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  1. 1938 Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia These things had something like a 400 cubic inch six cylinder engine. Google: "Peter Mullin & the 1938 Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia - Jay Leno's Garage" to find out more about these cars.
  2. In 1975 to 1976 a Cadillac Coupe de Ville was made into a custom body pickup. It was an upscale El Camino. The floor bed could carry flat plywood 4 x 8 sheets with the tail gate closed while the driver and the passenger ride in great comfort. A hidden storage area was at the end of the floor bed. It was used to store small articles of value out of view. The spare tire was also located there in the back. There was a metal cover that had a lock on it, just as a trunk would also have. Traditional Coach Works manufactured 204 Cadillac Mirage's. There were also several other companies that made pickup trucks from the front wheel drive El dorado and also from the standard Coupe de Ville. Traditional Coach Works built theirs to Cadillac standards and one could be ordered through a participating Cadillac dealer.
  3. Yep, Entropy always wins. Otherwise someone could invent a perpetual motion machine, like a generator powering an electric motor with an electric motor powering the generator. Socialism is to political/economic systemns what perpetual motion is to physics. Eventually you run out of other people's money. Entropy always wins.
  4. I really like the extended thumb safety way better than any I've seen. And overall the gun is very nice, and I like the sights, too. But the one thing I really don't like is the YUGE CHARLES DALY HP billboard lettering on the slide. I hate to knock the looks of someone's gun but personally I would prefer much smaller engraving the same size as the lettering on the Belgian Brownings that would say something like, "Charles Daly Firearms, New York City, NY 10010" and it wouldn't need to say "HP" or "Hi-Power" because the gun is obviously a Hi-power. Most likely if it were my gun I'd just have that lettering removed and the slide re-blued and it would be worth it to me to do that. I know it wouldn't bother some people but it bugs the **** out of me. I don't know why manufacturers these days go in for the huge billboard lettering. That kind of thing looks OK on vacuum cleaners and other modern products but to me it's an eyesore on a firearm.
  5. I had a model 39 that I bought new back in the 80's. It was a beautifully made gun and was accurate and reliable but I didn't like the fact that it was DA/SA/Decocker. I sold it and I would have liked to have bought a Model 52 38 special wadcutter but it just seemed like too much money at the time because it was almost 3-4 times the price of the 39. I also shot a friend's model 59 and that was a nice gun too, but the 39 was a nicer size. I worked up a number of different reloads for the 39 including a cast bullet load using 158 grain round-nose bullets cast from a Lyman mold. But after I sold the 39 I didn't buy another 9mm until about 20 years later when I bought my first Glock, a model 19. Not long ago I had a chance to shoot a model 1046 and I liked that gun because it was DAO and had a nice trigger.
  6. A duck walks into a bar and asks how much for a draft beer and the bartender says, "five bucks". So the duck says OK, give me a beer." And as the bartender is pouring the beer he says, "We don't get very many ducks in here" and the duck says, "At these prices, it's no wonder." So the bartender give the duck a dirty look and says, "That'll be five bucks." And the duck says, "Put it on my Bill." Get it? Duck? Bill?
  7. S&W model 58 M&P. I've wanted one of these guns ever since a friend of mine in high school got one in 1965. We shot it with the Remington "Police" loads that were a reduced load with a lead semi-wadcutter. When I got mine I found a box of the original Remington magnum loads and the recoil was not something that could be described as "Snappy" and could only be described as painful. I created some of my own "Police loads" that drove a 210 grain bullet at 1000 fps and those were as easy to shoot as the originals. But to be able to shoot warmer loads in it and not have to ruin the originality by replacing the skinny service grips with a set of Hogues, I got a Tyler T-grip adaptor and they helped a lot and I was able to shoot Winchester silvertip ammo no problem and even Hornady custom XTP loads weren't as bad as the original Remington ammo. I did borrow some Hogues from another N-frame I had and tried them with the Remington ammo and that was tolerable but it PAINS me to see a classic Smith and Wesson with rubber grips and in fact the Hogues came off of my model 28 Highway patrolman which I replaced with genuine S&W target grips which were not original to the gun but more original than the Hogues which allowed me to buy the gun for about $100 dollars less than if it had the original grips. There's a company called Altamont that makes pretty much original looking reproductions of the "Coke Bottle" target grips for about 80 bucks but I was able to find the N-frame square butt target grips for the Highway patrolman for only 30 bucks. That Highway patrolman is my second favorite revolver and it has a 6 inch barrel and I'd like to get a 4 inch in addition to the 6 inch, either that or a 3 1/2 inch model 27.
