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  1. They are willing accomplices.
  2. Truth. The original link reminds me of the guy at an auction who outbid a kid to get the patrol car the kid's dad had driven. The dad had been killed in the line of duty. The winner then tossed the keys to the kid.
  3. This reminds me...when I stopped watching the NFL, I found that I did not miss it. When I stopped watching MLB, I found that I did not miss it. When I stopped watching MLS, I found that I did not miss it. I wonder how many others are like me in that they stopped going to the games and stopped watching them.
  4. Checking with a friend on this. I took a pic and sent it. I am intrigued....... Answer I got was: To the crowd for the cause. Lenin Stalin in the middle. Not certain on last. Interesting though.
  5. Mongo but pawn in game of life.
  6. I'd say you've had enough beans.
  7. Something, something about playing stupid games and stupid prizes. I think I'll have a coke.
  8. Truth, but congress critters were no doubt spooked by the real possibility that those WW1 vets could have showed up armed. Just like today. Politicians prefer that their peasants are unarmed.
  9. I think the impetus for the 1934 National Firearms Act came as a fearful reaction due to the Bonus Army march a couple of years earlier. There are plenty of congress critters who wet their Depends over a few people committing "insurrection" on January 6 who can use it to justify their bans. They could give a rats ass about the victims of crime, mass shooting or not.
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