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  1. Pics or it didn't happen.
  2. The X rated version was a hit in Afghanistan a few years ago.
  3. Even my kid's JROTC unit is woke. The rest of the school, not really. Second or third year here, import instructors, no established culture. Doomed. ETA: if anyone knows the condition of Sarasota High's JROTC program, let me know please. It was awesome 30 years ago.
  4. How do you cut up tires? Landscape companies sell treated shred, but I hear it's expensive.
  5. Still holding on at 3.29. seen 3.89 not too far away yesterday.
  6. Pantry's full, deep freezer has been full. Perhaps by winter things will improve, but not without a giant stack of political corpses in front of the Washington Monument.
  7. Fuckin' A right it is. My man Hawley is young, but more than capable.
  8. Idk, I survived a weekend in Defuniak Springs. Horrible.
  9. Dude, the panhandle is a giant white trash shithole. Dirt floor crackers.
  10. That was the gang sign interpreter. No one gives a **** about the deaf.
  11. What about dinos that ate coffee plants?
  12. Meanwhile in Pittsburgh....
  13. He also says baby duck ***** lip tacos are good. Maybe.
  14. There's likely to be an incident. Can't let a crisis of this magnitude go to waste.
  15. Crooked mfckas, one and all.
  16. Sucks living downwind from Whiteman AFB.
  17. Them Sigs don't do anything for me. Hope you get it running.
  18. If he ends up with the nod, I'll gladly vote for him.
  19. Mom was a quarter squaw. She had an affinity for hot wheel tracks. Ouch.
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