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  1. Do they have mic switches on the steering wheel? Hate to think that was one handed driving. If it was, he is double awesome. Too bad for all the cameras, those douchebags needed a tune up. https://www.kxnet.com/news/top-stories/video-dashcam-shows-car-chase-and-capture-of-minot-murder-suspect-kamauri-kennedy/
  2. I gave it to a friend of mine who owns an XD. I asked him for a pic of it with the XD in it. He sent the pic. I said "that's not an XD, looks like a S&W". He said "it fits the S&W perfectly". It didn't. Needs a staple. SMH.
  3. Awesome! Thanks, jfost11. Now, can I ask how you found that? I put in STO445 and STO 445 at galco and get no results. After using your link once and seeing the Springfield info, I tried searching again and still got nothing. Then I tried your link again and now it comes back with "hmmm...can't reach that page" ?? The only difference between the link and the holster I have is that this was is brown leather. Thanks again.
  4. i'll get a pic up in the AM. I do, and I use them, but I'm not handicapped, er, left handed, like this holster is. Might just start stuffing some of mine into it and see if anything is close
  5. Howdy, I went for a walk with my granddaughter tonight and found a Galco IWB holster laying on the side of the road. I tried searching every possible combination of the numbers on it with no luck (straight Google search and also at Galco's website.) Trying to figure out what it fits. The previous "owner" had put a couple of staples in it to customize it! The codes are: K919L STO445 Anyone have any idea how to figure out what it's for? Last resort I'll try contacting the factory directly, but I'm sure that'll take forever Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Yup. I still don't quite get how it goes, but it's for concrete forms. I'm surprised how rough it is though, can't hardly believe that it corroded that much. Fortunately, I have access to a complete Metallurgical Lab, and a Metallurgist, so I'm going get it cut, mounted, and take a look at it that way. The "red" thing is a piece from a VersaTrak gearbox from my old Pontiac Aztek. I had to replace the box so I got the old one and took it apart. (surprisingly small amount of pieces in it).
  7. I found this on the side of road Monday. I cleaned it up with steel/brass brushes on a Dremel, and cleaned out the hole with a punch and hammer. It's Ferro Magnetic, and the left end looks like a fracture face. Other than that, we're stumped. Anyone know what this is?? PS: I'm asking about the thing above the gray thing. I think that's a ruler.
  8. Gee, It's almost like the vax doesn't have a 100% effective rate. Who knew?
  9. Whereas the 2nd Amendment is under assault, Uncle Joe threatens to cancel the 4th Of July, and I've been thinking about this for some time, I propose The Fourth Of July Salute, 2021! I recently finish a book my Dad gave me many years ago titled My Three Years with Eisenhower, written by his Naval Aide, Harry Butcher, Captain, USN. An excerpt: On the Fourth Of July, 1944, at high noon, General Bradley "pulled the lanyard on a 155, signaling the "Fourth of July Salute of every American gun against the Germans". How awesome that must have been! Let's do it again this year!! On the 4th Of July, at high noon local time, every damn gun owner in this country should step outside and fire a round (Safely). Maybe two. Maybe do a mag dump! Who's with me? If so, help spread this like a wildfire. Let them hear us!
  10. My wife got Pfizer #1 a week ago Monday, had a mild headache and a bit of a sore arm the next day. I got my Pfizer #1 this past Tuesday. I took a hand gripper with me and started working it as soon as the needle came out, and continued doing that for pretty much the next 5 hours, along with some small weights on that arm. NO ISSUES the next day. I did feel bad for all the old folk (well, older than me) just sitting in the waiting area after, doing nothing. Those people were going to have dead arms. You gotz to get the vaccine out of the injection site asap, and the only way to do that is to work the arm. Pretty much anyone that has been in the military learned that. Lord, I didn't know that until after basic when in Tech School. We got Cholera and Typhoid shots the same day, one in each arm. The next morning no one could get their arms up more than about 6 inches. Couldn't reach the shelf in my locker. Then some guys who had been there longer walked around punching the newbies in the arms. OMG! Learned my lesson! Come towards me the day after a shot and you get kicked in the nut sack, no questions asked. And yeah, I distributed a few of those punches myself later on. That said, like many others, I've been stuck with so much stuff over the years that there is no fear/concern. Hell, I even got a Swine Flu jab in 1976 and I don't think it had near as much research behind it as these do. Yellow Fever, Cholera, Typhoid, Smallpox, Anthrax, etc. Even been getting the flu shot the last several years after Doc said to. And guess what, no flu since then either. Get it. Don't get it. Don't care. I'm just tired of this Covid **** and this is about the first offensive action that has been available to me.
  11. It's where I stole the margarine.
  12. Who's the then and now blonde? I was overseas for a good chunk of the 80s and AFN was kinda meh, at best.
  13. The similarities with that Bond flick are a bit.......scary?
  14. Robot hookers and synthesized blow. Der.
  15. Well, here's something that might help you: https://www.woodtv.com/news/target-8/id-theft-victims-threatened-with-wage-garnishment-cleared-by-uia/ And feel free to leave Michigan. I like it here!
  16. Ratko Mladic. But what I find most interesting is that I think he is wearing a hat that he got from Wesley Clark, a US Army General at the time, later a failed democrat politician. They drank and traded hats IIRC. I think Clark was one of Hackworth's "Perfumed Princes". Decide for yourself which one the title of the thread refers to. (ETA: Just to be clear, Hackworth is not one of the choices).
  17. First, I mailed a Flat Rate box to my Sister in Lexington, KY (From Michigan). That took 8 days! But I get things via USPS from Amazon, and those are usually delivered well ahead of schedule And A few weeks ago I had a package delivered by them. Reviewed the video of the delivery. A young female walked up with the 5" wide package, looked at my storm door and the house door, 4" inches apart , opened it and placed the package in between the doors. The storm door could not close and I could see the corner of it on the camera. Did I mention it was a windy day? I called my local PO and asked for the Postmaster. Explained the situation to her. She said she would take care of it, and about 30 minutes later someone pulled in, took the package from between the doors and put it on the ground, and gave a wave to the camera. One of the joys of just outside of a small town living.
  18. We were in the woods somewhere on Ft. Lewis doing something or another and started hearing some "weirdness" on the VRC-46 FM radio. Turned out we were sharing a freq with a taxi cab dispatch center in New Freaking Orleans, LA. We were able to talk to them and vice versa. The traffic got a bit blue as we told each other to GTFO our freq. Normally, the VRC-46 was good for a couple of miles in the trees, a more when in the desert, but no freaking way it goes cross country.
  19. I really like it since they gave us all the day off, rather than the Government employees!
  20. xromad

    Sound bar ?

    There should be a "audio delay" type setting in either the bar setup or the display. You can play with the slider to try to sync it up.
  21. I think it's for those who don't realize that the best credit score you can possibly have is zero!
  22. Today. That's how long it's been since the USMC barracks in Beirut was blown up.
  23. Sounds like what I imagine a San Francisco Saturday Night would be like. Um, no. Thanks.
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