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  1. It gives you the power of the .45 in a 9mm sized gun, and with the near capacity of the 9mm. I've shot the .40 for nearly 20 year and have not broken a gun yet, and can reload it cheaply. You could always find ball ammo for at or near the price of 9mm. I'll take a 180 grain HST any day of the week over any 9mm load.
  2. You have to understand how the .40 came into being. On the first day... God said "let there be 10mm". On the second day... The FBI said ''10mm was too powerful, so load us some 10mm light''. On the third day... Some enterprising soul decided they could get 10mm light out of a shorter casing and in a smaller gun. On the forth day... The Police said ''give us your .40's and send us out to do the Lord's work''. On the fifth day... Everyone and his Momma ran out to buy guns in .40. On the sixth day... The FBI says ''the .40 sucks and the inferior 9mm is now is king''. On the seventh day... God starts handloading 10mm's, and the 10mm rises again. Originally the Norma 10mm load was too hot for even the Brens, so it was downloaded. The FBI wanted it downloaded even more, and the 10mm Light came to be. Someone from S&W replicated the lighter loads in a shorter case, and they shoehorned it into guns not really designed for it. The .40 is still a high pressure round and had a tendency to batter guns. It does well in guns that were designed around the round itself. The FBI was looking for a more modular pistol that would fit everyone, and a round that everyone could shoot well. They claimed the 9mm is now as good as all other heavier and more powerful rounds, and the lemmings run to ditch the guns they had for smaller and weaker. People on the forums go back and forth about the hate for this or that, it's really been done to death. The simple fact is that the 9mm is a minimal acceptable defensive round, but it can be accurately shot by just about anyone. The .40 has more recoil and tends to torque the front of the gun around in lighter weight guns. People don't like that. I think it's only real crime is not being a 10mm.
  3. Keep watching the emails. They often have uppers for them at decent prices. As a side note. Those EPT trigger groups are pretty sweet if you don't mind a single stage trigger. It's every bit as good as the AGL set.
  4. I got that same lesson as a child as well. I was shooting with my Dad at my Grandfathers place. A large one came wondering through our range, so my Dad was like watch this. He grabbed a broom from the tool shed and it snapped it in two like it was nothing. Some 30 years later and I still have a huge female that comes up every summer to give me a bunch of eggs. I have always watched over the eggs hoping to see some baby snappers, but never see any. I'd like to think she's the same snapper from all those years ago, but that's probably wishful thinking.
  5. I assume politics are being talked about here. Politik saugen!
  6. I have noted when you order large or heavy items and opt for the non Prime free shipping, they almost always ship within a day or two, and shipping is almost always next day, or two day. I ordered a huge ass LG TV and opted for free shipping a while back, and they shipped over night on their dime. I half think shipping prices are a scam anyway. I needed a new dehumidifier a month ago and did the Prime two day on it. The shipping weight was over 50 pounds. I estimated box size and input that and the shipping weight into UPS, and got back a 430 dollar shipping quote for 2 day. That was almost 200 dollars more than the dehumidifier. I suspect Amazon pays for shipping via the truck load.
  7. I've been doing business with them since 1999. Back then you could order with free shipping and get stuff in a reasonable amount of time. As they got bigger, they got slower. The offered the Prime service and give them priority over other orders, so some slowness is understandable. Somewhere along the way their shipping turned into an absolute **** show. Last year they held an order I made for 14 days before they shipped, with the items all being directly from Amazon and in stock. Since I went Prime. They have always gotten my orders out and to me within the 2 days. Heaven forbid you order without Prime. Your **** will be shipped when they are good and ready. The truth is I only opted for Prime, because I have fire tv. Right now Jet is the new hotness when it comes to shopping. You get the minimum {like 35 bucks}, and 2 day shipping most times. With both Jet and Amazon, you really have to pay attention to 3rd party sellers. Those will always be slow. For anyone wondering. Jet is good to go. They used to be their own entity, but are now owned by Walmart.
  8. I have trouble getting to sleep. Once there, I can sleep fairly well, and most of the times go back to sleep after a middle of the night bathroom break. To get to sleep I usually take a **** load of pills. I found the active ingredient in most sleep aids, is the same one in those little pink allergy pills. So I buy them several 600 count bottles at a time. Each one is worth half an extra strength Unisom. I started taking 4 at a time, and am currently taking 10 to 12 depending on the night. Here it is at 1:25 am, and the pills I took at 8:30 have done exactly jack and ****. I am afraid to take more. I also run a fan all night, and do as well in the winter. I don't like traditional bedding either, so while the bed still has all the sheets, blankets, and pillows. I using a sleeping bag on top of all that. It's weird, but I have gotten no complaints since it's big enough for two.
  9. The M&P compact is a nice gun, and shoots very well. I toyed with the idea of making it a carry gun, but never got around to getting a holster for it. I've been carrying an XD sub-compact mod2 for the last few months. I don't have any experience with the Ruger American compact, but if it's anything like the full sized gun, it would be decent. My Brother bought a full sized one last year and it was quite impressive for the price.
  10. If the gun gets shot, it gets cleaned. Always! If a gun gets handled, it gets wiped down with an oily cloth. Always! I got a lot of money tied up in my boating accident guns. It would literally drive me batshit crazy to send one to Davy Jones's locker without cleaning it first.
  11. The SD9 is a direct decedent of the Sigma pistol, as is the M&P. The Sigma has been phased out for the updated SD line. You will get a cheap yet reliable gun for your money. I like the Sigma and have three of them in my collection, with one having a **** ton of ammo fired through it. I also carried it for a solid 15 years before I retired to to desk drawer duty. I would not be afraid of the SD line at all. That said. I would opt for a gen 2 M&P. It sucks, but you just missed out of the rebates for those. It put some guns at around 350 after rebate.
  12. No step on snek. Not danger noodle.
  13. There are people out there in the world, that take it upon themselves to be the parking police and punish those that they deem assholes. Here they post plate and vehicle pictures of someone that parked improperly on the local facebook pages. Heaven forbid you park over a line.
  14. I have a light on two rifles. They are both basic guns set up with a sling and a light. The only way they can be turned on, is with a push of the thumb.
  15. How does one ram 23" of rubbery iron up their poop chute, and not perforate the colon somewhere?
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