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  1. I don't think it's true but time sure goes by fast when the guy that played the teen-aged kid in Back to the future is in his sixties already and in poor health an is expected to die soon.
  2. AS TOLD BY A BRITISH ROYAL GUARDSMAN I was on Guard of Honour, waiting for the King of Saudi Arabia, on horseback. On the right flank, Scots Guard (100 guardsmen) a gap, HM The Queen, mounted in uniform, alongside her, the commanding Officer, Colonel Gerald, Then there was another gap, then on the left flank, the Queen’s Company Grenadier Guards (100 guardsmen). We were at ease, waiting. Suddenly the silence was broken when Colonel Gerald’s charger erupted with horse farts... at full volume for two minutes. Embarrassed and staring straight ahead Colonel Gerald said, “I'm so Sorry, your Majesty!” The Queen replied, in her sweet voice, “It's perfectly alright, Gerald, I thought it was your horse!”
  3. This situation begs the question, Why didn't Paul Pelosi have a Gun? There's something to be said with carrying a gun ON you at all times. That's why I like to carry the smallest most powerful gun possible. When I use to carry a 9 ounce (Loaded) 8 shot 32 Keltec, and as long as I remembered to put my pants on in the morning I was armed all day long and at night I had 1911 with an 8 shot Wilson mag and one in the chamber. Later I switched to a 5 shot 13 ounce J-frame air-weight shrouded hammer Humpback that had less ammo capacity but a lot more power with the Underwood 150 grain Wadcutters which chronograph at an honest 850 fps out of my gun but they're not Plus+P so I didn't have to put big bulky rubber grips on the gun to be able to control the gun and tolerate the recoil. Instead I used the skinny service grips and a Tyler T-grip adapter and that set-up is perfect for pocket carry. But pocket carry might not have helped Paul Pelosi because the facts of the story are dubious and for all we know he may not have been wearing any pants at the time of the alleged home invasion.
  4. Cold steel makes good stuff and their carbon steel is especially good. But I've never had a problem with even the largest Opinel "Printing" and looking like a clothespin in my pocket, But as I've mentioned before, the beauty of the Opinel is it's light weight. you can carry a pretty big knife but it doesn't weigh much for it's size and it won't wear a hole in your pocket. The other advantage to the Opinel is the price. I had a Cold Steel Tanto folding knife once and it cost about $100 bucks and it almost made me cry when I lost it. The range boss is only about 45 dollars but a number ten Opinel with a 4 inch blade (5 inches closed) is only about 25 dollars with $3.95 shipping. My Grandfather gave me my first pocketknife when I was 7 years old and I've been carrying one ever since. And in teh 50's and 60's every young man carried a "Jackknife" and you wouldn't ge tkicked out of school for carrying one. I've owned many hundreds of pocket knives and fixed blade knives. I carried a Case Sodbuster Jr for a while and the blade was an excellent steel and took a good sharp edge. I carried buck knife for a while and had a couple of fixed blade Bucks and while Buck knives may be famous for holding an edge, the steel is too hard to take a good edge or at leasst it was back then in the 70's. I'd rather have a softer steel that needs too be sharpened more often than one that's hared to get sharp. Victornox, who makes the Swiss army knives has a very good steel but I've never liked the multi function knives that much. Two blades is enough for me.
  5. The drawing doesn't show this, but the locking ring isw best gripped right at the slot. Otherwise the polished stainless ring is too slippery to get a grip on.
  6. The stainless blades are good too. It's the same 12c27 Sandvik Swedish steel used in the Rapala filet knives
  7. Opinal Knives have been my daily carry knives for the past 20 years. Before that I carried a Spyderco Endura as a combination utility knife/self defense knife but once I reached a certain age and no longer thought I was king of the jungle in terms of hand-to-hand combat, I decided to carry a gun for defensive purposes and only carrya knife for utility purposes. I had seen an Opinel knife many years ago when a friend's grandfather had died and an Opinel knife was among his possessions. It made sense to me because of it's simple lightweight beech-wood handle and stamped steel locking ring you could carry a fairly large knife that would be very lightweight and easy to carry in the pocket. They also have relatively thin blades and though it's not a strong as a heavier knife, I learned that the blades are easy to sharpen and because of their thinness are capable of taking a razor edge. So for years I carried a number 10 Opinel which has a 4 inch blade and is about 5 inches when folded and easy to carry in the pocket of a pair of jeans. But for formal wear I like to have a knife that is a little more "Dressy" than an Opinel and Opinel actually has the perfect "Gentleman's Knife" and that is the number 8 "Slimline" which is meant to be a folding fillet knife and comes with an optional exotic wood handle and high polished stainless blade. The plain beech wood handle and brushed stainless blade is about 22 dollars and the deluxe model with olive wood handle is about $35.00. thery even have super deluxe ebony that is over $100.00 My biggest problem with knives is I'm always losing them. back when I carried Spyderco Enduras they were only $35.00 and that's one of the reasons I carried them so much. So a couple of year ago when I lost both my number 8 Gentleman's knife AND my number 10 EDC knife I decided to go with a combination Gentleman's knife/ utility knife and get a number Ten deluxe fillet knife (with a 4 inch blade, 5 inches folded) with the olive-wood handle and the high polished stainless blade. But now I've lost THAT knife! And it may turn up again but now I'm without an EDC knife although I've been carrying a butterfly knife that I have. so this time I've ordered a number 9 regular non slim, Non deluxe pocketknife which has a 3.5 inch blade and is a little smaller an lighter than the number ten. And here's another thing about Opinel knives that I REALLY like. You van order directly from Opinel and choose from their entire selection of knives. I've done this before and shipping is fast and only $3.95 and they ship USPS which is usually pretty good in my part of the country and you can get shipping updates. Sometimes I order things from amazon so I compared the cost of ordering the same knife from Amazon and Opinel and here's what I got: Cost of ordering from Opinel: $19.00 + 3.95 Shipping Cost of ordering from Amazon: $18.80 + $8.95 Shipping and the best part: Oct 30 order placed. Nov 1 order shipped. Nov 4 order received. And as some of you may know Amazon has been very bad this year about orders arriving late. There have been many shipping and transportation problems during the Biden economy.
