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  1. When I worked at a gas station as a teen I carried a Zippo lighter just in case someone was trying to rob me. Hose 'em down and flick the Zippo. Problem solved. tom.
  2. That makes no sense with all of the different badges , pins and patches. One badge is Polish. tom.
  3. Don King is the boxing guy. Don't know if that was him. Plinkster's name is David Nash. tom.
  4. Gee, I only take out $300.00 at any given time unless I'm buying a car or something big. Eff 'em and feed 'em fish heads. tom.
  5. The top pic is 22 Plinkster. I don't know the guy with the cigar. tom.
  6. A CO2 powered knife as in Demolition Ranch's video of the same. tom.
  7. After my last trip to the dentist I received an e-mail from them. They wanted me to give them a write up on my visit. When I clicked on the link it said my name ,picture and contact information would be included in the write up. I clicked the delete button. tom.
  8. United calls my answering machine, they send me e-mails, etc. I gave up answering any correspondence. tom.
  9. I had to deal with my mother's dementia. It was a rough several years. At the end she went quickly with an aneurysm. I hope I go the same way. tom.
  10. Whoever is responsible for this needs to be drawn and quartered. tom.
  11. I loved that drumming when I was a kid. RIP,Sir. tom.
  12. Prayers sent for all in the storm's path. tom.
  13. I'll take the lever gun and the 1911. tom.
  14. It was all quiet here in the suburbs. tom.
  15. He killed Dragons. Stick with the program. tom.
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