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  1. I've never seen another cucaracha since I moved from California to Eastern Washington state 20years ago.
  2. In California, bee's can be fishes, fishes can be birds, boys can be girls, girls can be boys, foreign nationals can be citizens, and along with dead people and felons they can vote for the people who make the laws that say all this is so. It's never-neverland and What-the-fk-everland all rolled into one.
  3. If I mess it up. I can clean it up. But usually I wait until the passenger side floorboard gets filled up to the level of the seat and then I get out a large trash bag and clean out the floor and the seat and maybe do a little detailing,
  4. I like that it looks stock and I especially like the plain black rims and dog dish hubcaps.
  5. Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Allow Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money By: Joy Pullmann The Federalist May 25, 2022 Joe Biden and Democrats weren’t kidding about their pledge to transform public institutions into gender dysphoria contagion zones. K-12 schools must allow boys into girls’ private areas to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks, the Biden administration announced this month. A U.S. Department of Education spokesman told The Federalist the Biden administration’s press releases from several agencies announcing this policy will be followed by formal rulemaking in June. (Rulemaking? Does that involve our elected representatives? Is it even constitutional? How can this happen anywhere but in a dictatorship?) “It seems to be playing politics with feeding poor kids, which is really unfortunate,” John Elcesser, executive director of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association, said via phone amid weeks of attempting to sort out these new demands with government officials on behalf of private schools in his state. “Because if a school feels like they cannot participate because it’s in conflict with their mission or values, if a religious exemption is not granted, you’re taking away a program that’s feeding low-income kids.” Before many schools shut down in response to Covid-19, the National School Lunch Program fed nearly 30 million kids every school day, in approximately 100,000 public and private schools and residential care facilities. Under this new demand, establishments that accept any federal food funding, including food stamps, must also allow males who claim to be female to access female private spaces, such as showers, bathrooms, and sleeping areas. Such organizations must also follow protocols such as requiring staff to use inaccurate pronouns to describe transgender people and allowing male staff to dress as women while on the job. Religious institutions, however, qualify for a waiver exempting them from these requirements, said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Greg Baylor in an interview Monday. According to the 1972 Title IX law, he said, religious institutions don’t have to file any paperwork to be exempt, although they can if they wish. Baylor noted, however, that publicly affirming a commitment to sexual reality by seeking an exemption acknowledgment from federal agencies may assist extremist pressure campaigns. The activist group Human Rights Campaign’s blueprint for the Biden administration pushed for narrowing religious exemptions for multiple federal regulations and for the administration to “out” individuals and institutions who request such exemptions. The Biden administration appears to be following that blueprint closely. According to Elcesser, USDA officials are telling schools to file paperwork to be exempt, although the Title IX law says that’s an option but not required. The USDA confirmed that to The Federalist Tuesday with this emailed statement: “Organizations may request a religious exemption by submitting a written declaration to the Secretary of Agriculture identifying the provisions that conflict with a specific tenet of the religious organization.” Government schools can receive no exemption. At best, parents and taxpayers can urge school districts to not comply while inevitable lawsuits over the Biden administration’s interpretation work through courts for years. “The Biden administration is grossly extending the Bostock holding where it does not belong. Like many of the Biden administration’s power grabs, this imposition transgresses areas of proper state and local authority. As the principal guardians of federalism, state attorneys general have the ability to combat such overreach where it injures state functions,” Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, a Republican, told The Federalist in a statement. Even if this regulation is ultimately overturned by one means or another, millions of American children will be forced to eat their school lunches with a side of sexual politics. “There is a lot of harm that comes from inflicting this interpretation of Title IX on public schools and private schools that are not eligible for the exemption,” Baylor said. In Loudoun County, Virginia, in 2021, a young woman was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom by a young man granted access by the district’s transgender policies. Parents have told The Federalist that their daughters no longer use the bathrooms or locker rooms at their public schools because they don’t feel safe there. Many parents are finding after the fact that school districts are helping their children live as the opposite sex and hide that from their families. “Some percentage of school districts want to be told by the federal government that they have to implement gender ideology,” Baylor observed. “If anyone complains, they can say, ‘We’re just doing what they told us. Go blame Joe Biden, not me.'” As Biden promised to do while campaigning, his administration is pushing sexual confusion on as many institutions as it can. This aim has gotten a huge boost from the 2020 Supreme Court decision Bostock v. Clayton County, an unconstitutional ruling that gives this extremist sexual agenda a legal fig leaf. That 5-4 decision clinched by President Donald Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch, however, concerned sex differences not in education but employment. While the majority opinion said Bostock only applied to Title VII, or employment law, it provided the rationale and excuse to extend this reasoning elsewhere. And the Biden administration’s press releases