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  1. Is anybody out there? Hello hello, is there anybody in here? Just nod if you can hear me, Is there anyone at home?
  2. Started off the day drinking some beers. Then it rained. That made me thirsty and malarial, so I switched to gin and tonics! Feeling good!
  3. I agree! I buy it to keep for my friends that like to mix borbon drinks. It would hurt my heart to see finer bourbons mixed with a soda. That said, if you had to nail me down to only being able to purchase one bourbon for the rest of my life, it might be EW. As you say, it is a best buy!
  4. I've not seen that label! I should pick some up for the bottle!
  5. I just realized that I was staring at this meme for 5 minutes thinking about all the things I might do to her after three days of drinking rum....
  6. I've been sipping on some wine I made recently. Not bad. The stuff is deceptively smooth. The alcohol kinda sneaks up on you! I pkan to try making some blackberry and elderberry wine soon.
  7. It isn't that bad, KW is just grumpy about it. Like most Shiner products, it is good, just not great.
  8. I thought this was going to taste weird directly after drinking some sweet-ass homemade wine, but it actually seems to be a logical follower, and tastes great!
  9. Ok, getting us going. One of my new favorite summer beers: Cheers Amigos!!!
  10. Lets get some brews posted up in here! Woot!
  11. I think I got it out of my system. For now....
  12. Well **** me running with a crusty ****-nuggeted dildo like a ****-cocked reguritated bloody cum-bubble! This is some great ******* news!
  13. It has been awhile since I have been over here. Eric's big announcement on GT reminded me to check back in. Can we still say **** over here?
  14. And seriously, get a pic of barmaid. I bet you two rounds of drinks that if you walk back in there today, and tell her that you forgot to take her picture to show your forum buds how cute she is, she will let you. You know, if you didn't, in your cups last night, mention to her that she is pudgy...
  15. Well, you are half-a-fag any damn way. hell, I dont know, she might be playing for the other team any ways. Just saying Ida hit it back in the day...,
  16. Iwanted to bang when I was younger. Woulda wrecked it back then....
  17. Well, ain't that some ******* ****!
  18. After reading that article, I am not so sure. Lot of missing pieces there.
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