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  1. Those guys had 50 shot revolvers. Don't **** with them!
  2. Hope this helps. Top shows the mounting block, barely fits.
  3. When you plug in how many are getting screwed, every modern banana republic is lining up to invest. Another Biden fuckup. Rebranding Trump's idea of running America like a business.
  4. I hear it's good this year. I remember 2 bedroom apartments fuuul of Mexicans cashing out and paying a years worth of bills in one shot, and busting ass all year. Much of the money being expatriated. Skankorage, 1985.
  5. Greeks are going to be pissed for being left out.
  6. Diversity training. None of their **** is pressure treated. Except for the queers.
  7. What did that nest of vipers do to deserve that insult?
  8. I do. I prefer the Caldwell rail mount. Takes a little adjustment, but once lined up, is pretty good. No straps and ties for me. Get additional mounting blocks, and move it between guns. https://www.tacticalwholesalers.com/Caldwell-Ar-Pic-Rail-Brass-Catcher_p_225819.html
  9. No one wants to admit it, but they themselves believe it to be rooted in changing demographics. Especially the Yankees.
  10. He's just beginning to make an impression.
  11. Belts, filters, and wall hangers are all I could find. Got a wall hanger, worth it. It sucks. They have good products, at ok prices, but no aftermarket support combined with shitty customer service is going to send my money elsewhere.
  12. You're probably **** outta luck. I had a shark mop, it went tits up, local repair guy said shark doesn't sell or supply parts. All factory. I had no luck finding any myself.
  13. Blue Waffle flavored jelly beans. Pass.
  14. Fresh Prints in the house! Pure bullshit. All staged. Another distraction.
  15. Proof no plan ever survives first contact.
  16. Turn it into some urban ghillie suits.
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