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  1. Don't break the boxes! Gimme all 1k.
  2. Did the **** hit the fan?
  3. We live in a central missouri tourist trap. Get around enough and you get to meet all kinds of interesting people bringing you grub and grog. Over and over again. Dropping a 25% tip is an afterthought. Good people trying to eke it out.
  4. Sometimes it takes awhile for some folks to get this. Sooner, the better.
  5. I left 18 years ago. Starting to question that decision. It's 8 here now. Feels like -10. **** this ****.
  6. I got a killer here, but cain't post it. Low memory?
  7. Own a few for a decade or so. It gets old.
  8. He can definitely eat a bag of dicks.
  9. If those vegans like animals so much, why are they eating all their food?
  10. Springsteen has always been a piece of shiit.
  11. Loading up commies in boxcars is preposterous. Gravity is more reliable than train wrecks.
  12. Mel Brooks doesn't miss an opportunity to make fun of Nazis.
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