  8. I stand corrected. I've heard of Highland cattle but have never seen any. Are they as scary as they look? Or just the bulls?
  9. I don't follow twitter, but I listen to Jesse Kelly talking about this on his radio show and he is excellent. Keep in mind how many "Close" elections over the past 20 years we've had where the Republican was leading but then the democrat demanded multiple recounts until they "Found" enough votes to put the Democrat over the top.
  10. It gets curious-er and curious-er by the day. At first I felt sorry for the guy for two reasons: One, getting hit on the head with a hammer, and two, having seen Nancy Pelosi naked, and other things I don't even want to imagine being married to that hag. But now I'm thinking maybe the guy should have hit him harder.
  11. Yakety Yak, don't talk back! Is yak good to eat? It has a delicious and delicate beef flavor which is never gamey or greasy and is even lower in fat than salmon. Testing has proven that nine out of ten persons will prefer yak meat over beef, bison or elk.
  12. 67 Grand Prix! I like the black one the best. factory alloy wheels, no fender skirts, 428 engine. I had a 67 Bonneville safari station wagon with a 428 and it had a lot of miles on it but could still haul ass when that big quadrajet opened up all the way. When I was in High school one of my friend;s parents had a 66 Pontiac Safari station wagon with a 421 and tri-power and it was brand new and was a lot faster.
  13. Those bras made the headlights more aerodynamic. The late 50's were the space age and the space age look carried on in the 60's
  14. It's ****ed up pretty bad no matter what you want to call it, but technically, it's a Gen 1 Corvette (54-62) and stingrays (63-67) were Gen 2 or more properly C2. When the C3's came out in 1968, the prototypes were called "Manta Rays" but they decided not to use that name and in 68 it was just a Corvette, and not a stingray, but in 69 they picked up the stingray name again and it continued until 1984 when the C4's came out and they dropped the stingray name. Back in the day, the Ford guys called them "Stinkrays" and us corvette guys called Mustangs "Must stink's" Corvettes were also known as "Plastic Pigs" The C4's were the second longest running generation of Corvettes and lasted from 1984 to 1996. In my opinion they were among the nicest looking although I did like the C2 Stingrays but not the C3's especially when they remove the rear spoiler and added the big bumpers. I've been a Corvette nut ever since I was 11 years old back in 1959. Of the early Corvettes I like the 57 with the single headlights the best.
  15. It's not even a stingray. Stingrays didn't come out until 63 but the the 61's and 62's had a back end that was kind of like a stingray but were not called stingrays. Looking at the grille the car in the picture is either a 61 or 62 Corvette because the 60 had the grille with the "teeth" and round rear fenders.
  16. Absolutely! she's running against Mark Kelly the husband of Gabby Gifford who is the new Sarah Brady. He's not only Joined at the hip with Biden on every other issue, but he's for gun confiscation!. (Edit) Correction: that's the senate race and Blake masters is running against Kelly for the senate, Kari lake is running for Governor against Katie Hobbs who calls Kari lake a conspiracy theorist and an election denier and has refused to debate her.
  17. Next Tuesday Nov 8 is election day. next Wednesday Nov 9 is my birthday. When I wake up Wednesday morning on my birthday the election results will be in. and for my birthday I want Lee Zeldin to win in New York, Oz to win in Pennsylvania, Hershel walker to win in Georgia, Tudor Dixon to defeat Gretchen Whitmer (rhymes with Hitler) Tiffany smiley to defeat Patty Murray in Washington, and Kelly Tshibaka to defeat Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.
  18. I especially like the dog dish hubcaps, beauty rings and blackwall tires and that it's basically stock except that it looks like it's been lowered which would be OK if the height were adjustable in both front and back. I like '40 fords but I like the looks of the grill on the 39's better.