  8. Makes sense. A flight from LAX to Australia is about 14 hours and airfare is around $1200 bucks. Even at twice the price would make for a much nicer trip if you could afford it. People used to pay close to 5 grand for a trans-Atlantic flight on the Concorde to be able to get to Europe in 3 and a half hours instead of 8.
  9. That is amazing. Bigger boys really do have better toys! I notice the landing gear didn't retract until about 5:28 into the video. Lockheed Constellations had Sleeper berths for trans-atlantic flights back in 1955. I've often wondered why they don't do that today, but tickets were $500.00 back then for a sleeper and that's $4,200 in today’s money, Even the regular airfare wasn't cheap back then and air travel was considered somewhat of a luxury in the early to mid 1950's.
  10. I have no experience with Stormlake barrels. Only KKM and Lone Wolf. I'd be interested to hear from someone who's used both KKM and Stormlake. When I bough my first Glock, a G19, I got a LW barrel for it think that I could not shoot cast lead out of a polygonal barrel. Supposedly The LW barrels (Pre-Alpha Wolf) were potentially more accurate because of tighter chambers But I couldn't tell any difference in accuracy between the factory barrel and the aftermarket. And again, supposedly, a polygonal barrel is supposed to be more accurate than a conventionally rifled barrel. I have 3 of the older LW barrels. A 6 inch barrel for my G20, a 6 inch 40 S&W barrel for the same gun, and a G32 357 Sig barrel for my G23. All are very good and are probably more accurate than I am. The only problem I had was with the G20 barrel that the chamber need to be polished just slightly for some of the underwood ammo becaseu I think underwood uses thicker brass. I sill have the occasional problem with Underwood and always do a plunk test on every new box but the ones that are still just slightly tight I use for test firing and they've never caused a malfunction. The other factor with aftermarket barrels is that once again, supposedly, a drop-in custom barrel in a Glock will not show much difference in accuracy and that to make any difference in accuracy it has to be a barrel that is custom fitted to the slide for more precise lock-up. However, my gunsmith who is specializes in Glocks, got a drop in Bar-sto barrel in trade and used it in his G21 and he said it made a difference in spite of not being custom fitted. Bar-sto barrels have the reputation of being the best custom barrels. Bar-sto barrels are not available as drop-ins. They are either custom fit or Semi-fit and price begin at $225. My KKM barrel was around $150 a few years ago and there was no backlog at the time. https://www.barsto.com/category_main.cfm?ID=G27&cco=36
  11. Days after two planes struck New York’s World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers participated in benefit concert “America: A Tribute to Heroes.” His performance of I Won't Back Down was especially moving given the was I, and most Americans felt at that time. I've been a big Tom petty fan since tue late 70's and I think my facoite song was always "American Girl" but his performance of I Won't Back down" just a couple days after 9-11 was his greatest performance and that song will always have a lot of meaning to me.
  12. I think the word "snappy" is a term to describe any recoil that's more than a 9mm which is pretty much inconsequential and hardly worth mentioning. My first Glock was a G19 and at the time I didn't know much about Glocks. Then I learned that I could have same exact size gun in a larger caliber that lunched heavier bullets so I got a G23. I shot the two of them side by side and I was amazed that I could hardly tell that there was any difference in recoil. Glocks do an amazing job of absorbing recoil. I think the polymer frame flexes and absorbs some of the recoil and the wide grip spreads the recoil over a larger area of the hand rather than focusing it on a smaller area. My first 9mm handgun was a S&W model 39 and had had less recoil than my 1911. But then I shot a model 59 that was a heavier gun with a wider grip and it was almost like shooting a 22 rimfire. My 10mm Glock 20SF also has no recoil worth mentioning even with the hottest loads. And yet some people are intimidated by the recoil of the 10mm. I suspect these people have no frame of reference and have never shot a real magnum handgun that was of a caliber that started with the number 4. What I like about the 40 is that with the 180 grain bullet it comes close to duplicating or even surpassing the ballistics of the 45 Auto with 185 grain bullets but is available in guns the size of a 9mm and with greater capacity than a 45. I also don't buy the argument that the 9 is "Equal" to the 40 because of "Modern Bullet Technology", when that exact same Modern Bullet Technology is also used in the 40.
