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  1. Nothing wrong with a little self promotion. Lotsa people talk about getting published, but you did it! Great stories.
  2. You're old enough to know how a cheap suit will fold by looking at it.
  3. Shocking, I tell ya. Probably mirrors our border crisis. Turd world is on the march. Oh look over here! Impoverished white people with hypersonic missles fighting impoverished white people without, and FJB as a savior. All is well if you're globalist taintslurping scum.
  4. A waifu pillow for every shift, or **** off. Make her smell like cheeseburgers so Chico can lick 'em.
  5. Hell no. It's none of their damn business.
  6. Good to know that they got their **** squared away.
  7. All the gun LAWS are the problem, moreso than those who break them.
  8. We have a law against aiding or enforcement of federal gun laws.
  9. Not bath salts. He would have tried to eat the deputy's face.
  10. I don't know why, but I've been drinking 32oz iced coffee every morning for awhile now. Never was much into coffee.
  11. That.... Is a man's... headdddd.
  12. MO Fugga


    It's for really kinky folks.
  13. They took in Russian refugees. And they think they speak Ukrainian, as not to offend.
  14. Not a novel, but Politics by Aristotle. Those guys were ******* weird.
  15. Yeah, well first you need unicorn queefs to get fairy dust, smarty pants.
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