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  1. Mdj

    Uh Oh

    One of the 48 participating lotterys didn’t have their ticket sales information submitted. The news said they will draw the numbers possibly later this morning or this evening at the latest.
  2. What are they planning now? Everyone I work with received this email today at both their work and personal email addresses. All employees are remote working from across the country (PA, FL,ND, KS). It was confirmed with the IT department that the email was not spam but actually sent by a company contracted to alert employees to emergency situations. All that I have changed is my personal email address. ---------- Original Message ---------- From: AlertMedia Threat Warnings <no-reply@alertmedia.com> To: Mxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxxx <mxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.net> Date: 09/23/2022 12:31 PM Subject: United States - Unrest Surrounding Former President Donald Trump Investigation One Call - AlertMedia Threat Warnings The following locations may be impacted by a high severity demonstrations & civil unrest threat: your address United States - Unrest Surrounding Former President Donald Trump Investigation From: Aug 12, 2022 07:49 PM GMT - Sep 28, 2022 09:00 PM GMT
  3. He was almost killed when a .50 bmg blew up on him and now he is obsessed with what happens when guns are over pressured. Not something I would do but you might say it’s his way of coping with the aftermath of his near death experience.
  4. Not only a bore obstruction but a seriously over charged round. He was checking what damage would be done to the shooter if a catastrophic situation happened.
  5. Mdj

    Buying guns?

    Just use your credit card to buy prepaid cards or store gift cards. Our local grocery stores all sell them. They should all show up as retail sales to the credit card company plus you may be able to get reward points for gas.
  6. Nothing like what happened in the original post but me (being lazy) was pulling some cut up (or so I thought) brush with my pickup using some cheap 3/8 inch rope tied to the front hooks. Well, the brush got caught on some non cut stuff and the rope snapped. Broke through the grill and damaged my ac coils over $400 in repairs. Lesson learned. Never again will I pull something without one or several winch blankets on it to dampen the action if the rope or cable snaps.
  7. One or two is an accident but this many in this short of a time span. They are planning something bigger than the “pandemic“
  8. Our education system at work.
  9. My parents celebrated 60 years this past May. My wife and I are approaching 23 years together.
  10. Got called for this week however got a medical excuse due to scheduled testing. Hopefully I will get called again.
  11. That’s the one we go to on Rt 60. The original in the Strip is too inconvenient with the limited parking and wife’s physical limitations.
  12. Best “almost famous “ sandwich around!
  13. There was a stadium food shown on the Pirates/Reds ball game last night. They called it the s’more‘s fry box. It contained chocolate sauce, cinnamon gram crackers, crushed M&Ms and marshmallows on top of french fries. I would draw the line at that. oh and anything that has mayonnaise or mustard in it.
  14. Mdj

    NC nutbag

    It got Afghanistan off the front page. There always appears to be a mass shooting or bomb threat when the left starts getting overwhelmed with bad “press” coverage.
  15. Mostly a G26 with 1 or 2 15 rd magazines. Out working in the yard/grass cutting it’s a taurus public defender 410/45colt . If I need deep cover then it’s a Ruger lcp.
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