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  1. Hillary Clinton was indeed a horrible candidate and in any other time in history, any other candidate running against her would have won in a landslide. But in this brave new millennium we are now living in the Age of Insanity and if it hadn't been for the Electoral College we would now have a corrupt. physically and mentally impaired full blown megalomaniacal psychopath as President of the United States and we would never have learned of the incredible depth of corruption within the FBI, CIA, State department, and justice departments. This past election would have been much different if Donald Trump had not entered the race, The set-up was this: The Clinton Dynasty vs. the Bush dynasty. Jeb Bush was this year's Republican establishment pick for designated loser to ensure that the Democrats controlled the executive branch so that the corrupt establishment of both parties could continue their power-sharing arrangement that they had since Barack Obama first became president.
  2. I first heard this song on the soundtrack of the movie "Little Fauss and big Halsey" in 1970. The song was co-written by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.
  3. I'd like to see GLOCK submit an entry and then release a semi-auto civilian version with a 16 inch barrel as a pistol caliber carbine. It should be modular and be able to accept 9mm, 357 Sig, 40 S&W. 10mm, and 45 ACP upper barrel assemblies. And I'd like to see them make it along the lines of the Brügger & Thomet MP9 only with more distinctive squared-off typically Glock-looking styling and it should have a collapsible stock similar to an HK93 and be very compact. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/07/27/breaking-us-armys-subgun-search-resumes/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2018-07-28&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter
  4. IF it can be cleaned up and running with minimal work might be a big if. If it has an automatic trans the seals might be bad. And an engine that as sat that long probably needs to be flushed out and filled with fresh oil and hopefully there';s no rust in the cylinder walls. It might alos be a good idea to change the gear oil in the differential as well. I'm also a little dubious of the $40k price estimate without documentation that it was an actual pace car The other consideration might be whether or not mice have nested in the interior and caused damage.
  5. Unique. You can load everything from the 32 ACP to the 45-70 with unique. it can be used in any rifle cartridge with a cast bullet and in 223 it's fairly accurate with about seven grains and in the 45-70 it only takes about 13-14 grains to launch a heavy bullet at Black powder velocities. And it's good for just about any shotgun gauge except 410 which needs a slower burning powder for best results. There are 7000 grains of powder in a pound. With a pound of Unique you could load 500 45-70 rounds or about 1000 rounds of 223. The only drawback with the 223 is those loads will not cycle the action of an AR but they're great if you have a bolt action. Red Dot is also good for cast bullets in rifle cartridges and neither red dot or Unique are sensitive to where the small amount of powder is situated in the large case and don't need fillers. While nothing else has Unique's versatility, there are other powders better suited for specific purposes. For magnum pistol cartridges I like 2400 and AA9 and AA9 is also good for the 10mm. But for highest velocities in magnum cartridges the slower burning H110 and WW296 are best. For rifles as well you need to match the case capacity relative to bore diameter and bullet weight with the burn rate of the powder.
  6. She'll be living like a queen as long as she has the financial backing by some very wealthy people who want to push Socialism as a means to making the unwashed masses "Equal". The problem with that is that Socialists always make everyone equally poor except for those who in charge or re-distributing the wealth. This is just the beginning of her road to riches. Soon she'll be giving lectures and writing books and making mega-millions just like Obama and the Clintons. Or maybe after she gets elected to congress she can get involved uin influence-peddling and getting lucrative government contracts for her husband's business like Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi have done.
  7. A big fan of Immigration and Customs Enforcement no doubt.
  8. I'm reluctant to agree with the theory that using a glove would change point of aim and alter 'muscle memory' to any significant degree. The only way to tell would be to shoot 10 rounds or so at a target with a glove and another 10 rounds without a glove and compare accuracy and point of impact.
  9. I got rear-ended by "undocumented immigrants" with no insurance or driver's license twice in one year before I wised up and moved out of California the next year.
  10. I've never cared for the model 60 but the 39A is one of the best most durable 22 rimfire rifles ever made. I've had parts breakages with the model 80's but that never happens with a 39A. They're made to last a lifetime and then be passed on to the next generation. I also really liked the model 62 and 57 "Levermatics" chambered in 22 mag, 256 Winchester, and 30 carbine. A friend of mine has one in 22 mag and that is an incredible rifle. Very strong action. (originally designed as a shotgun action) and very short lever travel. I would have liked to have seen them made in 357 and 41 magnum, and possibly even 44 mag, I have a pre-safety 444s with a 22 inch barrel. Even with the slow twist it will stabilize 300 grain bullets. With a 300 grain bullet out of 22 or 24 inch barrel the 444 marlin can approach 405 Winchester ballistics, driving a 300 grain bullet at 2200 fps /3223 ft⋅lbs. With 300 grain bullets it out-preforms the 45-70 but with heavier bullets, no contest but the 444 also has less recoil. Mine has the pistol grip stock. Some prefer the straight stock but I like the pistol grip in my 444. Also, the most accurate lever action I've ever shot was a Marlin 1894 chambered in 41 magnum about 5 years ago. I had a chance to buy it but couldn't afford the $1200 dollar price that these guns command since being discontinued. The 32-20, 25-20 and .218 Bee 1894's were also great rifles. I wish Henry or even Ruger could buy out Marlin from Cerebus Capital Management and bring back some of these discontinued rifles. I also liked the 336 "Trapper" in 35 Remington,
  11. Bob Marley and the wailers again. The original line-up with Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh. That's Peter Tosh on lead guitar playing that incredibly tasty solo.
  12. Here's a picture of the offender. The report I read said, "Once they pulled her over, the sheriff’s office said deputies found “user amounts of suspected marijuana” in the sports car." I guess she was too high to realize how fast she was going. Read more here: https://www.kansas.com/news/nation-world/national/article215521340.html#storylinpy
  13. It just goes against the grain for me to dry fire any gun. And I also think that the best way to master the Glock trigger is with live fire. That said, it doesn't bother me to dry fire a Glock occasionally such as when dis-assembling the gun and then re-assembling an racking and dry firing several times to be sure everything is back together in the right order.
  14. Question: How in the world do you accidentally pull a double action trigger on a REVOLVER and fire the gun? Answer: First, get totally wasted on some really good ****. It might also help to just carry the gun cocked and ready to fire.
  15. 45. As the great Elmer Keith once said, "The bigger the hole in the hull. the faster the ship will sink,"
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