are ignoring the ruling’s claimed limits to apply it to other areas of federal code, particularly education’s Title IX, as many predicted. Not only is the Biden administration’s use of federal food subsidies to impose sexual politics legally suspect in substance, it’s also legally suspect procedurally, Baylor said. That’s because press releases are not legally enforceable. Only federal regulations that have followed proper legal procedures are. That hasn’t happened yet with this Biden administration demand, although the USED spokesman said the proposed regulation will be issued in June. Yet even after the regulation is issued, federal agencies are required to accept public comments for several months, then they must spend several more months reviewing all comments and responding, then writing and issuing a final regulation, which then can — and will be, Baylor said — challenged in court. When they do things some other way, just by some regulatory guidance or a press release or a memo, that in itself can be a violation of the Administrative Procedure Act and that’s precisely what we’ve argued in some of the cases we’ve filed on this issue,” Baylor said. “…We think they’re making shortcuts and we’ve challenged that in court.” So it appears with this demand, just like with the Biden administration’s so-called vaccine mandate, the administration is slow-walking the legal procedures required. That delays inevitable lawsuits, which themselves take years to work out. This process effectively imposes unpopular, extremist gender policies extra-legally, through fiat and intimidation. Meanwhile, many elected officials can and do sit on their hands and claim it’s the courts’ job to solve what they can end immediately through legislative action. Given that Biden holds the presidency for more than two more years, all this means that American children who don’t attend Christian schools will be subject to social chaos at school for a long time, atop lockdowns that have already deeply damaged their learning trajectories. Remedies include withdrawing children from public schools, school boards refusing to follow regulations that are not legally binding until all court challenges are resolved, schools refusing to accept federal funding that comes at such a high cost, and state legislatures and Congress passing new laws to limit and undo the disastrous Bostock decision. “The uncertainty is really unfortunate, and what we need are courageous parents who share their views with school administrators and school boards. We need courageous school administrators and school boards to do the right thing and push back on this interpretation of Title IX, because there are real harms to kids as a consequence,” Baylor said.
  6. Or maybe her mother should have had one....
  7. I didn't think you were being rude. I just tend to get on my soapbox from time to time and comment on the way of the world and these days it's hard to take anything seriously.
  8. I don't blame the rank and file Cops but I do blame those who were in charge. But here's the parts of this article I especially did not like: "But we know that police across America prefer to kill innocent people – a lot of Black people – who are unarmed. They break down doors all the time, without warning or a warrant and start firing. During the day. At night. It doesn’t matter. Bullets and battering rams first. Questions – if any – later. They shoot Black people in their homes. They shoot Black people in their bedrooms. They shoot Black people in their cars. They shoot Black people on the street. They shoot Black people in the back. And they often get away with it because most of the police officers doing the chasing, shooting and killing are white." And this: "All this in a state led by a slick Republican governor who prides himself on letting disturbed teenagers buy weapons and bullets designed not only to kill lots of people, including children, fast, but to disfigure their face and body, sometimes beyond recognition. Like the two repellant Republican senators from Texas, he doesn’t “represent” the “state,” but the NRA and profiteering death merchants who prefer the “right” to sell and “bear arms” over the right of fourth graders to go and come back from school to their families – whole. They are cowards, too. They make excuses for the inexcusable. They run away when reporters ask them why so many innocents are massacred so often in America and only in America." And then there was this the article: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance. On the contrary, some of these views did very much express the views of Al Jazeera and other anti-American Leftists foreign and domestic, that cops are racists and kill people just because they the power to do so. And it's exactly these kinds of anti-law enforcement attitudes that make police administrators hesitant to use lethal force.
  9. Nope. Not dinosaurs, cave men. I'm speaking for those of us who grew up in the previous century when people were not tied to an electronic leash everywhere they went. It was a time of nuts and bolts when everything was mechanical and not electronic, and the only thing that went beep was not your "Device", but the horns on foreign cars. It was a time where men were men and women were glad of it.
  10. I still remember the phone number for when I was in High school. EMpire 4-1937
  11. Yes, It's a cover, but it's a cover of a one hit wonder. Petty did some great covers but they were mostly songs by other well known musicians like The Byrds, Bo Diddly, Van Morriison, The Animals, The Dave Clark 5, and even the Grateful dead, along with covers of a couple of other one hit wonders Like Psychotic reaction and I fought the Law by the Bobby fuller four. But whatever song he covered he did it very well.
  12. Here's anothe of my favotite one hit wonders by a band called teh Music exp;osion coverdbeautifully By Tom Petty & teh Heartbreakers:
  13. here's one of my all time favorites. For years I thought it was Doug Sahm and the sir Douglas Quintet until I saw Reservoir dogs and read the credits.
  14. "As more info comes out this is going down as a giant disaster...............I don't like to condemn law enforcement but what the hell was going on?" It's not rank and file law enforcement who refuse to go into harm's way. They'd do it in a heartbeat to save those kids. It's the F*cking Bureaucrats and administrators and political appointees that never want to let law enforcement do it's job!
