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  1. I could see me sitting there eating cheese fondue and drinking a beer. tom.
  2. Four of my friends are tried and true Subaru fan boys. I can't afford to buy one new or used so I stay away from them. We have two used Jeeps that are good vehicles for our needs. I hope the OP has good experiences with his Subaru. tom.
  3. Yep, brown bagger here. A hard boiled egg, small can of V8, sandwich, pack of lances peanut butter crackers and a piece of fruit. Also a thermos of coffee. tom.
  4. That's sad to read. RIP, Sir. tom.
  5. A BSA 441 Victor would launch you as well. tom.
  6. I still have a set from the late 60's. Triumph TR3 and a few Triumph and BSA bikes. tom.
  7. Happy anniversary and good luck . I'll be praying for a good outcome. tom.
  8. That looks like a young Jimmy Stewart. tom.
  9. I always turn on my lights day or night. tom.
  10. He's heard that from birth. How else would he speak? tom.
  11. They are. Contact A.G.Russell. tom. https://agrussell.com/
  12. The Wild Bunch is one of my favorite movies of all times. I own it on VHS and have watched several times. As far as you being wrong, I feel you were right in your reply, Brother Bates. tom.
  13. Looks like a 1961 chevy. tom.
  14. I'd be left with the empty bottle within a week of the purchase. At the original price of course. tom.
  15. 48 years so far with my wife. We married at 19 years old. She picked me. tom.
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