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  1. People who are such fans of windmills and solar power should have their electricity shut off when the wind ain't blowing and the sun ain't shining. There's always some Gas Turbines out there operating at partial load to take up the slack when clouds go over, or the winds lapses.
  2. Closest I ever came to Lynyrd Skinner was the Rossington Collins Band in Virginia 1980.
  3. I don't trust nobody who posts links to a site called "BIG GEEK DADDY". I got enough stupid stuff on my interweb searches.
  4. Another vote for 3-In-1 oil. One of my earliest memories is oiling the hinges at my grandmother's house with a can of that. The smell always reminds me of that. Just a drop or two.
  5. Nope, I remember it all too well. We still suffer from it today with the "Patriot Act", the TSA treating us like idiots at the airports, and the US Customs at the border crossings now scrutinizing American citizens coming home, while allowing 1/2 of Latin America to stroll across unchecked.
  6. Ha-Ha. Chipmunks are cute and normally very polite. But they ain't too smart.
  7. If the GFI is tripping after your wires gets wet, it sounds like it's doing it's job. I'd try finding the place where the water is getting into your wires and leave the GFI alone.
  8. Ha-Ha....I ain't falling for that. No click on a "trust me" deal
  9. Hope things go smoothly and I'll try to to run amok while yer gone.
  10. I always adjust my clocks by 1 minute a day two months before the "official" day. That way I ease into it painlessly.
  11. Hope the dog recovers and has some good time above ground. 13 years old is getting up there for a pooch.
  12. Yeah, if you compare the two fuels in cubic feet. Remember that propane is heavier. In pounds mass the BTU content is pretty much the same. Also note that natural gas from different sources can have rather large differences in BTU content, thus for large users such as power plants, the gas is bough in decatherms (heating value) not cubic feet (volume) But if you change the two fuels to pounds mass, approximately 21,548 BTUs Each gallon of propane contains 91,502 BTUs of potential heat and each pound contains approximately 21,548 BTUs. Compared to natural gas Gas Gross Heating Value (Btu/ft3) (Btu/lb) Naphthalene 5859 17298 Natural Gas (typical) 950 - 1150 19500 - 22500 Octane saturated with water 6239 20542
  13. Yeah, the old power plants were sometimes beautiful places and pride was taken by the operations crew. If care is taken with the steam turbines (especially steam chemistry) those things can hum along for years between overhauls. Now they are jammed into the smallest possible footprint and aesthetics is not even considered to the inside of the building.
  14. The Solar units are pretty small, great for mechanical drive, like the compressors for a gas pipe line, but think the biggest unit they offer is about 38MWs. The frame units I worked on were up to 270MWs for the 9FAs....simple cycle mode. Lot of power but really thristy for fuel.
  15. I'd go hide in the "club house" us kids built behind the barn. No internet or cell phone coverage there, so I'd usually be home for supper and in time to watch "Gilligan's Island".
  16. Well, here's a screen shot of some data of a GE 7FA (if you've operated turbines you know what that is) FQG is the mass gas flow, and mass is measured in pounds. In power plants most flows are measured in mass to keep the engineering units constant. 25.58 lbm/s is pounds mass per second. What kind of turbines did you operate? In most applications, gas flow is measured in volume, cubic feet or cubic meters, but for the GTs it's mass
  17. Yeah, the gas is bought in "decatherms", sometimes measured in cubic feet., but everything entering and leaving the gas turbine is measured in mass flow. Just like the steam produced by the boiler behind it is measured in pounds per hour. Just because it's lighter than air don't mean it doesn't weigh anything. But think of the "20 pound" propane tank for your gas grill and how fast you'd be chucking those babies in to keep it running.
  18. Yup, and the average 700MW gas turbine combined cycle power plant with 2 gas turbines burns about 55 pounds a second of natural gas....it adds up real quick.
  19. Kamala hopes you get the VP gig. You'll make her look right wicked smart.
  20. Looks like Biden and the deep state that controls him are trying to make sure they can steal more elections. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-says-mar-a-lago-home-florida-siege-fbi-agents Trump says Mar-A-Lago home in Florida 'under siege' by FBI agents Trump likened the reported 'siege' to what occurs in 'third-world countries'
  21. I don't think he'll even finish his first term. We ain't even half way through it yet.
  22. i remember in the very early 80's WBLM a rock and roll station would have cuts from Darrell Martinie, "The Cosmic Muffin". He was an astrologer who talked about this stuff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darrell_Martinie Martinie was in a relationship with Edward Boesel from January 7, 1973 until Martinie's death.[4] When same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts, Martinie and Boesel married. They were the first same-sex couple to obtain a marriage license in Saugus.[3] I still don't sweat it too much.
  23. Best to send the diverse new comers to Martha's Vineyard or the Delaware beach town where Brandon lives.
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