  19. Unlike the Pennsylvania race for the Senate, which should NOT even be close, the New York race for governor should not be this close either, but for completely different reasons. People in New York have a long history of electing the worst people in politics as long as they had a D after their name or if they were a Leftist and had an R after their name Like Nelson Rockefeller who gave rise to the term, "Rockefeller Republican", which are today known as "Romney Republicans, or more commonly, RINOS. Here is a great article explaining how an actual republican might possibly win the governors race unless voter fraud allows the Dem to squeak by or win by way of a crooked recount, which is a possibility in any tight race. Kathy Hochul learns from Terry McAuliffe how to lose a blue state By Hugo Gurdon, Editor-in-Chief Washington Examiner November 01, 2022 Recent Virginia history repeating itself in New York ? Will a Republican candidate for governor win an upset victory because the favored Democrat reveals a breathtaking nonchalance toward the issue voters care about most? Gov. Kathy Hochul may have just gifted deep blue New York to her challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin by displaying glaring indifference about the state’s soaring crime rate. If she has, it will replicate former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s monumental gaffe in 2021, when he accidentally told the truth and revealed that he neither understood nor cared about parents’ deep anxiety over Virginia schools indoctrinating children with extreme left-wing propaganda on race and gender. In a prime-time debate against then-businessman, now-Gov. Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” This crystalline statement of Democratic insouciance toward ordinary people’s interests detonated like a grenade. Youngkin could hardly have believed his ears or his luck. His campaign rolled the tape again and again in TV commercials, dooming the hapless blue candidate in a blue state. Now, Hochul has done something very similar in New York. The big issue in this case is a ubiquitous sense of threat felt by peaceful and law-abiding citizens because crime is surging. The concern is spread statewide but most acute in left-liberal New York City, where robbery has increased by 38% in the past year, grand larceny by 35%, and burglary by 31%. Numbers like those will depress turnout for Democrats where they most need enthusiasm. But the numbers give only a general impression of massive deterioration and don’t reflect either the horror or the causes. A Wall Street Journal article cites an example that fills in this blank: A man called Adam Benfield allegedly shot his wife dead in Buffalo last month while their children watched, and he did so a day after he’d been released on domestic abuse charges because state law prevented the judge from setting bail. All over the country, cities and states run by Democrats are allowing criminals to roam free and unpunished, and crime rates are spiking as a result. In a recent gubernatorial debate, Zeldin talked of a crime emergency in New York and said the state’s voters are “not being represented by this governor [Hochul] who still, to this moment … hasn’t talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes."Hochul’s revealing and perhaps fateful reply was, “I don’t know why that is so important to you.” The catastrophe of this answer for Democratic hopes comes in several parts. First, it identifies the Republican as the candidate who wants to hold criminals accountable for wrongdoing and punish them with jail time. Zeldin’s campaign could not have made the point more favorably. Second, Hochul’s phrasing, though common, was clumsy. She intended to express contempt for the person who disagreed with her, but what she actually said was that it was she, not he, who didn’t understand. We’ve all been in arguments where our antagonist thinks he or she looks smart saying, “I don’t understand why ...” But it’s odd to believe this reflects badly on anyone but the person saying it. Are New Yorkers supposed to admire Hochul for her bewilderment? Third, and perhaps most importantly, Hochul admitted not only that she does not understand and Zeldin does. But by failing to understand after being in office for more than a year during which crime was on the front page every day, she implicitly also admitted that she has not been listening to voters. They have been voicing rage and dismay, and she is supposed to represent them, but she hasn’t noticed or bothered to learn why they feel the way they do. It can be no surprise, therefore, that Zeldin has pulled ahead of Hochul 48.4% to 47.6% in the latest Trafalgar Group poll . The governor is still ahead by 4.5 points in the RealClearPolitics average , but the average is a trailing indicator, and the trend is fast against her. Zeldin has a chance to become the first Republican in two decades to win statewide in New York. It is the theme of the midterm homestretch — Republicans making inroads in what were previously regarded as Democratic strongholds safe behind a blue wall. But the GOP is shifting campaign dollars to seats President Joe Biden won easily only two years ago. If the Republicans take the New York governor’s mansion, at least McAuliffe can take consolation in the thought that he isn’t alone in his Olympian blundering. Here's a picture of incumbent governor Kathy Hochul. Why is it that Democrat women are so damned ugly? I think that after a while their outer appearance reflects the inner self.
  20. "Does this mean that consuming ice cream causes shark attacks?" Yes, according to Liberal Logic, which also dictates that guns are the cause of crime in the same way that flies are the cause of garbage.
  21. Those early 50's Buick's were great looking cars, especially the fastbacks and that overhead valve straight 8 had plenty of power for that time.
  22. This applies to a lot of information we get from the state controlled news media:
  23. I've been saying change it by a HALF hour for years but it's one of those things that makes too much common sense for most people who don't HAVE any common sense to see the obvious practicality of it. I'm in the Pro-permanent Daylight savings time camp because I'm just not a "Morning Person" and if it's dark later in the morning it's not a problem because that's when the day is just beginning and it's not the most productive time of the day anyway. But just changing it by a half hour is the perfect compromise and not many truly perfect compromises actually exist.
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