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  1. Off of the subject, but why is Turkey still in NATO? During the Cold War, Turkey was a convenient launch pad into the Warsaw Pact countries for strategic nuclear weapons and a place to base US Naval and air forces to control the Black Sea. I believe that the US still has some aircraft-delivery, nuclear weapons at Turkish air bases and most will be too young to remember, but the US had ICBMs stationed in Turkey until Kennedy gave them away to the Soviet Union in return for removing and not replacing nuclear missiles in Cuba.. Under Erdogan's rule for the past 20 years, Turkey is now for all intents and purposes (for all intensive porpoises for the less-literate ), an Islamic state and hostile to US and NATO. Erdogan has been sucking up to Putin and wanted to purchase Russian air defense hardware. Screw 'em. Kick them out of NATO, close the US bases, cut off the foreign aid let the Fins and Swedes in. We now return control of your television set to you, until next post in this same space when the control voice will take you to -- the thread hijack! * apologies to The Outer Limits television program.
  2. The British have used the ski jump for sea-born aircraft for the last 50 years. They really did not have a carrier-based fighter or attack aircraft other than the Harrier and they still don't. They do have the Tornado, a most-awesome aircraft, but land-based.
  3. Harrier cockpit, and a recent one. Not an AV-8B. Harrier. Both retired from service and replaced by the F-35B. British. Powered by Lucas.
  4. Just a note. Those flares aren't very expensive, so if it was a photo op, it was a cheap one $500.00 worth of flares, starring a $40 million aircraft for the Hornet, around $68 million for a Rhino. Plus fuel.
  5. What is the point of this topic? It is not about gun control; it is about citizen control. We know that semi-automatic rifles have been around for more than 100 years. So do the gun-grabbing fascists. We know that there is no such thing as an 'assault weapon' and if there were, it would be unavailable for the civilian market. So do the gun-grabbing fascists. We can't own 155 mm howitzers, either. So, what? We went over all of this during the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1994, the so-called assault weapons ban. Black rifles with plastic stocks and bayonet lugs bad, wood stocks and five-round magazines good. The RINOS back then sold us out and they will do it again. For Mitch McConnell, the 'Common Sense' in Common Sense Gun Control is whatever his corporate masters say it is. Universal background checks: you may not purchase a firearm unless we (the government) permit it. Banning or registration of 'assault weapons.: just makes us easier to find when the local police kick in your door to confiscate your firearms. After some cops get shot by heretofore law-abiding citizens -- call in the Army. Or the United Nations. Fear not. If we survive the raid, big city prosecutors don't prosecute gun crimes anymore. Oh, wait. That's only for career criminals for a particular skin tone. We go to jail, directly to jail. We don't pass Go. We don't collect $200.00. Yeah, I'm pretty darned pessimistic.
  6. They can, but that would be sort of dumb. Even a Marine aviator would know that trying the defeat a heat-seeking missile by lighting up their after burners to go faster and making a big, giant heat source hotter and then dropping flares to fool the missile probably won't work.
  7. If law enforcement in America are all rabid. murdering racists, where is the big pile of African bodies? There are around 700,000 police officers and sheriff's deputies in the US. If each racist cop murders just one innocent African per year, where are the almost one million bodies? Gee, mebbe the assertions by Al Jazeera just don't make much sense.
  8. Better yet, tampons for men that believe that they're menstruating. Only one place to shove them.
  9. My theme song.
  10. I do, too. Those that engineered public switched telephone systems in the first half of the 20th century were incredible engineers.
  11. Hard to get repeat customers when the first serving kills them with an overdose. The Chinese would be happy, though. And, the Big Guy gets 10%. :
  12. I forgot to add, AX(TEL)-1765. Our phone number, well, my parent's phone number, when we lived in Bountiful, Utah around 1956. I was six. I couldn't afford a telephone of my own. So (sorry, gwalch ) I can recall a phone number from 66 years ago, but don't ask me what I had for lunch on Friday.
