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  1. It is the worse when I disagree with myself!
  2. If someone pulled a firearm on me, I will view that as a serious threat and treat it accordingly. Lack of preparedness is not considered a justifiable use of one’s firearm. We are, once again, in hurricane season. People that carry a firearm, in case things go badly and one is needed, should also be prepared for other catastrophes they may face. Many in Florida should have already purchased most of their supplies, I know water tastes a bit funny when stored for long periods of time; however, you can buy it now and it will be good for a few months. While bread cannot be stored for long periods of time, crackers other items will serve a similar purpose if you are not able to get bread the week before. We should already have batteries and can goods. During hurricane season, fill up the tank in your vehicle before it is half empty. After a week with no power, I understand having to go out for gas; some of us don’t have a safe way to store more. Storage of gas for extended periods is not high in my list; however, when there is a sign a storm “might” come our way, that is the time to fill up enough containers for about a week. If we are lucky and miss it, I use what is stored for our vehicles and refill them again when needed. There is no reason to not prepare for something we know will likely happen, ahead of time. I have lived in South Florida for over 40 years, in that time; we have never been without power for more than 4 weeks. Who cannot prepare enough for that period of time without considering drawing one’s weapon?
  3. What is wrong with talking to yourself? Those have been amongst my best conversations!
  4. I concur. Neither schools nor parents are doing much where discipline is concerned; then again, if they were to try they could be faced with potential issues for doing the right thing as well. It’s a vicious circle, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. A lot of kids have neither respect nor fear of authority figures; they have learned the adult will be the one punished if they so much direct a mean word in their direction in the form of discipline. For the most part the “bullying” thing is ridiculous! Unless it involves physical bullying, which should definitely not be condoned and stopped; the rest is something that kids should be allowed to solve amongst themselves, it is how they gain mental and emotionally maturity. Nearly everyone has been the recipient of mean words at one time or another, or been bullied (verbally) by someone. It is how the world is, efforts are best directed at teaching children to deal with it, rather than to prevent all instances of it occurring, which is not humanly possible. Now days everything is considered bullying. There will always be mean kids and mean adults, what happened to “stick and stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me”? I am aware some kids are more sensitive than others, but come on; most of what is called bullying today really isn’t, at least not in my definition. Perhaps I wasn’t a good parent when our kids would come home with “so and so said……”. The response was nearly always the same and along the lines of “suck it up, they’re just words. IGNORE them! They are trying to get a rise out of you, if they do, THEY win! Do you want them to win?” What happens when these kids grow up? They can’t handle controversy and are incapable of just ignoring idiots trying to get a rise out of them. We are teaching children to hang on to every single word others say about them and to be emotionally affected. Why are we teaching them to care in lieu of doing exactly the opposite? Nonetheless, parents are ultimately responsible for what their kids do/don’t do, legally and financially (my opinion). The school is responsible for teaching math, English and various other textbook subjects. Parents are responsible for teaching children manners, a sense of responsibility for their actions and for being, overall, a decent human being. Sometimes, in spite all efforts, parents may fail. Sometimes parents don’t even try at all. Either way, parents need to understand a child that can’t learn right from wrong is likely to suffer a lifetime of hardship. Should parents be punished financially or with imprisonment if a child harms others in society? I don’t know, I guess it depends. How do you hold a parent responsible for a child that is a sociopath? Some people, including children, are just sick.
  5. It is my go-to site for nearly all gun related questions. Since they also show the statutes, it makes it easier to continue the research from there.
  6. Hurricane preparations and trying to find a way to tell my grandson he is not likely to be able to go see his friends' graduate as marines.
  7. I’ve been out for a bit and might take some time for me to be fully back again. I don’t know why I can’t see responses on threads I participated in earlier, no doubt due the changes. Is there a way I can be allowed to go anywhere I please when I have time to play on the computer? I promise to behave!
  8. Burglars don't normally undress during a burglary. Why was he naked?
  9. Play Misty for me. lol If I had a dollar for each time................
  10. I have enough problems remembering who other people are, if I changed, I might forget who I am.
  11. I was just taking a stroll, minding my own business, before I knew it…. I found myself here! Ohhhhhhh some of you have new outfits. I even mix-up my own kids; you all don’t have a prayer.:headscratch:
  12. There goes the neighborhood! :wavie:
  13. Misty02


    So how hard and how often do I have to press “Like†for it to register? I’ve pressed a few and it has totally ignored my effort. HA!!! It worked now, probably just because I bothered to type my complaint out. The nerve!
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