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  1. A concept that young'uns and old alike have difficulty with is that facts, and especially truth, do not recognize authority.

    Consider an astrophysicist and a ten-year-old in the fourth grade.

    If one were to inquire about black holes or quasars, one expects the astrophysicist to have the best information on the subject.

    What if the question is about, say, fictional superheroes?

    Who would know the facts about Batman or Spiderman?  The adult scientist or the grade-school child?

    Facts and the truth do not care who knows what or what their credentials are: the truth is immutable and the same for all; which brain it resides in is irrelevant.

    It makes no difference if the repository of the fact or truth is a renowned scientist or a comic book reading child.

    If the astrophysicist tells you that the sky is green and the fourth-grader states that the sky is blue, the truth is not dependent on the credentials or authority of either party.

    The truth just is.

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  2. While I suggest that religion, belief in an omniscient being controlling humanity, is the largest and most common example of faith, we engage in faith, belief without evidence, often blind faith, many times per day, every day.

    Consider the city of Moscow, Russia.

    I have never been there, never spoken to anyone that has, so I have no empirical, inferential or testimonial  evidence that such a city, such a country exists.

    Yet, I accept that they do.

    An act of faith, no?


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  3. No.

    The creation and belief in gods, beings superior to us in form, intellect and power is arbitrary, completely made up.

    Consider that in written history of the human race there have been hundreds if not thousands of religions, most pan-theistic.

    I suggest that religion  had two main purposes: it explained the wonders of the natural world to the mass of humanity that was profoundly ignorant and religion served as a means of power, political, social and cultural,  for those that controlled it.

    So much control that humans accepted human sacrifice, often of children, as valid because their religious leaders, whom even kings  acquiesced,  claimed it was.


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  4. I am aware of the distinction between a graveyard and a cemetery, but perhaps others are not.

    Care to enlighten them?

    The 'swimming test' was real, except the accused was more often than not pulled ashore and then burned at the stake or hung rather than allowed to drown.

    Hangings and burnings made for much more public participation, not only because of more space for the mob around the stake or the gibbet, but the condemned would be visible as they struggled.


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  5. Not religion at its worst, best or otherwise.

    One evil galoot claiming to know what God wants.

    No different than what some homosexual people want for the rest of us.

    I say, fine.

    Let all of the evil folks all line up against each other, shoot it out.

    We finish off the survivors and bury the dead.

    Sun comes up on no more hate and a much better world.

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  6. Consider an eighteen-year-old male playing craps.

    Since this person is too young to play legally in a casino, he is participating in an illegal game in an alley in Chicago.

    Young man shakes the dice, throws and the result is 5 on one cube, 3 on the other.

    Let us use inference to discover some truths about such an event.

    By assertion, there are approximately 300 million other sets of dice in existence, each owned by a different individual; some being played with in various games that feature such dice, most are static, sitting a drawer or in a pocket.

    Some of the other sets of dice are owned by person eighteen-years-old or younger.

    Does the existence of sets of dice other than that set being used by the particular eighteen-year-old that threw 5 on one die, 3 on the other in an illegal game of chance affect that result?

    Does the age of the owners of the other sets of dice other than that set being used by the particular eighteen-year-old that threw 5 on one die, 3 on the other in an illegal game of chance affect that result?

    Does the sex or gender-identity of particular eighteen-year-old that threw 5 on one die, 3 on the other in an illegal game of chance affect that result?

    Does the sex or proclaimed sexual orientation  of the owners of the other sets of dice other than that set being used by the particular eighteen-year-old that threw 5 on one die, 3 on the other in an illegal game of chance affect that result?

    Does the fact that there are other games of craps being conducted, both legal and illegal, with portions of the global dice inventory in addition to that game that the particular eighteen-year-old that threw 5 on one die, 3 on the other in an illegal game of chance affect that result?

    Does a speech by a semi-famous Hollywood actor ensure that, in the future,  any given set of dice wielded by any given eighteen-year-old, whether in a legal or illegal game,  result in 5 on one cube, 3 on the other?

    Logic  demands that the answer to all of the above is no.

    Not possible.

    Irrelevant to the event in question.

    Introducing such extraneous factors that have no rational effect and cannot have an effect on the event in question is bordering on the absurd.

    Yes, it is too long, don't read.  :biggrin:


    NB when Mr. McConaughey made his impassioned plea to 'we're all Americans, we must all get along,' he is saying that everyone must agree with him and his masters or you oppose solidarity, nay, you deny democracy.


