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  1. Thanks. OldSchool isn't just my name..... But, now days a '03 Cat D7 Dozer/Caterpillar Tractor ranks as old in my work field. I was bummed when 'the company' let it go. Needed some work, but with a few grand and some help from a Cat Tech..... we'd have had that machine in great shape. The machine operators would have liked it.
  2. No worries, I's joking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTsFNDeChCo
  3. Sure, but rumors abound that we'll soon have a Glock 1911
  4. It's hard to beat the original when the (original) manufacture is no longer the same.
  5. It's on my 'buy list' Just sayin'..... what ya think?
  6. It's 2020 dang, time flies. Hope you all have a good one.
  7. Plans are in the works for deporting illegals. The majority of them are worthless scum-bags who found a way to survive (and in some case even thrive) from our tax payer dollars and will not be missed.
  8. Would you believe: Swords don't scare me but slide rules do. ?
  9. The Windsor does rock for HP to weight ratio.
  10. I had '71 Torino GT with 351C..... Arkansas car..... great shape and original...... I sold it to buy a Harley...... I'm a dumb ****......
  11. Oops: The "mechanical lifter 302" was actually a Chevy engine at the time. It's the same time-frame ('68) that Chevy and Ford more or less swapped the 302 and 427, meaning the advertised CID.
  12. Could have been bought with 429, not sure about the FE 428? Maybe even 427. But of course your being 'topic related'. Anyway, all the engine options in '68 (which included a mechanical lifter 302, or maybe that was '69) would have been as much of a conundrum for me as handgun selection. But, I would have gone with 4-speed for sure.
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