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  1. Where did the guests come from? tom.
  2. Yes but much longer like 50~75 ft. tom.
  3. I have one that says Puny. After a similar situation it read punxutawney phill from pennsylvania. tom.
  4. We've got plenty of motorcycle cops around here. City, County and State cycles. However the City Meter Maids trikes are long gone. tom.
  5. Mrs. C, you keep being you. You are a favorite poster for myself and I'm sure many others here. tom.
  6. Happy Daughter's Day to all of the daughters on board. Enjoy your day,Ladies. tom.
  7. They have that bottom filler system in Whitehall Pa. A friend has those magnetic discs all over his refrigerator. tom.
  8. That's the one I prefer due to the large parking lot. Nice staff and patrons. tom.
  9. Thank you, thank you very much. tom.
  10. The original in the Strip District and the one in Kaufman's parking garage were the best, however the one on Rte. 60 near Thorn-burgh bridge is just as good and less crowded. It's the old Rosslyn Inn building. tom.
  11. For me I say no to Salmon pate ,sushi, anchovies and any raw fish or sea food. tom.
  12. I own many. One original Gerber and six or seven Leatherman tools. The Gerber, a Wave and two little keychain sized tools were gifts. One original PST I found on the street run over by cars. That one I had to tweek to make it work again. Several were bought at the gunshow used condition. I like the Leatherman tools best but don't like the owner's politics so I usually buy used . I did own a Victorinox X model but traded it away for something else. tom.
  13. Nice, is that in Beaver County? tom.
  14. I think he's giving her his phone number. That's what I'd be doing, or writing hers down. tom.
  15. I'm very familiar with this location. tom.
  16. ^^ This. I pray it works out Mrs. C. tom.
  17. Nice except I don't like open primaries. tom.
  18. I wouldn't give up two weeks pay. Unless as you say the new employer was willing to put me to work sooner. tom.
  19. Quit at Noon the last day then get home early to celebrate. tom.
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