  15. It gets worse. Maybe I'm paranoid but it's almost like they were under orders from above to ensure that there would be a maximum death toll so that the incident could be used to promote gun control. Here's excerpts from 3 articles that show how badly administrators, bureaucrats, and decision-makers ****ed up while the rank and file cops were more than willing to put their lives on the line to save those kids. Especially troubling is the fact that a border Patrol Tactical team responded but were told to hold back. Police narrative on Texas school shooting in question as new details emerge‘Please Send the Police Now’: Multiple Kids Made 911 Calls While Gunman Was Inside Uvalde School Tomás Mier Fri, May 27, 2022, 10:04 AM Christopher Wilson·Senior Writer Thu, May 26, 2022, 6:21 AM The New York times The official account of what happened during a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, is under scrutiny following the reporting of new details. At a press briefing Wednesday afternoon, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott praised police for their response to the massacre Tuesday that killed 19 kids and two teachers. A Border Patrol officer fatally shot the gunman, whom authorities identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. However, the Associated Press reported late Wednesday that police waited outside the school for at least 40 minutes while parents and onlookers urged them to do something. “More could have been done.” said Javier Cazares, whose daughter Jacklyn was killed in the attack, told the AP. “There were five or six of [us] fathers, hearing the gunshots, and [police officers] were telling us to move back,” Cazares told the Washington Post. “We didn’t care about us. We wanted to storm the building. We were saying, ‘Let’s go,’ because that is how worried we were, and we wanted to get our babies out.” The aunt of one of the victims told the New York Times that her niece’s stepfather was restrained and handcuffed by police when he attempted to help her. “Nobody was telling him anything,” said Desiree Garza, whose niece Amerie Jo was killed. “He was trying to find out. He wanted to know where his daughter was.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Border Patrol Tactical Team Was Ordered to Hold Back Before Confronting the Gunman Eileen Sullivan and J. David Goodman Fri, May 27, 2022, 10:09 AM The new York Times When specially equipped federal immigration agents arrived at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, the local police at the scene would not allow them to go after the gunman who had opened fire on students inside the school, according to two officials briefed on the situation. The agents from Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrived at some point between 12 and 12:10 p.m., according to the officials — far earlier than previously known. But they did not breach the adjoining classrooms of the school where the gunman had locked himself in until a little before 1 p.m. Members of the federal tactical team killed the gunman. The officials said that members of the Uvalde Police Department kept the federal agents from going in sooner. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘Please Send the Police Now’: Multiple Kids Made 911 Calls While Gunman Was Inside Uvalde School Tomás Mier Fri, May 27, 2022, 10:04 AM Rolling Stone More details are emerging about the 911 calls made by children inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas as an alleged 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two adults at the primary school. On Friday, Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw held a press conference to discuss an updated timeline of the shooting, the police’s delayed response, and the harrowing calls made by students to 911. Without naming the children, McCraw said that a student in room 112 made four emergency calls: first, at 12:03 pm for one minute and 23 seconds as she whispered her location to first responders. She called back at 12:10 and said multiple people were dead. She then called at 12:13 and 12:16 and said eight to nine students in her classroom were alive. By 12:19, another female student had made a 911 call from room 111. “She hung up after another student told her to hang up,” explained McCraw. Two minutes later, three gunshots could be heard from a second call. At 12:36, that same student called again for 21 seconds, before making a final call and staying on the line. “She told us that he shot the door at 12:43,” McCraw said. “At 12:47, she asked 911 to ‘Please send the police now.'” Minutes later, the student said she could hear officers on the scene taking students out of the classrooms. Later in the conference, when answering questions from journalists, McCraw said that more than one of the 911 callers survived. He provided no further detail. The 911 calls discussed by McCraw were made as students waited for more than 40 minutes for police officers to intervene with the school shooter, and enter the school building, despite 19 officers being on school premises. McCraw explained that instead of entering the building, officers waited to enter — after receiving a master key — since they believed the gunman was barricaded and children were no longer in danger. “Of course, it was not the right decision,” McCraw said. “It was the wrong decision.” Earlier McCraw had said the situation was under control.
  16. At least he won't have to sleep in the airport.
  17. That was a Burt Bacharach song and they totally re-arranged it played it in a minor key, and changed the tempo and when Burt Bacharach first heard it he absolutely hated it. But when it became a big hit and his song royalties started rolling in, He absolutely loved it. I graduated high school in 1966 and Love was one of my favorite bands that I got to see play live on the Sunset strip in L.A. and I still listen to them from time to time. He didn't just have one hit. Here is playing one of his best songs in 2003.
  18. Nathanial Rateliff and the NIght Sweats.
  19. Eek-A-Mouse. Jamaican reggae singer. Here's "Gun Shot a Cry" --his version of Marty Robbin's "Big iron on his hip"
  20. One of the wokesters proclaimed that it was inappropriate because it was celebrating slavery, and that it was like celebrating the holocaust! But I thought black people celebrated Juneteenth because it commemorated the END of slavery! Isn't that like saying that celebrating the 4rth of July is like celebrating colonial rule under King George? WTF? I guess thes people wouldn't understand that because they don't consider themselves Americans. Oh well, I guess this is what the breakdown of the family unit, the devaluation of education and self-improvement and years of welfare dependency does to people's ability to reason.... I hope Walmart and other corporations learn a lesson from this. Don't try to cater to these mentally deranged woke Leftists and don't bow to their demands. The only people who you will alienate by not doing so are the fringe lunatics and you will never make them happy no matter what you try to do and nothing you do will ever be enough.
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