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  1. It must be good food if the bugs like it so much.
  2. Everyone figures the first hot rods were stripped-down Ford Flathead V-8s. but before that were the model A "Speedsters" with stripped-down and sometimes narrowed bodies and front radiators and sometimes with a boat-tail on the back And they hopped up the model A engine to get a lot more horsepower out of it than stock. And recently the popularity of these cars ans grown and in the other Old Fords thread, there's someone who's in the process of building one and I posted this picture there of a Model A "Speedster" with a hopped up model A 4 banger. The original engine was 40 horsepower similar to a VW bug. Once speed equipment became available, like overhead valve conversions, they were getting 100-150 Hp out of the little 201 cubic inch (3.3 liters) engines. I think these things are really cool. They're more unique looking than the different 32 ford and t-bucket roadsters and while you can get more horsepower out of a Flathead V8, I think it probably costs less money to get a similar horsepower gain out of the Speedsters and power-to weight ratio is very good with the Speedsters, and with less power you don't need a heavy duty drive train or big tires and rims to get the power to the ground.
  3. I stand corrected. I forgot they made a six and thought most cars had the straight 8. But here's some history from an article in Hemmings: "In 1933, Pontiac dropped the six entirely and focused on its new budget-priced straight-eight in 1933 and 1934. But amid pressure from brands both inside and outside General Motors, Pontiac revived the straight-six for 1935 and beyond. Rather than a revival of the old split-head engine, this was new, spun off the 1933 straight-eight, which was nearly square in terms of bore and stroke measurements. The 1935 Pontiac six, however, had a stroke of 3.88 inches, versus the eight's 3.50 inches. Rated horsepower was 80. The six utilized a one-piece cylinder head and four main bearings. The reinstituted six was an immediate hit and consistently matched, or outsold, the Pontiac Eight right through the war years. Then came 1949. The 1949 Pontiac was a glorious-looking car, the presentment of Pontiac's first post-war sheetmetal, the A body it shared with Chevrolet and the smaller line of Oldsmobiles. By this time, the Pontiac six had undergone displacement boosts to 222.7 cubic inches (1937) and 239.2 cubic inches, the second of which would hold until the straight-six was dropped after 1953. In 1949, when coupled to a three-speed manual transmission, it produced 93hp at 3,400 RPM, and 178-lbs.ft. of torque at 1,200 RPM. The compression ratio was 6.5:1. By 1949, the straight-eights had gained a clear sales advantage over the sixes. Pontiac built 235,165 cars with eights, but just 40,139 copies of the Chieftain Six, "
  4. Ilike teh speedsters, don't like the rat rods so much. A Speedster on a 28/29 chassis will have agood power to weight ratio with the engine you're building. Truly a great project!
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-63569908
  6. That's a little different from a Flathead V8. For the V8's they have the Ardun overhead valve conversions but those are pretty complicated. Seems like you can modify the 4 cylinder for less money. What kind of car are you putting it in?
  7. Flatheads respond very well to supercharging. Forced induction helps overcome the limitations of the restrictive intake and exhaust ports. My brother found an unused flathead Chrysler marine industrial engine in a crate for sale online and put it in his 49 Dodge. He bought an after market intake manifold for it and put on dual carbs and figured out how to synchronize them and it ran really nice. it had teh perfect power to weight ratio for that car. Nothing really extra, just right. He was thinking about getting a turbocharger from a junkyard and plumbing it up to give it more power, but he never did. He likes flatheads and has a 1936 Harley Flathead 74. There are supercharger kits available for ford flatheads but theyaren't cheap.There's an old saying in the world of hot rodding. "How fast you want to go depends on how much money you want to spend" Prices for the roadrunner kits run from 3 to $4000. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/joe-abbin-flathead-supercharger-kits-being-reproduced.1208788/ http://www.roadrunnerengineering.com/
  8. The Pontiac did have a flathead, but it was a straight 8, not a six.
  9. "It takes a master to get the power out of a small block Ford.. " No it doesn't Here's a video where they get 400 horsepower out of a 302 without trick heads and just normal modifications with over the counter parts. They consider it a "Budget Build" and they also show a previous project where they took a 400 small block and used a stroker crank to increase the displacement to 427. You can do this with a Chevy, too, but Chevy's 400 has Siamesed cylinders which can cause problems and you can't overbore beyond .030.
  10. But then again I see a quite a number of old Hotrods with big block Chevys and LT1 Chevy engines that cost many thousands of dollars and parts for those engines are a lot more than anything for a small block so it's not always a matter of cost,but thankfully we still have a solid middle class in this country that can afford to do spend that kind of money. And while parts are definitely more expensive for Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Mopar compared to SBC, prices and availability for small block Fords are not a whole lot more. And if you're into building cars just as a hobby you can expect to spend a lot of money. It's actually better, if you want a hot rod, to shop around and find one that you like that someone else has built, and then have them sell it to you for a lot less money than they put into it, Because a lot of the money you put into building your dream car, you will never get back no matter how much you saved by using the cheapest engine available.
  11. Yep. "Police attempted to wake him up and speak with him but he was unable to verbally respond, according to the report."
