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  1. Avalanche are gonna win it all!
  2. These are like crack to me…
  3. Amongst many of my P80 builds, I have a Polymer80 PF940V2 with Glock oem lower parts kit and slide parts kit. Swenson slide and threaded barrel. I’ve been torture testing this particular gun and I’ve put 2650 rounds through it without failure. I’ve also let range buddies shoot it a lot, but don’t know the exact round count. I’d bet at least another 500 rounds minimum. They have all reported 0 failures as well. Range conditions have varied from indoor, to 95 degrees and humid outdoor, to 10 degrees outdoor. Ammo has ranged from hi quality 115, 124 and 147 grain brass in fmj and jhp to unnamed 9mm left on range benches and stell and aluminum garbage. All went bang every time. The only maintenance it’s received is it’s initial oiling, I haven’t done a thing to it since, not even a bore snake. I’ll update as I beat it more.
  4. Do you have cookies?
  5. I was really hoping to see her get trucked by that moose...
  6. But they have such strict gun laws there, that usually magically alleviates all the crime right???
  7. Despite having a decent horde of supplies, I’ve been adding.
  8. You say it’s a keeper, but you didn’t keep it... I don’t get it.
  9. I haven’t made a choice yet as the legislators in my communist state have yet to push the magazine ban through the house. I’m not looking for a .45 shield as max capacity is 7+1, same for the Springfield XDE. If I’m going to go to a capacity of less than 10+1, I would maybe consider a 1911, but still have doubts about carrying a heavy all metal gun. The MP45 2.0 compact is very intriguing, but I’ve heard the grip on it is essentially a full size grip. MP45c first gen seems to be close in size to what I want, but is only 8+1. So far the leaders in the clubhouse are the two Springfield options that other have suggested in this thread, the XDM 3.8” compact or the XD 4” compact. Are there any sig options I’m missing?
  10. So I ask about recommendations for a .45ACP carry option, no bigger than a G19 with 10 round magazine options. Your replies are to carry a G21 with standard mags, carry a full size 1911, or a 1911 in an altogether different caliber. How is any of that supposed to be remotely helpful?
  11. I only use Garrett Holsters leather lined Kydex for my guns.
  12. I’ve shot the Glock 30 before, and it felt chunky. If I were to carry it, I would use a pinky extension for sure. I didn’t realize that the MP45 2.0 has the full size grip. They don’t have the height listed as one of the dimensions on their website (stupid). That could be a deal breaker for me. I need to get to a store and fondle one. A 1.0 MP45c is a good option as well. Either S&W would require an Apex as I hate their hinged OEM triggers. The Ruger seems to be closer in size to the 1.0 MP but comes with a 10 rd extended mag with the 7 rounder. I always seem to overlook the Springfield guns. I think I get overwhelmed by their ridiculous amount of different models.
  13. As the title implies, I’m looking for a new carry piece in .45 ACP. I currently carry a G19, but suspect that State legislators are soon to implement a magazine ban. If I’m forced to carry 10 rounds, 10 rounds of 9mm in a g19 sized gun seems kind of inefficient. A larger caliber would allow me to pack a lot more punch, while maintaining a weapon size with which I’m comfortable. I’d prefer a striker fired gun, but could be talked into the right sa/da setup. Nothing bigger than a g19 will work as a full time carry piece for me. Clearly a 10 round magazine option is a necessity. Some of the guns I’ve been thinking of are the S&W MP45 2.0 compact, Ruger American 45 compact and Glock 30. Anyone have experience with these? What models am I missing?
  14. Smith and Wesson Shield 380EZ. It’s made for easy recoil management and easy slide racking. .380 > .22
  15. I have these sights on all my handguns. They’re excellent, super bright no matter the environment. I find them very easy to pick up with the u shape cut in the rear sight. They can be had on eBay or other secondary retailers for about $100. Don’t pay more.
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