  13. Connecting one telephone to another was simply a matter of connecting two wires from the source and destination together. This was known as a tip and ring -- visualize a 1/4 phone plug; the tip is isolated from the barrel of the plug, the ring. An operator at a plug board would basically complete the connection between two telephones by plugging one into the other manually. Technology improves and plug boards were replaced by Central Offices -- a place where all of the telephone wires from a large area terminated. If you were lucky enough to see a Central Office back in those days, the sheer bulk of the wiring was astonishing. Now, instead of an operator, each portion of a phone number was represented on a long, floor to ceiling pole in the CO -- a lot of poles all wired with one destination telephone or sub-switch along its length. If you say, dialed 1 on your phone to call a friend, at the Central Office, a solenoid would move a finger up the correct pole and short that wire. Repeat for the other six digits in the typical local phone number. Connection made. You and your friend can converse until one side goes back 'on hook,' i.e., hangs up. Then the solenoid returns to rest, ready for the next digit dialed for the next call. It was just fascinating watching it all happen. A simple, tip and ring connection between two units multiplied by thousands and it all worked and was very efficient. The clicking described in the above article that distinguished which number is being dialed is called Pulse Code Modulation -- PCM. Long distance was achieved by, rather than connecting two telephones, long distance connected two central offices and then resolved to a particular telephone. janice is correct. AT & T could tell how many telephones were at a termination, even if they were all on-hook, by measuring the impedance when the unit's ringers activated. Even if you disconnected the ringer on the pirate unit, they could measure the impedance drop of the secondary unit(s). Then came a visit by the phone police or termination of your service. Ma Bell didn't mess around. Also remember that there were no private telephones allowed on AT & T's network. They had to be leased from the local Bell facility. Next week, we'll look at the transition to electronic switching, DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency,) and Touch Tone telephones. Note that in most countries in Europe, the government owns the phone system with the expected level of service of all governments -- horrible.
  14. Many people have difficulty distinguishing this song from The Last Kiss by J Frank Wilson. Both feature automobile accidents, one at a race track, one on the road, both have dead lovers, one a boy, one a girl. And many folk get The Last Leaf by the Cascades and See You In September by The Happenings confused. Very similar beat and progression, similar story: girl goes away for the summer, will she return?
  15. A shot that any NHL goalie would have stopped 99 out of 100 times. I think the poor lad was exhausted after all the saves on that power play. I'm up for overtime. Unbelievable.
  16. I agree. The referees do seem to call penalties on the most innocent of stuff and let obvious tripping and slashing go . Don't get me started on goalie interference. Remember when it was no goal if anyone but the goalie was in the blue paint? Now they damn near sit in the goalie's lap and the NHL counts it good. And what happened to the rule that in a face off in either team's zone, the team whose zone it is in had to put his stick down first? And they also had a time limit between stopping of play and the shenanigans before a face off. I'm old and cranky. NB I hate ESPN and TNT's coverage. Their play-by-play people can't stop inserting cute little stories between who has the puck and where and the intermission hosts are all conceited assholes trying to be more clever and snarky than the others. I mute them. I am now older and crankier.
  17. As much as I like the music, I refuse to put up with that advertising crap that just showed up recently. YouTube survived, what, 20 years without embedding an ad in every video? No, I will not pay for a YouTube membership or use it again. .
  18. In the Honeycombs video (Have I the Right) those are Burns guitars they are playing. A quality instrument for the time,mid 1960s, but failed to catch on. The Searchers also played them. Very nice tone.
  19. Thank goodness no one was crass enough to post MacArthur Park.
  20. That Calgary goal was good. He didn't; kick it. He wasn't even looking at the puck.
  21. I prefer to begin with metal tools after trying verbal abuse, working my way up from moderate to giant if the machine fails to respond. If that fails -- a foot to the thing is warranted. When in doubt, get a bigger hammer -- and then a foot.
  22. Before Juice Newton.
  23. The song was a one-hit wonder, not Andy.
  24. I don't recall if Andy did the original version, but this is the one I remember.
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