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  1. Note that both of these songs, written and primarily performed by evil white guys, are all about white people apologizing and promising to get along with black folk. I can think of no song, written and performed by black performers with the same theme: getting along with each other, i.e., whitey. I can think of numerous songs by Africans where the theme is just the opposite: screw whitey, black power, burn down their cities. This intentional divisiveness between the races and exhibited in popular culture, has been promoted and encouraged by the professional liars, race hustlers and Marxist oligarch class for as long as I have been around, some 70+ years. The day we say no, we won't allow them to get away with that nonsense is going to be a good day.
  2. She also cannot disbar a lawyer just because she wills it. State bar associations regulate the bar, not tyrannical wanna-be despots. But then, bar associations are full of -- lawyers.
  3. I have oft wondered why Colour My World, written by Jame Pankow, I believe, an American, is spelled using the British/Canadian variant. Americans that do that are either trying to be pretentious or are just plain ignorant. Otherwise, a wonderful song as part of a wonderful ensemble (Ballet for a Girl from Buchannon) and probably one of Terry Kath's best vocals. Prime example of a major 7 arpeggio.
  4. Remind him that a book does not need a battery or a network connection. I have many of my father's electrical engineering textbooks, circa 1947. It's all tubes, pre-printed circuits and as expected, all analog. There is still value in that material, even if young'uns don't believe it. I suggest that they would be amazed at what was accomplished before transistors, printed circuits and integrated circuits.
  5. I hear you, brother. I used to go to library sales and buy the old, obsolete science and engineering books and math textbooks And I have read nearly all of them. I virtually never discard a book once it goes into my library.
  6. I agree. And he knew enough to depress the clutch pedal, so he wasn't totally ignorant.
  7. "First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." Dick Utopian Henry VI Does bringing your automobile to a fast oil change place and exiting your vehicle considered a bailment? If so, I believe that the basis of that legal action is nonsense. Unless it is a government DoD contract, than any and all manners of absurd and ridiculous not only apply, they are enforceable.
  8. Ask the Chinese communists, the North Korean communists, the South Koreans, Canadians, and Vietnamese where abortion at any stage of the pregnancy is available on demand. Oh, and in the United States, too. Even the decadent Old World Europeans balk at killing their children.
  9. Automobile did look great for about a week. I think any dullness was due to the crappy paint they used back then than the ineffectiveness of the wax products available. Remember, Earl Scheib would paint any car for $39.95. I can't find an earlier one, but I remember them from the 1950s.
  10. Rehnquist, appointed by Reagan, made it to the court and as Chief justice. Byron White, a Kennedy appointment, was reasonably unbiased and constructionist, but I wouldn't call him conservative. Warren Burger and Lewis Powell, another Nixon picks, were pretty much centrists, or at least not a wild-eyed Marxists. If the hippie Marxist anarchists can successfully intimidate the Court into acquiescence, the five so-called conservatives should be tarred, feathered and run out of town on rails. Roberts can stay along with Kagen, Sotomayer and that ding-bat Jackson that cannot define a woman, He's more like one of the girls.
  11. Speaking of California. These must have been posted already, but I am old, my memory isn't and it's between periods for a playoff game.
  12. We know where you live. NB hip hop and rap is not music. It is bad poetry to an annoying, heavy four-beat. At least disco had a melody -- sometimes.
  13. I apologize in advance, but I'm running out of ideas. Doesn't mean that someone can post MacArthur Park.
  14. Considering that the race is at the end of the month, it took too long for this one. I blame Chute. He doesn't speak Australian.
  15. Don't know if this one has been posted before. Takes of Walt Longmire's truck brought it to mind.
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