  13. I'm surprised that there was nothing about this on Drudge. This is a major story and it was such a difficult rescue and the men involved in the rescue should be celebrated all over the world especially the one man who gave his life trying to save others.
  14. I never knew what it was until now. They didn't tell me or even warn me that it was going to hurt. But years ago I was working for a general contactor and we were dealing with raw sewage extending a leach field and I was up to my knees in **** for a couple of days and the boss mentioned that it might be a good idea to get a Gamma Globulin shot in case I had any cuts anywhere but I never developed any cuts so I never got the shot. But If I had, then I would have known what a gamma globulin shot was.
  15. When I lived in Los Angeles, I happened to meet John Millius, who wrote and co-wrote the scripts for Dirty Harry, Conan the Barbarian, Apocalypse now, and wrote and directed Red Dawn. He and I had the same gunsmith and I was able to talk to him on several occasions. He was a great guy, no BS, just a regular gun nut who liked to hang out at the gunsmith's shop and just shoot the ****. He wasn't just a conservative. He was a full on, Bull Goose take-no prisoners Conservative. In a way the Leftists in Hollywood feared him more than they disliked him, and thought he was a Wild man. But they also respected his accomplishments as a writer and a director. I remember one of the guns he brought in to have worked on was a Ruger number one in 257 Weatherby. I learned that he was good friends for many years with California Congressman Dana Rohrbacher and the two of them used to surf together when they were young.
  16. Guy walks into a barber shop, says, "Bob Peters Here?" Barber says, "Nope, just cut hair."
  17. I agree. I'm hearing the establishment supports him and that he has better chance of being nominated than someone more conservative.
  18. Was that the one that didn't hurt until about 30 seconds after you got the shot, and then it hurt like a Mo-fo?
  19. I would have preferred Hardiman, but why is Kavanaugh a bad choice?
  20. 8 rescued! https://www.cbsnews.com/live-news/thai-cave-rescue-operation-latest-thailand-boys-soccer-team-2018-07-09-live-updates/
  21. I had hoped that it would be Hardiman who the Washington Post called. "A Second Amendment Extremist"
  22. I'm probably posting this too late but supposedly it's between Hardiman and Amy Comey Barrett and I says it will be Barret.
  23. Someone gave me some of those bullets to try once, and at the time I was doing pin shoots and I thought about using them in a Ruger speed six I had but never did. What gun did you use with them?
  24. I have an older model 38 airweight and I used to shoot only wadcutters in it with the skinny j-frame service grips and I didn't want to put rubber grips on it and make the gun more bulky because with the skinny grips it's perfect for pocket carry and then I got a Tyler T-grip adaptor and tried some of the Underwood hardcast 150 grain wadcutters and those ar quite manageable and are not Plus+P but supposedly they do 850 fps out of the short barrel. With your factory rubber boot grips, which add an ounce to the weight, the underwood wad cutters shouldn't be a problem. I really don't understand how anyone could buy a 15 ounce 357 magnum airweight and expect to be able to control the gun for repeat shots and to not flinch in anticipation of the truly PAINFUL recoil. I tried the 158 grain LSWCHP "FBI Load" in mine and was only able to fire one shot and had the good sense not to fire another. Those loads seem mild in my 6 inch Model 28 Highway Patrolman which weighs 44 ounces but firing the same load in a 14 ounce gun is like hitting your hand with a hammer on purpose. https://www.underwoodammo.com/products/38-special-150-grain-lead-wadcutter?variant=7865929171001
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