    So, there.


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  7. 12 minutes ago, janice6 said:

    I had forgotten about this one --  Thank you.

    Remember that back in the day, it was hard to tell the difference between Peter and Gordon and Chad and Jeremy.



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  8. Let us attempt to put the attempt by the hippie Marxists to force everyone in the US into an electric automobile into perspective.

    Assume that the rising cost of gasoline in the US is deliberate, intended to make automobiles unaffordable for the American consumer.

    For now, ignore the fact that industry cannot possibly supply electric automobile replacements for the more than 286 million privately owned vehicles in the US within the next 20 years.

    Also, ignore the fact that there is no national infrastructure of charging stations to allow drivers to travel more than 200 miles before enduring long recharging times.

    Ignore the fact that were such a network available, the US cannot currently supply electric power to it


    We have experience, evidence of what happens when gasoline prices are a significant portion of the family budget: Europe.

    Today, gasoline in France is around $8.44 per gallon.

    About $7.90 in London.

    About $8.40 in Berlin.

    So, (sorry, gwalch :biggrin: ) residents of those cities would find $5.00 per gallon gasoline in the US a blessing and a bargain.


    Thus, according to the hippie Marxists, if they drive the cost of gasoline high enough, we will all abandon our SUVs and mini vans for Nissan Leafs.

    If that is valid, then those European cities must be 80% electric cars, right?

    Recharging stations every block?

    Happy, satisfied commuters?


    None of the above is true.

    Gasoline has been very expensive in Europe, compared to the US, for a long time; more than 30 years.

    The Europeans have not abandoned gasoline-powered automobiles, their freight still moves on Diesel-powered trucks and trains.

    There is no huge infrastructure of charging stations.

    Those that can afford to drive, do so.

    Those that cannot use public transportation.

    There has been no significant shift to electric or even hybrid vehicles.


    The hippie Marxists know this, but, we know that their goal is not to get us all in electric vehicles, it is to make sure we have no vehicles at all.


    NB the price of gasoline Tokyo is only around $5.00 per gallon.

    About $2.40 in Riyadh.



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  9. For any government functionary, there comes a time when they decide, The Kids are dead, can't help them now, time to save careers!

    Take the credit for everything, the blame for nothing.

    It's a crisis!  Raise money!  Gather donors!  Appear on MSNBC!

    Pretend to care about the victims.

    Begin planning for the next higher office.

    Even at the level of a city of only 16,000, the professional liars are the same as those in Washington, D.C.

    I would like to believe that we Texans are different, but they're not.

    In two more days, it will be Putin's fault.

    I can't get any more disgusted.

    I wonder where the Big Guy's 10% comes from?


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  10. So, (sorry, gwalch  :biggrin: ) I guess that the dedicated professionals of Supreme Court security and the ever-questioning national press corps are still diligently pursuing whoever leaked the draft of the opinion on Roe v Wade.

    I guess it takes months and months to interview  six clerks and subpoena their phone records, huh?

    Whoever leaked that document is just lucky that they weren't anywhere near the Capital on 06 January.

    The FBI found them in fifteen minutes.

    It couldn't be that they have basically decided to let the galoot get away with it because, social justice, you know.



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  11. Why let them take you indeed.

    Do the local and state law enforcement personnel and perhaps ultimately, the military,  really want to make enemies of half of the population?

    The half that before then, fully supported them?

    The half that committed no crime other than opposing hippie Marxist  fascism?


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  12. Regarding the so-called red flag laws on a federal basis that the corrupt professional liars of both parties want to discuss.

    The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution  includes:  ... nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;

    I am not a lawyer.

    So, you get in a slight dispute with your arrogant, conceited neighbor; nothing beyond a verbal argument.  Neighbor, let's call her Karen, then calls the police and states that you have guns in you house and you've been acting strangely, prone to violence, she states.  The police arrive, kick in your door and seize your firearms -- for your safety, they tell you.  To keep the community safe.  Under the red flag law.  All you can do is watch your firearms vanish forever.

    Dumped a girl- or boyfriend?

    One call to the cops and your guns are gone.


    However, based on several state red flag laws, if the federal law that they are considering is like those, they are patently unconstitutional and any federal court that decides otherwise are not judges, but political activists.


    Of course, that won't stop or even slow the professional liars down.

    At one time I might have advised us to call our senators and representatives and tell them to vote no on unconstitutional laws, but then, the only calls they take are from their corporate masters.

    It's coming, amigos.


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