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  1. At least the guy the cops got has a place to bunk and food for the night. You don't.
  2. I am loathe to see schools specially elementary schools, turned into fortresses. I suppose that I hearken back to my own childhood when the most hazardous thing in the school was falling off the all-metal monkey bars or being flung off of the merry-go-round. I broke my wrist when I was ten by falling whilst playing basketball. I suppose that in this day and age it will be necessary to encapsulate children in what will be more like a prison than a school and that saddens me.
  3. Some machines respond to violence. Some don't. Eric, at least you didn't get a robot customer service application. I have experienced this a couple of times and it did not end well for me. Getting a human to speak with is harder than untying the Gordian knot.
  4. Let us consider the tactical situation that the police officers faced before we listen to the Monday-morning couch warriors. I am not a tactical execution expert, but I can think. There is a goblin barricaded in an elementary school classroom. If this room is like most others in schools, it has one entry door and windows opposite the doorway which leads to a corridor. Walls are non-load bearing painted drywall. The room is crowded with desks, so no quick, easy path to the goblin. If the goblin is behind cover on the far side of the room, under the windows, the only way to get to the goblin is through the door. They call doors and staircases vertical coffins for a reason. How do you neutralize the goblin? A classic battlefield tactic would be for one or more officers to give covering fire to keep the goblin's head down while the other officers enter and shoot the bastard. But, depending on the goblin's cover, is it substantial enough to resist pistol fire, and the fact that he has a rifle and the officers have pistols, unless this technique is executed perfectly, the probably goblin survives, the officers likely don't. Rifle bullets easily penetrate dry wall, so even staging for such an entry is perilous. This all assumes that the goblin was considerate enough to leave the classroom door open, he didn't close and lock it. Rushing headlong into the goblin's field of fire, after staging behind thin partitions and then breaching a locked door would be almost suicidal without appropriate body armor or shields. I don't know why the police didn't attack via the windows. I wasn't there. I trust they know what they're doing and would have done it if possible. I grieve along with the families and resident of Uvalde, but getting their cops killed when it is likely that the children were already dead is not the answer. I feel even worse for the law enforcement personnel that knew that children's lives were at risk and regardless of how courageous or willing to sacrifice, that they could not stop the monster amongst the innocent. That has to hurt. Damn the goblin, not the heroes. The only obvious solution is, of course, to seize by force the firearms of everyone that didn't do it.
  5. That is a desirable idea, but I suggest that any eyes that see a body and hate that body simply for what it is does not have a soul worth rewarding or saving. We should all be like dogs. They judge humans based on the human knowing where to scratch and pet, supplying Snausages and endurance in throwing the tennis ball.
  6. So, I was watching Colorado - St. Louis game 5. Pretty good game, St. Louis came from 3 behind to tie, but Colorado scored with 2 minutes to go. Game over. I changed the channel. But, St. Louis scored again in regulation and then won in overtime -- which I didn't see. Because I though that the game was over with 2 minutes to go. NB here's to Edmonton for not plastering their helmets with some dopey corporate sponsor logo and Calgary only doing it for road game. Next thing we know, professional teams in all sports will all have their sponsors logos plastered all over their uniforms like NASCAR drivers. Game on, eh!
  7. Mr. Obama has assumed the throne of the Mack Daddy of the indigenous Africans. Black Lives Matter has been thoroughly discredited as little more than a fraud, Al Sharpton is an irrelevant talking head on a failed cable news network and when was the last time you hears from Jesse Jackson? Yeah, Africans in poverty of their own choice need to admire and follow a half-white millionaire that lives in a mansion and did nothing for them as President for eight years. That'll fix everything.
  8. Next, jumping the broom will be considered a legal form of marriage because if you say it isn't -- racist. When 18% of the population whines, the other 80% must obey. Or the 18% will burn the cities and empty the Footlocker stores.
  9. That was Robert 'Beto' O'Rourke that staged a hissy fit at the press conference, not Mr. Buttigieg. Yeah, everything on the internet is true because-- well, it is. The government said so and Twitter only bans white supremacist and Republicans 'cause they're fascists..
  10. tous

    Another one

    How long before the hippie Marxists cast this evil bastard as a victim of Trump, white supremacy and the NRA?
  11. tous

    Another one

    I don't care if the galoot wants to wear a dress. I do care if he kills children.
  12. A liter is about the same volume as a quart. 1 US gallon = about 3.75 liter. 1 US gallon = 4 quarts. Thus if gasoline is $4.00 per US gallon, it would be around $1.06 per liter. Give the hippie Marxists three months to get that to $4.00 per liter (around $16.00 per US gallon.) Note well that there is also an Imperial gallon used by the British and their ex-colonies mostly. We don't care. We use 'Murican gallons, by Golly!
  13. tous

    Another one

    I don't care about the evil bastard's motivation nor have I given a damn about the reason all of the others engage in such depravity. The vast, vast majority of us human beings endure all sorts of trials and tribulations and never decide that going to an elementary school and killing children is a good idea. I don't care what he posted on social media. He's in Hell where he belongs.
  14. Which team would you like to see in the playoffs against Tampa Bay? I assume that the Lightning can dispose of either New York or Carolina. I would be delighted with a series between Tampa Bay and Edmonton, even if they are Canadian. The best goalie in the league against the best scorers in the league. NB a Canadian team hasn't won the Stanley Cup since Montreal in 1993. Let's keep the streak going. All your hockey are belong to us, hosers!
  15. tous

    Another one

    The best and often the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Prayers for the victim's families.
  16. Read about Martin Ehrengraf, a character in several Lawrence Block short stories. Ehrengraf always makes sure that his clients are found not guilty, even if they are guilty and he has to arrange their acquittal.
  17. I know that we disparage all things French, especially their automobiles, but that one is rather appealing to me. Yes, it has far too many curves and contours, but they seem to work. Hate the rear bumpers.
  18. The Tonight Show was only on during school nights. I remember seeing that at the time as well. It must have been in the mid-1960s -- I don't recall when they began to broadcast in color, but it was likely around 1965-67. I was in high school by then and I could stay up as late as I wanted. janice is older than I am.
  19. In FORTRAN66, the variables i, j, k and l were assigned as signed integers automatically, usually they were used as incrementors in a loop. This was sometimes forgotten and the forgetter came to woe.
  20. Yes. One line under the squiggly means 'approximately equal'. A concept that I have never been happy with. Either things are equal or they are not, but the concept is useful. Two lines under the squiggly means that the expressions on either side are isomorphic (do not get me into describing isomorphic structures ) or a less-used symbol of congruence. And equal sign with a diagonal slash through it means 'not equal.' I have oft considered that the hardest parts of mathematics beyond arithmetic are not the concepts, but the nomenclature. Once we get beyond +, -, /, x, there are gangs of unfamiliar symbols waiting to confuse us Mathematics is just a set of clearly-defined rules. Follow the rules and you cannot go wrong -- once you understand what the 26 bazillion symbols mean.
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