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  1. Maybe I should become the George Washington Carver of kudzu instead. That round up is poisonous ****.
  2. The city of carrboro nc hires local goat farms for trimming their parks. The area is thick with kudzu.
  3. Poor choice of logos
  4. The wages of sin is no longer death. In this economy it’s more of an uneasy feeling.
  5. Didn’t pedo joe just talk about water? I bet there will soon be a threat to our water supply somehow. Like them talking about the pandemic and “viola” it magically happens.
  6. Looks like the Biltmore house.
  7. You have missed nothing. Oops, brain fart. Lower right corner.
  8. Problem is, the right lower corner is infuriating, NOT entertaining.
  9. Ask him about amniotic fluid injection.
  10. I see melted tires in its future.
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