  12. That's because a Chevy 350 engine with a Chevy 350 transmission is like like a ready-made module that is installed in older cars and there is a lot of aftermarket support for such installations. Every time I see a nice old ford with a 350/350 chevy installed I have two thoughts: One, That is just WRONG. And two, I'm really bored with this car. Why not put a nice ord Small block in that car? (Available in displacements of up to 427 cubic inches) or a big block 460 if you really want power? And some of those small block Cobra engine had 4 weber carbs with 8 velocity stacks and looked really cool Otherwise even non-chevy hot rods with anything but chevy engines are a lot more interesting with something like a Nailhead Buick or a 392 Hemi in them and were common in real 50's hot rods. And old Pontiacs and 1930's Oldsmobile's need to have the appropriate engines in them. back in the 50's, Olds 303's and Nailhead Buicks were popular replacements for Flathead Ford engines. and later versions of the Oldsmobile and the Buick engines were availble in larger cubic displacements.
  13. His arrest comes on the heels of the arrest and indefinite suspension of Doug Ramsey, former CEO of the company Beyond Meat, a company that makes soy based meat substitute, after his September arrest for drunkenly biting a man’s nose after a college football game in Fayetteville, Ark. Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson arrested for entering stranger’s house, passing out in her bed By Lisa Fickenscher November 7, 2022 The New York Post Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson was arrested Sunday for public intoxication and trespassing after he let himself into a stranger’s house and passed out in her bed. An arrest report says the 32-year-old scion of the Tyson meatpacking empire was found asleep at 2 a.m. Sunday in the bed of a college-aged woman who arrived home late to discover that her front door was apparently unlocked, according to local television station, KNAW Fox 24. Police attempted to wake him up and speak with him but he was unable to verbally respond, according to the report. The officers identified him with an I.D. they found in his clothes, which were strewn on the floor. After they determined that Tyson had not been invited to stay at the home by the residents — who said they didn’t know him — he was placed under arrest on charges of criminal trespass and public intoxication, according to local media reports. Tyson was booked early Sunday and released later that evening, according to the Washington County, Arkansas, Sheriff’s Department. Tyson is a fourth-generation member of the Tyson family. He joined the executive team in 2019 and was appointed chief financial officer in September.He is also a member of Tyson Foods’ enterprise leadership team, reporting directly to president and CEO Donnie King, according to the company’s website. A representative for the company told CNBC it was aware of the incident but would not comment on it, referring to it as a “personal matter.” The company did not immediately respond to requests for comment. John Tyson has an undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford University, according to his company bio. He previously worked in investment banking for J.P. Morgan and as a private equity and venture capital investor. He was being groomed for the roles of CEO and Chairman — positions his father and grandfather held at the company — according to a Wall Street Journal report when he was promoted to CFO. The Tyson family’s interests maintain an approximate 71% voting stake IN the company, according to its latest annual filing. His arrest comes on the heels of Beyond Meat firing its chief operating officer after his September arrest for drunkenly biting a man’s nose after a college football game in Fayetteville, Ark.
  14. Actually those who depend on handouts to live are worse off because people who give them money have less money to give and are either not giving at all or are giving the same amount that they gave last year or the year before and are not adjusting for the Biden inflation..
  15. Update! Quote: "My biggest problem with knives is I'm always losing them. back when I carried Spyderco Enduras they were only $35.00 and that's one of the reasons I carried them so much. So a couple of year ago when I lost both my number 8 Gentleman's knife AND my number 10 EDC knife I decided to go with a combination Gentleman's knife/ utility knife and get a number Ten deluxe fillet knife (with a 4 inch blade, 5 inches folded) with the olive-wood handle and the high polished stainless blade. But now I've lost THAT knife! And it may turn up again but now I'm without an EDC knife although I've been carrying a butterfly knife that I have. so this time I've ordered a number 9 regular non slim, Non deluxe pocketknife which has a 3.5 inch blade and is a little smaller an lighter than the number ten." I love my new new knife but it's Sunday night and I just took my clothes out of the washer and went to put them in the dryer and there was my lost knife! Going through the washing machine swelled the wood a littl bit but a generous application of M-Pro-7 followd by a hosing of WD-40 to displace water and ensure penetration into thewood seems to be working. Now I have an every day carry knife and a 'dress" knife!
  16. Quote: I've always read and heard good things about Opinel knives. The round handle just seems like carrying a roll of nickels around though. It may be more ergonomic than I think, but I have a FS Trapper that I don't use because of the same feeling. No matter when or where in my life, or what I had access to or was even carrying for a purpose, there has always been a Stockman in my pocket. Had to upsize not too long ago from the small to the medium, and just that has made for some adjustments on my part. Much bigger in the pocket. Seems like you have it taken care of it though. Enjoy the new knife. I've had a few stockman knives and other 2 and 3 bladed knives and I liked the Case brand best because the steel takes the best edge As far as the Opinel feeling like a roll of nickles, when I carried the the larger number ten knife, I removed the locking ring and sanded the sides flat on a table mounted belt sander.
  17. I like it except for the slicks in the front seem wrong somehow since it's not 4 wheel drive (or is it?) but they kind of look cool.
  18. A good freind of mine who I've known since high school and was in business with in the mid 1970's, is the same age as I am (75 next wednesday) and he has parkinson's and I've watched him deteriorate in the past few years. I have health problems of my-own and they're nothing compared to his.
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