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  1. When its prolonged, we understand but when sudden, we don't.
  2. Sudden is the worst. Learned that pretty young. We're all dying otherwise.
  3. Cocaine is a helluva drug.
  4. Tough ****. You got what you wanted. An additional 20 feet of sea level rise is in order.
  5. Look at these guys, they're a buncha *******. Say it with me now....
  6. Finding a bunch of tarantulas in a foxhole sucks ass too. Sand Hill in summer, Wood in the fall, they get around. Bastards.
  7. Shooting down a plane with that hand cannon would be quite the accomplishment. And if they clone her, at least guys with a bunch of DUIs, no ride, and no money can finally get laid.
  8. No, the Welsh. Only they have words with 8 consecutive consonants.
  9. We all voted Schmitt. **** Roy Blunt. Eric, let's roll a blunt.
  10. One plane they can shoot down.
  11. A symbol of slavery if there ever was one.
  12. I'd donate a coat hanger. Could have been fun.
  13. Should have been like Christmas in Bucharest.
  14. I don't know about you, but I get others to do that for me.
  15. Threads like this make me glad I'm in business for myself. **** all that. I refuse to be told what to do or how to do my job.
  16. Mormons too. Lots of large families here.
  17. Might just grab an extra taser for grins. Dual wielding may be called for.
  18. Krudplug. They have a good one of a homemade helicopter malfunctioning.
  19. I've seen your SASS videos. You're a bad bad man....
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