it. That’s how dead pro sports are to me. YMMV.
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    Wife and I got the Shrinrex duo very early this year, BC. Both shots for both of us were fine for about 12 hours, then felt like royal (kill me) crap for 24 hours or so, then fine. Glad to have it, and to have it done. PS, we both had the single dose 6 years or so ago.
  3. “Roger”, from Card Services, assured me that they are the same, and he can get me a much lower rate! he even complimented my habit of making minimum payments on time, and sometimes even paying a little extra. it’s like he knew me. Then, after I inquired about his Mother, he abruptly hung up. Srange fellow, that “Roger”.
  4. I'm going to watch and enjoy the whole thing tonight, but I took a quick look at the opening and remembered something that I had forgotten! My Uncle sent me to Stuttgart for a long tour in the fall of '83. The events pertaining to the phone company happened in 1984. I came home on leave in the summer of '85, got to O'Hare and went to call kin in Michigan to arrange a pickup at final destination. I COULD NOT FIGURE HOW TO TO MAKE A FREAKING PHONE CALL FROM THE DAMN AIRPORT PAY PHONE! Everything was jacked up. "Choose your carrier". WTF are you talking about?? Usedtacould just dump a bunch of quarters in and dial your number, or just dial zero and make a collect call. Oh no, THAT WAS TOO EASY. So, short story long, I couldn't figure out how to make the call from KORD and didn't have the time to work on it before my connection left, so kin got woke up in the middle of the night to come get my ass, and I ended up spending half the night in the wonders of the Kent County (KGRR) airport waiting, without smokes as I ran out and there was nothing open that could give me change for the machine. Good Times!
  5. The Newly Updated Caterpillar, Rachel Corrie Model!
  6. From the same site linked above: Followup on Shooting Stats Per HeyJackass.com, this is the number of people shot between the last police shooting (08 March 2020) and the two jagoffs who attempted to kill an Officer with a car (12 Jun 2020): As requested, the number of shootings and homicides between CPD-involved shootings is as follows: Shot and Killed: 170 Shot and Wounded: 802 Total Shot: 972 Total Homicides: 185 Just so you know, the time between officer-involved-shootings shootings was 96 days - that's three entire months. Yet somehow, police are still labeled as the problem though. And not one goddamn media outlet will ever tell you these numbers. This is why they have less respect and trust than any other institution in the country aside from the United States Congress. A tip of the hat to W.H. Thompson, proprietor of HeyJackass.com, the only source for actual, real and accurate Chicago shooting/homicide numbers.
  7. I'll just leave this here... So does someone want to tell us exactly at what point it became legal and proper to fight, disarm and shoot things at the police? Because we must have missed that over the last fifty years. And get a load of what Atlanta has decided all on its own: A TALE OF TWO INCIDENTS by The Atlanta DA's Office and the Atlanta Mayor. Incident 1) 5 Atlanta Police Officers fired last week for using a taser to remove two college students from a car. Officers were fired because the Atlanta District Attorney's Office deemed the Officer's use of the taser was DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE. Incident 2) A suspect who failed a field sobriety test and deemed Driving While Intoxicated resists arrest, fights with police, steals the officers taser (robbery) and escapes. During the pursuit, the suspect turns and fires the taser at the officer's head and was shot and eventually dies. The Atlanta mayor calls for the Officer to be fired because he used deadly physical force against a taser. BURNING QUESTION: Why is using a taser considered Deadly Physical Force when it's used by a police officer but not Deadly Physical Force when used against a police officer by a suspect? The mayor of Atlanta has unilaterally put the taxpayers on the hook for monumental judgements....in favor of police. Hopefully, they win big and retire in style.
  8. https://wgnradio.com/news/judge-tosses-california-ammunition-purchase-law/ 120 page opinion. That might leave a mark.
  9. Pretty much all I have on anymore in my cave. The ads are generally onesie twosie, not 8 to 10. Sad or depressed, go to 441 and laugh you a-hole off!
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    Could someone please edit the OP? Reading it hurts. TIA.
  11. Yeah, that's nice, but can you read Hollerith code?
  12. I thought these were going to be old pictures, not future pictures from Bernietopia??
  13. I'll just leave this here..... hammertime
  14. Well, maybe they will just state their preferred pronouns when they mention them. You know....He, She, It. (I seem to lack sympathy for the cause)
  15. Andy Dick gets sucker punched after a show Finally, I laughed at Andy Dick! (full disclosure: I did think he was pretty good in Newsradio, but outside of that, what a Dick)
  16. SU-25 used to be referred to as the A-9ski.
  17. After they killed the 250 muzzies, what happened with the remaining 2250??
  18. Not personally, but I work in a new building that has same style rain handlers, and I sit just inside from several of them. Things I have learned about them from that: -Your windows will get quite wet if the wind is blowing while it's raining. So will you if there is an entry door under them. -Birds like to sit on them and take bird dumps At home, I suffer with gutters and do not have either of those issues and I just finished taking care of what, to my mind, is the biggest downside to gutters: Clogging/cleaning. I now have the stainless, very fine mesh gutter guards from Costco installed all the way around the house. I put them up first on the garage gutters a couple years ago and they worked great, so this month i did the rest. At work I cannot tell how well they actually disperse the water, but they put a four foot wide rock border under all of them, so maybe they know something we don't. Hope this helps!
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