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  1. I was offered the stem cell injections for my knee. 50/50 chance of helping. $3,500. per injection. Payment plan. I said no thanks. Cortisone worked for me. tom.
  2. The man with the golden gun and octopussy. What do I win? tom.
  3. Smith & Wesson on the slide. tom.
  4. 21degrees all day today. Low teens tonight thru tomorrow morning. Gonna be cold waiting in line getting into the gunshow tomorrow morning. tom.
  5. I must ad that Mrs. C and Zonny affirm the notion that women are strong ladies and I agree with that. I hope that makes sense. tom.
  6. Confirmed. tom. PITTSBURGH, PA — The loud boom heard on New Year's Day in the Pittsburgh area indeed was a meteor entering the atmosphere, according to the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page. "A nearby infrasound station registered the blast wave from the meteor as it broke apart; the data enabled an estimate of the energy at 30 tons of TNT," a post on the page stated. "If we make a reasonable assumption as to the meteor's speed (45,000 miles per hour), we can ballpark the object's size at about a yard in diameter, with a mass close to half a ton. Had it not been cloudy, the fireball would have been easily visible in the daylight sky - crude estimate indicates about 100 times the brightness of the full moon." Many people notified authorities, who could offer no explanation, about the large bang.
  7. We all heard the big bang but still don't know what it was. They were still investigating last we heard. tom.
  8. It's already out two days ago. tom.
  9. Happy New Year. tom.
  10. I'm saddened to hear this. I hoped she would have hit the 100 mark but 99 years is a good run. RIP Ma'am. Thank you for the entertainment my entire life. tom.
  11. Sears didn't sell Cushmans that I remember. Some of the Allstates were Simplex or some other brands. We owned several of them. tom. ETA see railfancwb's post above.
  12. I've always thought she was very pretty but she sure made some bad decisions. tom.
  13. We have six 4wd vehicles in our family and only one fwd car. That is my son's work car for maximum MPG since he drives a long distance to work and back. tom.
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