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  1. After the latest thread on GT that Rabbi posted and got disappeared, I think I'll spend more time here... so hi!
  2. This past summer I helped my MIL do layout for her children's book. She used Xulon Press (xulonpress.com) but I have no idea what the costs were. She made this simple child bedtime story up, and decided it'd be a good project to do with my oldest daughter who loves to draw and paint. My daughter made the illustrations for the book, and I did the layout in InDesign. I sent the high-res PDFs to the MIL's Xulon contact person, and a few weeks later, the books had arrived. Whatever package she used, it included ISBN and putting the book for sale on Amazon. She also got several hundred books in print on hand to give/sell. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the printed books: the paper was low weight, and resolution - despite the high res PDFs or the packaged InDesign files - was still below par in my opinion. Perhaps she could've gone to a better package, but I have no idea on the financial details of that end. Good luck: if you have good penmanship and an original story, there's money to be made. The guy who wrote the book that ended up as the movie "The Martian" (Andy-something) made a ton of money out of the deal. Basically he was giving the book away online, people really liked it, and somehow it got picked up by mainstream Hollywood for a movie.
  3. I found a too-good-to-be-true deal on Craigslist: a 4-wheeler in good condition with some age to it but well-kept and low miles, and a GREAT price. On average, similar quads in the same scene would go for 5-6K, but this one was 1.5K. After initial display of interest, seller gets back with this (image attached). Never heard of this. I replied with "can you send me a link where I can input this info myself?" Never heard back (over 12 hours now). I'm pretty sure this is some sort of scam, but wonder what's to be gained (name, mailing address, phone no.?). Have you seen this?
  4. There are so many things I enjoy doing... and do, but won't necessarily call them "hobbies"... I started beekeeping three years ago, and still do it, but don't necessarily call it a "hobby". I enjoy it, and do it when I get time, but don't necessarily like the fact there are things I absolutely have to do in order to keep my colonies healthy, the tight windows when I'm busiest at work. I like bass fishing and do it regularly, as well as deer hunting. I enjoy making firewood, and sitting in front of the fire, enjoying the warmth, the sight, and the smells. I played acoustic guitar and piano for a few years, but my wife complained about the noise, and that kind of put a damper on that. I enjoy firearms and shooting too. I enjoy computers and photography, but after having to do it at work, I don't feel like doing it on my own time.
  5. did she get the ticket as well, or she had the hawt advantage I did not? ?
  6. Well, just got back from the meeting. Here's my statement to the council (name redacted): There was one council member that thought it was unsafe to discharge a firearm within city limits (despite everything I said). He said "would you have anything against going to the Gun & Rod Club to shoot?" to which I responded "You'd be requiring many people to PAY to do something they can safely do in their properties. While I understand your concern, I disagree with your premise." He didn't want to hear any of it, keeping on mumbling "I still think it's unsafe." Looks like it's going to be an uphill battle... *sigh*
  7. If you were an adult on 9-11, I don't think you could ever forget that fateful day. I was in school, between periods, and stopped by another teacher's classroom as they were turning the TV on to watch the news. I watched as the plane hit the towers, and my wife called asking if I was seeing the news. When the second plane hit while we were talking, she said "We're going to war."
  8. refurbished by Apple? I didnt think Apple sold refurbished products... maybe woot would have some sort of warranty?
  9. Western PA. All it takes is one person to complain: isn't it how it usually goes elsewhere in the world? A vocal minority ruins it for the silent majority.
  10. Wife cooks everyday. Kids and I love it. Stay home.
  11. The funny thing is that we also have a Gun & Rod club within the boro limits, and they have turkey shoots quite frequently.
  12. No other issues I'm aware of. Not sure if people work night shift either. I try to put myself in their shoes, and be considerate and a good neighbor. At the same time, I also would like to preserve the right to do as I please in my property, in a safe and responsible manner. I get you on the "giving up too much too soon".
  13. I drive my wife crazy when I do: if the kids are with us, then I'm off with them following them around, looking at the fish, toys, guns, ammo, fishing stuff, etc. while she's getting groceries done. Then we're trying to find each other in the store. We don't carry cell phones, so usually one waits for the other at the checkout lines.
  14. Heard it on the radio yesterday about a man pulling a gun on someone else that cut in line in front of them while they were waiting to get supplies to endure the oncoming hurricane. The only thing I found online was a link about someone pulling a gun on another car as they waited to get filled in a gas station. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article171828157.html It got me thinking whether that could be considered justifiable: there's a terrible hurricane coming, and you're out getting supplies on which your and your family's lives may depend on in the coming days. As you wait in line to get what you need of whatever scarce supplies it is, someone cuts in front of you. If you allow them to cut, that may perhaps mean you might not get the supplies you need for survival. Would this be a situation where you would brandish a firearm?
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