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  1. Related to none other than Paul Fuckin' Ryan.
  2. Doc says it's too big for his office, sending me to general surgery. Yay! Pilllzz for a week.
  3. Maybe I'm a giant *****. I've been extremely lucky in the medical department for a 46yo. Most of y'all have endured far more and worse, for decades. Who am I to bitch? It's my first rodeo, so to speak.
  4. **** if I know. Conjoined twin? Ol' Bob was named before my adult children.
  5. Recently an issue. Time to put the kibosh on it
  6. For sure bro. You asked if I was pissy as of late. Absofrigginloutely.
  7. Certainly is. Nothing for years, but painful as of late.
  8. Thank you E. I'll be the same crusty bastard as always. No choice really.
  9. Thanks. Figure out a way to spin it as as autoerotic asphyxiation. I said it first. One shot, one cut, a dozen stitches. Awake the whole time. Business as usual. I've never been hospitalized.
  10. Should be easy. I'm complacent enough.
  11. Wish me luck! This ******'s gotsta go.
  12. I'm not willing to do without my Holosun. I tried one on a pistol once and it's ok, but a must on a short AR.
  13. Who? Every single enemy we have.
  14. Democratic governments don't make very effective puppet states. Never was a democracy,
  15. My retirement plan is robbing assholes that deserve it.
  16. Self employed, so no. It's good to be the boss! 500k ain't much H&B these days.
  17. Trannies will be pissed if they don't release one for them.
  18. It's not an invasion. Eastern European gerrymandering fuckall.
  19. With thousands of people welcoming them. They know. Russia has a better deal. Ukraine is corrupt and broke. These people are Russians. None of our business.
  20. I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat....
  21. I'd support abortion if we knew **** like this would happen.
  22. Rolled up pig lips and assholes... Nyasteee.
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